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Among every the tsunami-force changes that took place as we relocated to our brand-new elementary TEKS (Texas vital Knowledge and Skills) in 2012, one rather subtle change might have been overlooked. I’m talking about the adjust from expanded form to expanded notation in grades 3-5. Likewise gone is composing numbers in word form past 2nd grade. Which provides sense, really. Once was the last time you wrote a number in the millions or billions in native form?

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So what is the difference between standard form and typical notation? take it a look at at this examples:

Expanded form: 234 = 200 + 30 + 4

Expanded notation: 234 = (2 x 100) + (3 x 10) + (4 x 1)

I think it’s straightforward to check out that increased notation is definitely a mathematical step up from expanded form. Remember the our new standards, even if it is the TEKS or CCSS, space all about understanding the relationships in numbers, and also expanded notation emphasizes the location value understandings the we want our students to develop.

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One thing that is tricky around teaching broadened notation in third grade is that students space only beginning to develop an knowledge of multiplication. Teaching increased notation is still really doable, as lengthy as the learning is concrete and there is one awareness the you space teaching multiplication and also place value. While the standard in 3rd grade is because that numbers approximately 100,000, you’ll desire to introduce and practice the ability with 3- or 4-digit numbers, for this reason you have the right to use manipulatives, such as base-10 block to carry out support for the learning. Another an excellent manipulative the will allow you to extend the principle up to larger numbers, while tho using hands-on materials, is ar value disks. However the manipulatives don’t avoid in 3rd grade. Due to the fact that expanded notation is a relatively new concept because that both 4th and 5th grade, and also it is very abstract, manual materials space still crucial for understanding even in the top grades.


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