All cakes start with the exact same base ingredients: flour, sugar, a leavening agent, a fat, and also eggs. However, that doesn"t median all cakes are created equal. How you change or include to those basics identify what type of cake you end up with. Take white, vanilla, and also yellow cakes, because that example. They"re watch very, an extremely similar, right? Well, not exactly. We asked ras Vegas-based pastry cook Shea Wafford, who works in ~ Mandalay Bay"s Ri Ra restaurant, to breakdown the differences among these three generally confused cakes.

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What room the significant differences between white, yellow, and vanilla cake?

What separates these cakes is the type of eggs, fat, and also the quantity of vanilla they speak to for. Some call for egg whites, while others use totality eggs. Some need butter, if others demand oil. Now, without further ado, let"s break these baked items down!

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So, what"s in a white cake?


The 3rd in this trio of similar confections has actually an apparent difference. Sure, white and also yellow cakes incorporate vanilla, but it"s only a tiny component that those recipes. Vanilla cake, top top the various other hand, allows that classic flavor to it is in the star that the show.

According come Shea, vanilla cake deserve to be made with whatever combination of eggs and also fat the baker prefers, as lengthy as you"re heavy on the vanilla therefore you have the right to really taste it.

When should I usage these different cakes?

If you favor a fruit filling and a buttercream frosting (like you might see top top a wedding cake), Shea suggests a neutral white cake or a vanilla cake.

Chocolate lovers, however, need to go v yellow cake, follow to Shea. She rarely deviates from the traditional mix of yellow cake with a coco frosting or a chocolate ganache.

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Not much of a frosting fan? Vanilla cake additionally works well for a naked cake, where you desire the sponge to shine rather of the glaze.

And if you"re a java junkie, Shea suggests brushing your white cake through a coffee liqueur. The sponginess that the airy cake will soak that right up. After that, she claims you have the right to top it with a chocolate mousse. Trust us, your sweet tooth is around to be an extremely happy!

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