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Sometimes, during a task interview, a rental manager may ask, “What are your pet peeves?” if this isn’t specifically a trick question, that is a two-pronged query designed to assist the interviewer evaluate not just your personality, but also the perspective you express in her response.

This question might seem difficult because it asks you come speak about things that annoy you, which could lead you to sound an unfavorable or disagreeable. However, when answered thoughtfully, this concern can aid demonstrate why you room a solid candidate for the position.

What the Interviewer Really wants to know

Anemployer can ask the question,"What are your pet peeves?" because that a pair of reasons. Her answer will assist the employer recognize if you would be agood fit in ~ the agency culture. Because that example, if you speak you space bothered by team projects, and the job requires a most collaboration, this might not be the place for you.

Your price will also show the employer, though, how quickly irritated girlfriend are—so think about the tone through which girlfriend respond.

If her answer is a long tirade of numerous things that annoy you, friend may show up to be an unpleasant person to job-related with—always a red flag for any kind of savvy hiring manager.

exactly how to answer "What are Your pet Peeves?”

Some human being prefer come answer by saying they have no pets peeves in ~ all. However, this answer can come throughout as insincere, since everyone is bothered by something. A better answer will emphasis on something the does no bother you really much, that you deserve to control, and that does not reflect poorly on you as an employee.

One method to answer this inquiry is to emphasis on a pet peeve that is unrelated come the task (for example, her pet peeve can be world who carry out not usage their blinkers once they drive).

You can also describe a pets peeve that is regarded the workplace, and that would be a negative for the job. Because that example, if the job requires a lot of ofteamwork, you can say her pet peeve is as soon as a person cannot efficiently work through a group. However, be certain to define then how you would deal with that situation.

You might also turn this concern around, and also emphasize your work standards. Because that example, you might say the you dislike when world do not challenge themselves come go beyond the ceiling minimum, so you are always pushing you yourself to achieve the ideal results on any project.

instances of the finest Answers

Here are some sample answers that you deserve to use to assist you to develop your own response.

If you asked my teenage daughter, she would probably tell you my pet peeve is the volume of her music and also the chaos in her room. However, I do not have any type of other particular pet peeves. If something is bothering me, I step back, analyze "why,” and also find a great solution.

Why it Works:This prize is effective because it describes a pet peeve that’s irrelevant to the workplace (other than to suggest that the candidate appreciates organization, a good soft skill in an employee). It likewise explains just how the candidate proactively handles annoying situations.

I carry out not like when civilization have negative attitudes, an especially in the workplace. I favor to continue to be positive, even during a difficult situation, and also do no let people’s an unfavorable attitudes influence me.

Why the Works: While this an answer does define a usual pet peeve in the workplace, it likewise highlights a an excellent trait the the job candidate—his dedication come remaining hopeful in a difficult work environment.

I dislike as soon as I check out a team member refusing to lug his or her weight on a project. As team members, that is our job to help the totality team accomplish success. Once I see someone no doing his or she task, ns communicate plainly and properly with the team around my comes to and shot to come up through a solution, such together redistributing some of the tasks.

Why it Works: This price demonstrates the the candidate appreciates the importance of fully-committed teamwork, as well as her willingness to attend to and resolve worries that might arise in ~ the team.

One pets peeve is when people are consistently tardy. My kid is always running late for school, for this reason I have been struggling to instill timeliness in him. Timeliness is likewise extremely vital in the workplace. Even if it is it is simply getting here to job-related on time or handing in one assignment by a provided deadline, ns am always prompt.

Why the Works: This is a an excellent example of how to rotate a pet peeve into a experienced strength, timeliness. That illustrates just how the respondent set an admirable work-related standard because that himself and for others.

advice for offering the finest Answer

Keep her answer short and sweet. Pick a single, fairly unimportant pets peeve come describe, and score extra clues by explaining exactly how you effectively handle annoyances.

Watch her tone the voice. Avoid using incredibly passionate language that will certainly make girlfriend seem uncomfortable or disagreeable.

Speak calmly, and also make it clean that whatever it is the bothers girlfriend does not protect against you indigenous doing your job-related or acquiring on v your day.

Turn a pets peeve into a positive trait.One the the finest strategies right here is the exact same to use if you are ever asked the question, “What is your best weakness?” show how what annoys friend demonstrates her appreciation of good work behavior like punctuality, teamwork, or attention to detail.

What no to to speak

Avoid sound negative. No matter how you answer, stop sounding negative. Every little thing pet peeve you select to mention, downplay just how much it bothers you.

Don't claim perfection. Everyone has actually pet peeves, simply as everyone has weaknesses. Very own yours and turn it to your advantage by explaining how it actually renders you a much better employee.

Don't describe a negative pet peeve related to monitoring or authority. Avoid cite of any pet peeves concerned workplace supervisory styles, such together “supervisors who micro-manage” or “managers who refuse to give feedback.” girlfriend don’t understand what sort of management format you’ll be supposed to conform to must you acquire the job, however the interviewer probably does.

BE POSITIVE: Use her answer not to complain, however to demonstrate how girlfriend respond effectively to points that stroked nerves you.KEEP your COOL: Answer this concern lightly however honestly, without passion. Very mildly self-deprecating humor can also serve friend well.

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PICK your POISON CAREFULLY: Describe a pets peeve that won’t it is in detrimental to your effectiveness as an employee.HIGHLIGHT YOUR an excellent TRAITS: If possible, show how your pet peeve in reality arises due to the fact that of your commitment to good work power habits.