Avatar: 8 reasons Why Katara should Be with Aang (& 7 Why She need to Be with Zuko) Avatar: The last Airbender fans are separated on that Katara have to have finished up with... And it"s easy to check out why!

when Avatar: The last Airbender was ~ above the air, and even since, countless fans have debated around two possible ships. The key ship battle in the fandom centered approximately who Katara must be with: Zuko or Aang. These two ships, recognized respectively together Zutara and Kataang, both have actually validity come them and also textual evidence.

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While the show might have made the relationship between Katara and Aang canon and also even had actually them gain married and have a family, there space still an excellent reasons why Katara and also Zuko would have been the much better couple.We’ve accumulated a list of the five biggest factors why Katara and Aang was the right selection and five why Zuko would have actually been far better for her.

Updated on march 8th, 2021 by Bailey Jo Josie. With the recent announcement the Avatar Studios being created to create new media set within the Avatar: The critical Airbender universe, there will certainly be a need for fans to look ago at the original series and the relationships that created within it, be they canon or not. If The Legend of Korra proved fans the Katara and also Aang were a fully canonical strength couple, that still hasn"t quit Zutara shippers from keeping the course. 

Generally, every of the benders that the Gaang have actually personalities that correspond come their provided element: Zuko is intense like fire, Aang is aloof and also carefree prefer air, Katara is nurturing choose water, and also Toph is brash and tough like earth.

Air and also water are two elements that conveniently cooperate and integrate v each other and also this is reflect in Aang and also Katara"s shared sense of calm while their differences allow the various other to thrive, choose Katara"s feeling of responsibility and also Aang"s feeling of fun.

Zuko and Katara Team increase In Avatar The last Airbender
in the direction of the finish of the series, Katara had actually overcome her hatred for Zuko and the 2 had formed a bond the was palpable on the screen. As soon as it became obvious that Azula couldn"t defeat Zuko in your Agni Kai, she became desparate and wished come hurt the by attack Katara instead.

In a dramatic turn, Zuko threw himself in former of Katara and saved she life. This is a huge Zutara scene that shippers love come look to, an especially because it"s a classic romance trope.

Katara when she realizes Aang is the an effective bender in she fortune
In book One of the series, the Gaang comes throughout a village with a fortuneteller dubbed Aunt Wu who tells Katara the her future hold "a an excellent romance" with a "powerful bender." in ~ this suggest in the series, Katara doesn"t seem really interested in Aang romantically as she calls him a friend.

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When it becomes evident that Aunt Wu"s fortunes aren"t really accurate, Katara still thinks ago on Wu"s fortune for her once she"s reminded of how an effective Aang is, sparking hope for Kataang shippers.

12 Zuko: the Would have actually Been far better For The Air country If Aang had Married A Non-Bender

8 airbenders and also sky bison
As displayed in The Legend the Korra, genetics seem come play a part in determining what sort of bender a couple"s children may become. Aang, one airbender, and Katara, a waterbender, had three children: Bumi, one initial non-bender, Kya, a waterbender, and Tenzin, one airbender.

Tenzin and also Pema then have four kids who all ended up being airbenders, and it"s implied the it"s since Pema is a non-bender. With this in mind, that may have been ideal for the air nation if Katara had been v Zuko.

if their partnership was rocky and also immature at time in the show, Mai and also Zuko had an understanding and also compatibility in between them, particularly when it concerned the much more gloomy components of their personalities.

While Zuko and Mai had broken up a couple of times, the creators claimed that they walk in fact reconcile after that while maintaining mum about who was the mommy of Zuko"s daughter, Izumi. However, based upon similarities in their appearance, it"s not a stretch to imagine the Izumi"s mother was Mai.

10 Zuko: The period Gap between Aang & Katara feeling Strange

during the series, Aang is 12 year old if Katara is 14. Now, a 2 year period gap is really nothing as soon as in adulthood. So, once these two gained a small older this wouldn"t seem weird in ~ all. However, as soon as watching the series, the period gap walk seem noticeable. Aang to be still almost a kid while Katara was a teenager. This made for a remarkable maturity difference that might seem a small weird at times. It frequently felt the Aang to be crushing ~ above the enlarge Katara if Katara saw him an ext as a girlfriend or brother.

when the maturity levels in between Aang and Katara might have been different during the series, there"s no denying that these two were nearby friends. Katara was the first person to assistance Aang and help him on his search to conserve the civilization from the Fire Nation. They plainly cared about each other and had each other’s backs. Few of the finest relationships start as deep friendships, for this reason this dynamic is an excellent evidence for a romantic relationship.

8 Zuko: Katara & Zuko Would challenge Each other To be Better

Zuko and also Katara have actually personalities that can clash at times. As soon as Zuko first joins Team Avatar, Katara is understandably not happy about this and doesn’t trust him. If they execute eventually come to be friends, their different life perspectives and different, however strong, personalities can make because that a connection that pushes the various other to be better. This might make castle both far better people as the connection wouldn’t it is in complacent.

Zuko has one the the most interesting and also believable redemption arcs of any kind of character in an man show. While the spends many of his life trying come find and kill the Avatar, his journey toward coming to be a an excellent character through the help of Uncle Iroh is fascinating.

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While that is a great character in the end, the things Katara and Aang went through together together they sought to conserve the people are important. This produced a strong structure for these two that would add to a long-lasting relationship.

6 Zuko: they Seem to Have an ext Chemistry

when it concerns shipping personalities together, one thing that’s essential is chemistry. If these characters might it is in fictional and also from an animated series, this is tho something the fans deserve to pick increase on. Katar and also Zuko room both more conventionally attractive and also were a tiny older which made it less complicated to imagine them dating. Plenty of fans might see the potential chemistry in between these two.

This might be the most apparent reason why these two need to be together. Of course, canon is one thing and fans the the series will ship who they desire regardless, which is a an excellent thing, too. But, the truth that this two finish up together in the series is precious noting. When this do not do it stop people from wanting Katara and Zuko to be together, the fact is the this is what wake up in the show.

4 Zuko: Katara Wouldn"t have actually Been Relegated to A Supporting duty As Much

one of the good things about Avatar: The critical Airbender is how the female characters are all varied with distinctive stories. They space capable and have distinctive personalities. However, having actually Katara together Aang’s love interest appears to relegate she a tiny bit right into a supporting girlfriend role.

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This seems more apparent in The Legend that Korra wherein we rarely even hear much around Katara in adulthood and hear a lot much more about Aang and also his accomplishments.

once it concerns romance, having actually a deep, abiding love because that one another is the an essential element. If a great relationship takes much more than just love, the truth is that these 2 loved and cared for each other. While in your younger years, Aang’s to like on Katara could have been stronger, plainly Katar occurred deeper feelings for Aang as well. Their love for each other is obvious throughout the series.

2 Zuko: Aang & Katara"s family Had A many Issues

as soon as we watch Katara and also Aang’s kids in The Legend that Korra, we learn that their family members isn"t perfect. Of course, this is interesting and realistic as no family is perfect. That does seem, however, that Aang grew up to it is in someone less optimistic and giving than he seemed as a child. He seemed to donate Tenzin, and it seems choose there was almost a little of a gendered dynamic in the family.

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This point is comparable to the fact that these two room canon. While numerous fans observed the potential the a relationship between Katara and Zuko, the key creators the the series had planned because that a Katara and also Aang relationship. This is why this connection builds somewhat over the series. Audiences watch how crucial Katara is to Aang and the 2 share romantic moments throughout the series, including kissing. This relationship has actually a lot much more build-up.