Warning: The following contains spoilers fromThursday’s season finale the Bones.

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In a season finale the felt favor the present was bidding adieu because that good, Bones top top Thursday night found Booth and Brennan saying goodbye to their colleagues together they all set for a fresh begin somewhere else—even as a videotape special an old foe surfaced.

“Pelant is in the past,” Brennan declared. “I won’t have him steal the new life Booth and also I room going to live.”

Meanwhile, Hodgins asserted that he and Angela didn’t require the $4 billion(!) Pelant stole, which his wife recovered, andinstead argued the tainted money go to 100 charities. Angie agreed to the plan, as long as they eschewed their Paris plans and stayed placed at the Jeffersonian.

Below, executive producer Stephen Nathan discusses the episode’s limited feeling, Angela and Hodgins’ surprising decision, Season 11’s big changes and also more. Plus: will Pelant draw Booth and also Brennan back to your old life?

lifwynnfoundation.org | There was something very series finale-ish about the ending. Was the you simply being pragmatic in situation the display didn’t obtain renewed?Yes. Us were tasked with doing two episodes in one. The one thing we wouldn’t deteriorate was our partnership with the audience. Us couldn’t have actually an open-ended finish if it to be a collection finale. That would have been unfair to the human being who have actually been watching for 10 years. If this was really going to be it, we wanted it come bethe end. Now, in ~ the same time, as soon as we were sort of down the road and also the show got choose up – we knew this to be a opportunity – there had to it is in some kind of subtextual something going on that provided us the feel the it could keep going. For this reason that’s what us did our finest to do. And it offers us a great challenge for following season come come earlier from this. There’ll be a little of a time jump, and we will check out what that is the pulls them ago into this world and this family that they’ve grown v for the past 10 years.

lifwynnfoundation.org | v Brennan and also Booth leaving, yet Angela and Hodgins deciding to stay, to be it one either-or situation?We couldn’t punch apart the totality place. And also also, there to be something always indefinite around Hodgins’ feelings around moving to Paris. Due to the fact that he loves her, the it, of course. But she witnessed that. It just allowed us to see their partnership in a very crucial situation, see exactly how two world in a life-changing case really respond and also what that means for your relationship. … us can’t carry out scenes in Paris, and Hodgins and Angela work in the lab. To lug them back, it would have been a rerun the the various other episode we did whereby everybody was called back to aid Cam. We just wanted this to be different and based on their relationship fairly than some sort of goofy plot twist.

lifwynnfoundation.org | can the answer to what bring Brennan and also Booth ago be uncovered on the unwatched Pelant tape?Everything is increase in the air appropriate now, to it is in honest. Ns don’t want to to speak yes or no to anything. It’s a huge task to work-related them back and gain them solved again. Us don’t desire to take it the easy way out. Girlfriend don’t desire to just go ago to a fine that’s to run dry.

lifwynnfoundation.org | When following season opens, will certainly we view who has actually replaced Brennan?Yes.

lifwynnfoundation.org | can it be someone we already know? Or are you to plan to bring in a brand-new character?Everything is still increase in the air. I can’t yes, really say something definitively around 11.

lifwynnfoundation.org | What around any cast changes? We’ve speak before around how the squinterns store landing pilots and other roles.We just have to be an extremely agile. We have to be all set to relocate at the fall of a hat through the interns because they room so popular and also rightfully so. Often times throughout the season, we have to write someone out, somebody in, because they’re doing other things. For this reason there’s constantly the potential for new people coming . And likewise from looking at our places a small bit differently and adding people.

lifwynnfoundation.org | If you can acquire Laura Spencer back, will certainly you pursue the Aubrey and also Jessica story?It’s quite fun. Those men were pretty good together. John Boyd was simply a autumn from sky this year. The did a exorbitant job.

lifwynnfoundation.org | Finally, i noticed that after Arastoo comforted Cam, as soon as they were coming back out come say their goodbyes, that looked choose they to be buttoning up your clothes. Am ns crazy here?No, you’re not. They were putting on their lab coats. No, they didn’t just have actually at that in Cam’s office. <Laughs> That’s hilarious! What a good question.

lifwynnfoundation.org | i wondered, since it seemed so unequal Cam, “Did they just do what i think castle did?”Oh, that’s hilarious. Ns hope everybody makes the same mistake. That’s great… that made mine day.

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