I began my job in admissions by wade backwards as a student intern, offering guided tours, interviewing students, and reading applications because that my alma mater, Reed College. After graduating, I started full-time job-related in admissions, analysis thousands of applications generally from the Western joined States, especially Texas, Arizona, and brand-new Mexico. (I acquired to eat the finest food on mine travel!) In my last three years in ~ Reed, ns directed admissions for the entire continent the Asia and also served together the manager of marketing and communications because that the admission office, honing our official voice because that web, print, and also social media. This assisted me to develop a spicy eye for what functions (and what doesn’t) in college essays. When Reed is not known (at all!) for sports, i was may be to discover my vain outlet with the ultimate Frisbee team as a player and, once I graduated, a coach. After nine wonderful years at Reed, ns left Portland to go after a M.A. In ~ the Stanford Graduate institution of Education. As soon as I graduated and also joined college Coach, i was living in Palo Alto, California, an endure that helped me learn so much around the UC and CSU system and high institution programs all roughly the bay Area. In the end, ns missed the rain also much, and moved back to Portland in the summer that 2016.

Do Colleges Look at PSAT Scores?

If you’re a 10th or 11th grader, you were more than likely shuffled right into a large auditorium at some point in the not-too-distant past to take the PSAT, a exercise version of the college Board’s SAT. If you’re anything like the majority of students i speak with every year, you’re most likely a little confused about the relationship of the test or the factor for acquisition it. And also when your outcomes arrived just a mainly or two ago, friend were most likely a little perplexed by the numbers and also what they mean for the future. Hope this write-up can assist you make some feeling of the entirety experience, and give friend a better idea of just how it fits into the admissions process.

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What do My PSAT Scores Mean?In and of themselves, your scores don’t median a totality lot. Colleges will never ask friend for your PSAT results, and you’ll never have to report them. Since of this, i love thinking of the PSAT together a really useful data point for my students; it’s a dry operation at the SAT with no stakes. At the an extremely least, you gain to see just how the SAT will feel when you take it it for real, and also truly savvy students can use their results to “predict” their satellite scores a year down the road. At college Coach, we advise students to give themselves a unstable estimate of your junior satellite by acquisition the linked score of your sophomore PSAT, multiply by 10, and including 100 points. It’s no perfect, yet it it s okay you in the ballpark.You can additionally look at your subject failure to get a sense of your allude of focus as you connect in check prep. If you have a 71 top top the math and a 53 on the an important reading section, you’re more than likely going to desire to spend much more time on an important reading than math to bring your score up: there’s an ext room for development there, and also you can create consistency across subjects. As with any type of data point, the outcomes of the PSAT are just instructive if you usage them.What around the national Merit Scholarship?This is the one feeling in i m sorry the PSAT does matter: its alternating name is the national Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, or NMSQT. Solid results on the PSAT will placed you in the running for a one-time $2,500 scholarship come a first-choice college later on down the road. The said, the value of the national Merit Scholarship is not as significant as plenty of students and also families expect, nor is it straightforward to attain. Some fast facts:Only 3% that test-takers qualify for acknowledgment from national Merit.Only the top 1% (about 15,000 students) are named Finalists.Many colleges sell institutional scholarships come Finalists, in accordance v their own policies.A most students ask me if being a nationwide Merit Scholar is exceptional in the admissions process. While ns think it’s a good achievement, it never stood out in mine experience since it to be a type of redundant recognition. National Merit scholar also had top grades and test scores, and I was much much more interested in those features than external recognition from national Merit. In the end, it never ever made a difference in the admissions decision. The said, there are some colleges that will sell special institutional scholarships (ASU, Fordham, Northeastern, Oberlin concerned mind) for national Merit Finalists. At these schools, her title will make a difference, so it is in on the lookout for institutional policy.Okay, So what’s Next?Aside indigenous the massive quantities of university mail you’re about to get (colleges use your PSAT scores come “buy” your call information and also begin bombarding you v content), your next step is to construct on her results. If you’re not happy with your score, understand that there’s certainly room because that improvement. College student who work-related hard and prepare because that the SAT can increase their scores, yet only if they placed forth the effort! If you are happy v your score, save on studying—and not simply on tests! Scores are simply one part of the snapshot in university admissions, and also a solid transcript is practically universally considered an ext important 보다 SAT scores alone. The gyeongju isn’t over as soon as you’ve acquired those high board scores—you’ll want to run v the tape through your schoolwork, together well.

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