Have you ever wondered if dog pee and also poop at the same time? This is a usual problem for many dog owners, as it provides a clean indication that how numerous times you have to take the dog out.

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Actually, execute dogs pee and also poop in ~ the same time?

Most dogs don’t pee and also poop in ~ the same time, while a few dogs do so as result of lack of time spent outdoors in the morning, incontinence, excitement, hurry, and also triggering sensory receptors. They can be trained to urinate and then defecate with exercising, training commands, encouraging the behavior.

Many dogs don’t exhibition this behavior, while a few percentages that them execute this strange thing. A dog can display this actions as a reflection of normal and also abnormal conditions. Let’s uncover out what castle are and other related concerns.

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Dogs peeing and also pooping in ~ the exact same time, is the wired or a coincidence?

It’s hardly ever hard ever before to see such kinds of actions in dogs. I’ve proficient this through my love pooches a grasp of times, yet not much.

Since i’m a huge dog person and also run this website, i’ve heard so countless such story from numerous different dog owners over the food of the last te or so.

It appears hilarious as soon as your dog elevator its leg as much as pee on a bush and suddenly beginning pooping. Part owners insurance claim that dogs room smart sufficient to kill two birds with one stone.

However, it no necessarily it is in efficient due to the fact that a dog could poop and also pee independently when they are in a rush because that something.

Since over there is no such specific pattern for this strange behavior, it’s best to study the possible reasons for this inexplicable trait.

Here is why dog pee once/twice a day with 7 reasons.

Why execute some dogs pee & poop in ~ the exact same time?

A dog can be doing these 2 businesses at the exact same time as result of a grasp of reasons. However, we’ve figured out 6 usual causes and also hope it will make sense for you.

1. The dog isn’t being given sufficient time to walk outdoors.

A fine house-trained dog will never attempt come pee or poop indoors. It will wait until the dog parents identify its urgency.

You recognize what? as soon as someone on regular basis engages in a details activity with his dog, It becomes a "learned behavior" because that the dog. For instance, if you offered to market a puppy act to her dog whenever girlfriend return house in the evening, the dog is wait for that rewardable occurrence to happen. So, that becomes a learned behavior. If the dog no given sufficient time come go outside in the morning, he will be rapid to complete all the work at once as a result of not enabling spend enough time.

When this happens regularly, the will end up being a learned behavior over time, causing the dog will pee and also poop in ~ the exact same time.

It’s better to prolong the time you provided to allow him in bespeak to attend to the issue.

2. Various sensory receptors.

The following thing us wanna establish is the dogs have actually different specialized sensory receptor to cause urinating and defecating processes.

So, a dog could not also realize it has to be urine while that defecates.

When sensory receptors wake up the need to urinate and defecate at the very same time, the dog does so simultaneously. If it is the case, there is nothing to concern about.

Here is why some dogs poop on the couch.

3. Incontinence

Many elderly dogs come to be incontinent without showing any type of other signs of illness.

With regards to urinary incontinence, here, the dog loses regulate of that is bladder.

If the dog sufferers indigenous incontinence, that a no-brainer the the dog will pee if pooping as result of a absence of manage of its bladder.

I would like to indicate chatting through your vet regarding this situation. Moreover, incontinence is an additional reason why carry out some dogs urinates themselves.

4. Excited

When a dog is at sight excited around something, it might poop when lifting that leg as much as pee.

There is nothing to worry about, they carry out it because out of at sight enthusiasm for doing miscellaneous or since of an exciting occasion that is about to happen.

5. Because of hurry

Usually, dogs would certainly love to find separate areas to poop and also pee. However, when the dog cannot host both of them long enough to explore and also find various places, it will certainly poop and pee simultaneously.

This have the right to be prevented by moving the dog come a comfortable area, such as a bush, so, no must bother trying to find places.

6. Part sled dogs perform this.

Sled breeds consisting of Siberian husky, Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed often tend to poop and also pee concurrently while running. Yet there is not lot clear explanation because that this. (If friend know, consider sharing it with us in the comment section.)

By the way, right here is why dogs pee upstairs with 9 reasons and also solutions.

Should you concern if your dog urine & poop simultaneously?

If you have actually gone v all the above reasons because that this matter, you deserve to realize that both normal and abnormal reasons can influence this behavior.

But, the reasons are much more inclined toward pretty much normal reasons.

However, in terms of abnormal circumstances, consisting of incontinence, giving a lack of time to spend outdoors will certainly definitely influence the dog's health. But, apart from a few of the abnormal conditions, there is nothing come worry around when a dog poops and also pee at the exact same time. It's much better to chat with your vet in both normal and abnormal circumstances.

How to train your dog to pee and also poop at the same trip?

There are specific movements whereby you should train our dogs to do all of their company at once because of our lack of time. Ns mean, anyone can tell to spend more time v your dog.

But, what to do once you don’t have actually that lot time and also energy? because you have actually a family members to care for and a project with a significant amount the workload.

Moreover, if friend live in one apartment building, you might find it difficult to walk up and down an ext frequently once the dog wants to pee and poop.

So, it’s better to train the dog to pee and poop on the very same trip.

Here, i’m gonna give you 4 step procedure to get that done.

Have a play/exercise time in the morning

Providing good exercises or having actually some playtime is valuable for both you and the dog in countless ways. It’s a nice method to activate your mind and the body because that the day.

Regarding the dog’s needs and our target, playing through your dog fetch, having actually a great walk session, other the similar game could help the dog acquire the bowels moving, leading to the dog feeling to pee and also poop in ~ one trip.

2. Training command come pee and poop top top the exact same trip.

Training a dog to remove a details command is something you have the right to work on to carry out this every day and also save part time.

Of course, the dog no necessarily do pee and also poop in ~ once, you deserve to train the to find separate areas to finish both tasks on every morning pilgrimage outside.

Here is how you deserve to do that.

3. Walk to a doggy-comfortable area.

When you feel the the dog has an urgency that peeing or pooping like roaming, sniffing around, usage the command and also take the dog come a doggy-comfortable area, regularly bushy or full of grass.

If girlfriend live in an apartment, pick the area where other dogs carry out this due to the fact that that scent also triggers their brain to do so.

4. Encouraging the behavior.

Encouraging this positive behavior (according to your needs and requirements) is a an excellent way to continue this procedure regularly. For the praising, it’s finest to use high-value treats through verbal encouragement.

However, praising twice simply after peeing and pooping isn’t something appropriate, and the dog can learn come double-dip, frankly, get rewarded double for act their business (essentially the same thing).

Instead that that, host that treating/praising movement until the dog completes both tasks.

Things to be mindful of.

You seem to have sufficient knowledge around whether dog pee and poop in ~ once. But. There are certain things girlfriend wanna be mindful of.

Commands: use different regulates for urinating and also defecating, which renders sense because that the dog. In fact, tell anyone in the family to usage the exact same command to protect against unnecessary confusion.

Vet checkups: nothing forget continuous vet checkups. As we questioned earlier, a dog could pee and poop in ~ the exact same time, also in abnormal circumstances. So, it’s recommended to top a veterinarian come ensure the dog is completely okay.

Don’t yell: when a dog no wanna poop, it won’t carry out that, don’t yell at them. Because it requirements to feel that. For instance, think around yourself.

Know the limits: don’t think just like “the more dog gets exercise, the much easier to pee and also poop” over there is no such thing. Nothing exceed that is exercise demands in stimulate to carry out that.


Do female dogs pee while they poop?

In general, a mrs dog is less likely to pee and also poop at the exact same time. If you go for a walk v your mrs dog, she can pee in ~ a certain place, and also after 100-150 feet, she could tend come poop.

However, once they really should poop, female dogs will certainly urinate a little bit in the very first place, and also then they will certainly defecate.

But, girlfriend gotta watch the end for the abnormal circumstances.

Can a puppy pee and also poop at the same time?

Usually, puppies don’t have much control over their bladder and defecating process. So, a puppy is more likely come pee and also poop in ~ the exact same time.

There is nothing to worry around that.

Moreover, If you very own a puppy, it’s much much easier to train him to pee and poop top top the same expedition by following the specific same an approach that we’ve discussed earlier.

Can dogs poop there is no peeing?

It relies on numerous things, including the lot of water and also food the dog has consumed, the time it has consumed its food, the fiber composition of the diet, the number of exercises the gets, and many more.

However, if the dog feels the urgency that peeing and also pooping in ~ the very same time, the will execute that. Dogs have different sensory receptor for your urinating and also defecating processes.

It will do its service according come the triggering of these receptors. So, a dog have the right to poop without peeing.


Many world are curious to know whether dog pee and also poop at the same time because of the countless different reasons and also purposes. Well, we’ve questioned the topic quite comprehensively with this post with some relevant considerations and also concerns. Hope you found this helpful.


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