Natsu and Lucy, the main protagonists of Fairy Tail, have actually yet to bring an excellent news come shippers of the pair. Offered Natsu's man-child personality and Lucy's no-boyfriend-since-birth status, will certainly the two ever finish up through each other?

Every anime has actually fans the ship one character through another. In Fairy Tail's case, one of its most famous semi-canon pairings is Natsu and also Lucy (NaLu), the two protagonists.

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Everybody assumed that Natsu and also Lucy would definitely end up with each other at the beginning of Fairy Tail. However 451 chapters and also 261 illustration later, we still haven’t viewed concrete evidence that they have actually romantic feelings for each other.

What does Lucy think of Natsu?

It have the right to be watched that Lucy frequently blushes as soon as others furious them and also even when Natsu calls she name. It may be one implication by Hiro Mashima the Lucy has actually indeed arisen romantic feelings because that him. She has even thought of having babies with Natsu in ~ some point (these make-believe babies regrettably look favor Happy). Yet is this enough evidence come prove the Lucy loves Natsu? Or is it just Lucy wary that Natsu being a man?

What walk Natsu think of Lucy?

Natsu, top top the various other hand, does no seem to identify Lucy native Gray, because that example. The is person who is abnormal comfortable with her, despite her gender. Does he also see Lucy as a woman? Maybe. He seldom shows his manly side. Though there is one time that he accidentally watch Lucy nude and… yep, that gropes them breasts. Aside from this, the is displayed to it is in overprotective the Lucy, but he's like that through everyone he cares for, isn't he? yet then again, as soon as it pertains to Lucy, he have the right to go the extra mile just to check out her smile.

Can Natsu also feel love?

Natsu may be one enlarged version of a child, yet he is indeed qualified of love. Though at this time, that still might not have the ability to distinguish romantic love, if he feels any, native love because that his friends. Numerous protagonists suffer the same situation: gift focused completely on something, be it a quest, saving the world, the top spot, or something else, the he/she i do not care oblivious of someone’s feelings for them. In this instance however, aside from gift focused, the thought of having actually a partnership with a girl may not have even crossed his mind.There is additionally this one girl through whom that was very close with prior to she maybe died. Lisanna, the sister the Mirajane and Elfman, disappeared from Fairy Tail even before Lucy gotten in the picture. The guild, the end of respect, is careful not to talk about her in prior of Natsu.

If anything, it's basic to tell the Natsu and Lucy are very close. Even if lock aren't lovers, they are great friends. Natsu is constantly there to assistance Lucy, also though he regularly annoys/amuses her through his brash behavior.

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Are Natsu and also Lucy dating?

Many other personalities in Fairy Tail believe that this two room dating, lot to their embarrassment. Yet is this embarrassment because of Natsu and Lucy gift a genuine couple, or is it simply because they are tired of being lumped together?
It is really rare that the main male protagonist and also main mrs protagonist are not the people who end up together. Yet with the rate Natsu and Lucy room going now, we may soon (in favor 400 an ext chapters) evil Natsu maturation mentally and emotionally and also finally guy up. However it is possible too the we may be left hanging in ~ the end. Together of now, the Natsu x Lucy fans can only hope and read fanfiction.