Naked and Afraid XL Season 7 the the Discovery series premiered in April and the display fascinates pan of exploration Channel. In fact, plenty of of them to speak on social media that wild equines couldn’t get them on the show. The existing season to be filmed in Atchafalaya basin in Louisiana. Unfortunately, winter loomed therefore the contestants additionally suffered from it will be cold conditions. Additionally, every sorts of bugs and creatures live there, i m sorry adds come the danger. On height of that, the contestants walk naked other than for your necklace, one items to help them, and a satchel through a map and a night camera. So, perform they success prizes? Or, do they earn some pay for their efforts?

Naked and Afraid XL Season 7 filmed in swampy conditions

South-central Louisiana can sound prefer nothing way too remote. However, peril lurks there. Largely swamps and wetlands, we reported that plenty of dangerous animals and also deadly creatures can hurt the contestants. Additionally, castle go around naked. Facing cold and possible flooding, it’s a challenging time. Together the season progresses, fans see the actors facing challenges, tasks, and basic survival through hardly anything to assist them. Plus, not every one of the contestants know basic survival skills.

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As one Naked and Afraid XL fan said on Twitter, “Everyone ~ above #NakedAndAfraidXL talking around how cold the is once of lock really developed a an excellent shelter.” True Prepper reminds civilization that survival entails three main essentials: “Shelter, water, and also food,” in the order. Nevertheless, ill-prepared as some human being might be, pan admire lock for acquisition up the challenge. Certainly, that becomes a significant talking suggest on social media.

How much do contestants earn compared to Survivor?

If you watch Naked and also Afraid XL, you probably wonder what’s in it financially because that the contestants. After ~ all, the long-running Survivor collection earned human being money in various ways. Good prizes for the peak winner could readjust a lifestyle. However, other cast members earn together well. According to Mens Health, they knife money if they end up being jury members. In fact, also the very first person voted off takes home around $2,500. Return members can take house as much as “$25,000 for being the first one to leave.” They also receive payments for the reunions and also everyone earns at least something.

However, through Naked and Afraid XL, fact Titbit notes the compensation seems quite different. In fact, the actors earns no prizes at all. It seems that making it through the experience is the prize. Instead, the constants receive a bit of money the compensates them for loss of earnings from their day job. In 2014, a reveal defined that they paid $5,000 because that the season. Well, it’s no clear if that amount increased since then, but even in 2014, $5,000 wasn’t making anyone rich.

Would you walk on Naked and Afraid XL in harsh conditions, v no clothing on because that a tiny amount the cash? Sound turn off in the comments below.

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