A) No. Their jaw is anatomically no various to other dogs. There is no ‘locking mechanism’ and also they perform not have this infamous capacity lock their jaws once biting. In fact, the Pit Bull go not also possess the most powerful bite in the residential dog world. Here’s part light reading, further dispelling the Pit Bull locking jaw myth:

Dr. Brisbin, and the other experts, testified that pit bulls perform not have locking jaws. Based upon actual dog dissections and also measurement of their skulls, the evidence demonstrated the pit bull jaw muscles and also bone structure are the exact same as other similarly sized dogs. No proof was gift to show that a pit bull’s bite is any kind of stronger than other dogs the its size and build. He stated that, contradictory to info relied upon and perpetuated through earlier situation law and also law testimonial articles, assertions that a pit bull can bite with a “force that 2,000 pounds per square inch” have absolutely no communication in truth or scientific proof. The experimentation of dog bite strength has actually never to be done, and would be an overwhelming if not impossible to perform.

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In fact, a locking jaw in any kind of dog is taken into consideration a reason for veterinarian intervention. The id that details breeds such as Pit Bulls have the right to perform this role is plain wrong.

Once celebrated as a good all-American pet, pit bull kind dogs started obtaining a poor rap in the 1980s, largely because of misinformation, which spawned prejudice. Rapid forward to today, and pit bulls are currently the most abused, most maligned and most abandoned form of dog in the unified States, with roughly 1,000,000 placed to sleep in house yearly.


Some facts & Myths around Pit Bulls

* Pit bulls are simply dogs (a kind of dog, not a breed).* They execute not have locking jaws, as spanned above.* They execute not bite in different way than other big breeds.* They are not an ext aggressive than various other breeds (source: American Temperament check Society).

Like all dogs, they feeling pain, love, fear and also joy. The media has actually played a big role in spreading erroneous information and creating hysteria around pit bulls: national Pit Bull Awareness job is a possibility to for the media to help set the document straight.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day is the perfect possibility to tell a hopeful story about America’s dog Pit bulls are the most abused, many euthanised, most maligned and most misunderstood form of dog in America and across much that the world today.

The media has actually been a big part that this problem—sensationalizing an adverse pit bull stories, spreading myths and inciting hysteria. Now, you can also be component of the solution. October 22, 2011, is national Pit Bull Awareness Day.

The organisers (and K9 magazine is happy to join in) are asking girlfriend to take this possibility to emphasis on the positive attributes of this all-American dog. Right here are some story suggestions:

Facts about Pit Bulls

1. Pit bulls room therapy dogs, company dogs, search and rescue dogs and, most famously, loving family pets (including pet to countless celebrities). Call the story that one such everyday hero in your community. Fine be happy to help carry out contacts and leads.

2. Highlight a national Pit Bull Awareness Day occasion going ~ above in her community.

3. Take the opportunity to dispel countless of the common myths: Pit bulls perform not have locking jaws, perform night bite in different way than other large breeds, do not “suddenly snap,” room not “bred to fight” (the vast majority are bred together pets, like any type of other dog), and they perform feel pain. Like all prejudicial thinking, judging a dog simply by just how it looks only leads to an adverse actions and reactions.

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Understanding that specific myths developed about details breeds deserve to lead to innocent dogs losing their lives is miscellaneous that, happily, countless thousands of civilization have been able come grasp since the worldwide web has actually been able come educate. However, there are still political leaders who need to learn. Hopefully nationwide Pit Bull Awareness work will have actually a positive impact on the psychic of those who room happy to see specific dogs shed their lives having never done a single thing wrong.

The following time you hear or review someone espousing the ill-informed myth around the Pit Bull’s locking jaw, feel cost-free to send them below