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T8 lamps top top a T12 ballast, or T12 lamps top top a T8 ballast will certainly both fail prematurely. The only difference in the fixture chin is generally the ballast and also the sockets. T12 will commonly have unshunted sockets, and most T8 will have actually shunted sockets. Placing the dorn ballast in will certainly either underdrive or overdrive the lamps leading to the failures. Hope the answers your question.
Using T12 lamps ~ above a T8 ballast would certainly be similar to an LED retrofit. You will certainly reduce energy use, since the wattage go down, yet you lose output together well, again, similar to most LED retrofit. The T12 4" lamp will certainly look roughly like a 3 foot 25W desk lamp or a 4 foot 25W energy saver lamp.
Most T12 ballasts are magnetic quick start. They"re single application products. Most T8 ballasts native the last 5 years or so deserve to take anything from 120 come 277v input and also rated because that 2-4" lamps and T12 lamps will appear like a 3" desk lamp to the ballast. It"s tough to fry one aside from lifting a neutral top top 277v and also zapping the 480v. There"s no injury in waiting out until the lamps burn out or area large replacement if a few T12s gain installed accidentally. No injury to the ballast/fixture, however don"t gripe if the T12 lamps burn out in 6 months. You"ll have concerns with starting, flickering or bad output regardless of ballast/lamp combo if you use diminished wattage lamps if that is cold sufficient to be uncomfortable because that people, only use full wattage lamps. They"re not rated for use under 60*F.
Point taken EL.....I"ve often wondered, however haven"t askedhow does a global ballast work? :001_huh:~CS~
Point bring away EL.....I"ve regularly wondered, however haven"t askedhow does a universal ballast work? :001_huh:~CS~
It"s a (nearly) consistent current power supply and various T8 lamps room rated because that the very same amps. The ballast deserve to accommodate a wide selection of voltage if still carrying the same current. The intake side works like an international worldwide voltage selection phone chargers.
Here is an older thread ~ above this . out short article 11 Pete
T8 lamps ~ above a T12 ballast, or T12 lamps on a T8 ballast will both failure prematurely. The only difference in the fixture chin is typically the ballast and the sockets. T12 will generally have unshunted sockets, and also most T8 will have actually shunted sockets. Putting the dorn ballast in will either underdrive or overdrive the lamps bring about the failures. Hope the answers your question.
Speaking about shunted sockets and also whatnot, I always loved the attribute of T12 single pin sockets wherein removing the lamp disconnects power to the socket. I wish the was like that again instead of utilizing those stunner ballast disconnects or simply cowboying it when replacing a ballast.

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Nothing if you have the correct ballast.A T12 ballast on a T8 bulb will over journey the T8 resulting in it come fail beforehand on.A T8 ballast ~ above a T12 won"t provide you adequate light (if it lights at all) since its gift under driven.A T8 slides right right into a conventional T12 socket favor butter. I simply did a pair myself.On the yellow wires sometimes you need to tie castle all in addition to the solitary red ~ above the T8 ballast unless it has the yellow wires on it.That is the only concern I encountered.
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