You have some leftover applesauce, but no to plan to usage it just yet. That provides you wonder: just how long does applesauce last in the fridge?

Or one of your applesauce jars is a couple of months past its date, and you’re thinking: go applesauce go bad?

An unopened jug of applesauce lasts because that years, however once you open up it, the clock starts ticking. And the duration open applesauce is great for depends heavily on the brand girlfriend chose.

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Want come learn about the shelf life, storage options, and going bad of applesauce? This short article is because that you.

Moreover, there’s also a section on homemade applesauce, if that’s what you have actually on hand.

Applesauce jar

How long Does Applesauce Last

Applesauce (unopened)Best-by + 2 – 4 months
Applesauce (opened)7 – 10 work or what the label says
Homemade applesauce7 – 10 days
Please keep in mind the periods above are estimates.Unopened applesauce lasts because that at the very least a couple of months after the day on the label. After opening it, it keeps in the refrigerator for at the very least 7 days, though some producers enable storing their applesauce for as much as 30 days.

If you need more time than that, take into consideration freezing the leftovers.

Using “expired” applesauce

Store-bought applesauce nice much constantly comes through a best-by or best-before date. That date is an calculation of exactly how long the product should retain freshness. It’s no an expiration date and has naught to carry out with food safety.

So, how long is applesauce an excellent for ~ the “expiration date”?

There’s no method to recognize for sure. The ideal answer i can give you is the it should last at least 2 come 4 months past that date.

Of course, over time, the high quality of the sauce slowly degrades. That means a jug that’s 3 months past its date won’t be as good as a fresh one. But the distinction should be minimal.

Applesauce: day on label

Applesauce leftovers

You need to refrigerate open applesauce and it keeps for around 7 to 10 days in the fridge. However as I currently mentioned, part producers offer different storage periods.

For example, Holmes Applesauce recommends finishing their product in ~ 30 days of opening.

On the various other hand, we have actually Leahy, which suggests keeping their applesauce because that no longer than 5 work after opening.

If friend can’t it is in bothered to inspect the manufacturer’s recommendations, and it’s not clearly written top top the label, go v the basic advice above. Otherwise, it’s safest to stick v what the seller suggests.

Prepping pancakes filled v applesauce

How come Tell if Applesauce Is Bad?

If her jar is quiet unopened, examine if whatever is intact. That means there space no leaks, and the lid is sealed (if there’s a switch on it, it’s not popped).

If the jug is damaged, assume that the applesauce is bad, no issue if the shows any type of signs that spoilage or not.

Next, it’s time to provide the applesauce a check.

Throw out applesauce if there’s any mold or any type of other organic development on the surface, or it develops an turn off or “funny” smell. Either among these is a sure sign of spoilage.


A thin layer that brown, discolored applesauce on height is perfectly normal. That’s called browning, and nothing to be involved with. You have the right to swirl it in or scoop out if it bothers you.

Besides that, mental the warehouse time constraints.

If your applesauce is opened for way much more than the recommended period, toss it out. Prefer with most food products, the very first signs the spoilage are difficult to notice. And it’s always far better to err on the next of caution with products that need refrigeration.

If whatever seems to be okay v the applesauce approximately this point, offer a small amount a taste. If the tastes okay, feel complimentary to use it. Otherwise, it’s past its prime, and also you have to discard it.

Pancakes topped with applesauce

How to keep Applesauce?

Unopened applesauce jar must sit in a cool and dark area, away from any type of light and also sources that hear. The pantry is the finest choice, but a cupboard in the kitchen is a-okay too.

The sauce is pasteurized and commercially sealed so the there’s no possibility of microbial contamination. Therefore, there’s no should put it in the fridge.

Once you open up your applesauce, refrigerate the leftovers in a tightly sealed container or jar. In most cases, the container the sauce come in is resealable, for this reason that’s not an issue.

Last yet not least, food hygiene.

The most important thing come remember below is to always use clean spoons when handling applesauce. Utilizing a spoon you currently used for scooping anything rather (double-dipping) is a huge no-no.

If you neglect this suggestion, you could end up through a pretty patch the mold top top the surface of your applesauce within a couple of days. Just saying.

Applesauce jar opened

Can You freeze Applesauce?

You can freeze applesauce without any extra prep. The only downside of freezing stewed apologize is the they change structure after freezing and also thawing – the sauce becomes watery.

Sure, offering it a good stir will certainly help, but don’t mean miracles. The slightly altered consistency is here to stay.

If friend want, you can strain the overabundance water making use of a good mesh strainer. That must help.

Now, for few of you, that readjust of texture might be an issue. For others (like yours truly), not so much.

Nevertheless, in many recipes, and also especially in baked goods, that change is not that big of a deal. If you strain the overfill water, your apple pie (or what have you) should be fine.


It’s finest to start with freezing a little amount and also testing thawed applesauce in your recipe. This way, if things go south, it’s no a tragedy.

When it involves how to frozen applesauce, it relies on her needs.

If you mean to usage all the leftovers in a single dish, feel complimentary to pour the sauce right into a freezer-safe container and also chuck it into the freezer. Don’t forget to leave part headspace, together the applesauce will expand slightly.

If you prefer to have it portioned, I suggest freezing it using an ice cube tray (or a muffin tin) for small portions, or freezer bags for larger ones.

To defrost your frozen applesauce, ar it in the fridge the night before you need it.

Applesauce closeup

Homemade Applesauce

Homemade applesauce commonly keeps for about a main in the fridge.

Some recipes come v a contempt longer suggested storage time, while others go through the standard “use leftovers within 4 days” recommendation. If possible, go through what the recipe’s writer suggests.

If the recipe doesn’t mention storage time, or you obtained a jug or two of canned applesauce together a gift, go with the 7 days I started this section with.

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Once again, if that duration is too short, freeze the leftovers is the best option.