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Dawn dish soap is America’s #1 dishwashing liquid based upon sales.

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It is widely used by homemade-cleaner enthusiasts as an ingredient in DIY cleaner recipes.

When I very first started utilizing Dawn in my homemade cleaners, ns was confused about the different varieties and colors.

What selection works best?Is blue Dawn better than the various other colors?Has the formula changed?Is the new formula as great as the old?

I will try to answer these concerns for you.

Current Dawn dish Soap Varieties

New and Improved “3X” Dawn Ultra Blue

New and Improved Dawn Ultra

The brand-new and enhanced Dawn Ultra Blue contains “3X much more Grease clean Power.” that is 3 time stronger than non-ultra Dawn.

Note the some various other varieties of Dawn Ultra still speak “2X Grease cleaning Power.”

3X Dawn is 50% stronger than the 2X varieties.

The “3X” bottles ns bought at my local store to be the exact same price together the “2X” varieties in the same-sized bottles.

Dawn Ultra ingredients (3X version)

Dawn Ultra Ingredients
Alcohol Denaturedstabilizes formula
C10-16 Alkyldimethylamine Oxideboosts cleaning
Colorantsadds color to product
Fragrancesadds scent to product
PEI14 PEG24/PPG-16 Copolymerboosts cleaning
Phenoxyethanolstabilizes formula
PPG-26 stabilizes formula
Sodium Chloridethickener
Sodium Hydroxidebalances formula pH
Sodium Laureth Sulfateprovides cleaning
Sodium Lauryl Sulfateprovides cleaning
Waterholds inredients together
May also contain: C9-11 Pareth-8gently aids soil removal

Where come Buy Dawn Ultra “3X”

ns recommend the 2-Count, 56 oz. Dawn Ultra party from Amazon.

Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap

This version of Dawn has the native “Antibacterial Hand Soap” best on the former label. The soap includes the chemical chloroxylenol. This chemistry is used to kill bacteria and viruses. The substance has been provided in hospitals because the 1950’s.

There are right now two scents available:

Orange scentApple blossom Scent


Dawn Ultra Antibacterial previously had the chemical triclosan yet that has been gotten rid of in favor of chloroxylenol. Triclosan, although supplied for countless years in customer products, is coming under increased scrutiny through government, health, and environmental organizations. It has been prohibition in the EU. The FDA prohibition triclosan in antibacterial hand and also body washes in 2016.

I would not use commodities containing chloroxylenol to clean your fish tank or aquarium equipment. Likewise do not usage it come clean your cat bowls. Chloroxylenol is toxicity to fish and cats. View the chloroxylenol write-up on Wikipedia for much more information.

Can Dawn Antibacterial Be supplied as a Hand Sanitizer?

The FDA recommends using level soap and water for regimen hand-washing. The post states the the benefits of utilizing antibacterial hand soap haven’t been proven.

The CDC coronavirus avoidance page at this time states come “Wash her handsoften through soap and also water because that at the very least 20 seconds particularly after you have been in a windy place, or after ~ blowing her nose, coughing, or sneezing.”

Dawn antibacterial is hand soap and can be used to sanitize the hands every the CDC recommendations.

Does Dawn Antibacterial Soap death Viruses?

Chloroxylenol uncovered in Dawn Antibacterial does have antiviral activity but is not proven come deactivate all person viruses. An April 1998 problem of The journal of Hospital Infection says that chloroxylenol was:

“effective in inactivating the enveloped viruses herpes simplex virus form 1 and human immunodeficiency virus form 1, whilst gift ineffective in inactivating human being coronavirus”

So if you are trying to avoid coronavirus infection, simply use any an excellent hand soap per CDC recommendations.

Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Liquid

The Dawn Platinum dishwashing liquids space 4X strength. The 4X refers to its toughness vs. Non-ultra Dawn. There are right now 3 versions:

Dawn Platinum, refreshing RainDawn Platinum Bleach Alternative, Morning MistDawn Platinum progressed Power, fresh ScentDawn Platinum & Enzymes

The Dawn Platinum fluid dish soaps had enzymes at one time. I don’t think that the current versions contain any kind of enzymes. I have actually 2013 Dawn Platinum ingredient sheets from P&G that clearly list the enzymes. The most recent ingredient sheets and/or party labels no much longer list enzymes.

Dawn Platinum fluid Ingredients
Dawn Platinum ingredient (Refreshing Rain)
Sodium Lauryl SulfateCleaning Agent
C9-11 Pareth-8Cleaning Agent
Sodium Laureth SulfateCleaning Agent
Lauramine OxideCleaning Agent
Alcohol Denat.Solvent
Sodium ChlorideViscosity Adjuster
Tetrasodium Dicarboxymethyl GlutamateWater Softener
Sodium HydroxidePH Adjuster
Red 33Colorant
Blue 1 Colorant
Yellow 5 Colorant

Dawn Platinum Bleach alternative Ingredients (Morning Mist)
Sodium Lauryl SulfateCleaning Agent
Sodium Laureth SulfateCleaning Agent
Lauramine OxideCleaning Agent
Alcohol Denat.Solvent
PPG-26Viscosity Adjuster
Sodium ChlorideViscosity Adjuster
Sodium HydroxidePH Adjuster
PEI-14 PEG-10/PPG-7 CopolymerCleaning Enhancer
Tetrasodium Dicarboxymethyl GlutamateWater Softener
Blue 1Colorant

Dawn Platinum advanced Power ingredients (Fresh Scent)
Sodium Lauryl SulfateCleaning Agent
Sodium Laureth SulfateCleaning Agent
Alcohol Denat.Solvent
PPG-26Viscosity Adjuster
Sodium ChlorideViscosity Adjuster
Sodium HydroxidePH Adjuster
PEI-14 PEG-24/PPG-16 CopolymerCleaning Enhancer
C10-16 Alkydimethylamine Oxide cleaning Enhancer
C9-11 Pareth-8Cleaning Agent
Tetrasodium Glutamate DiacetateWater Softener
FragrancesAdds odor to product
ColorantsAdds shade to product

Where come Buy Dawn Platinum “4X”

ns recommend the 2-Count, 16.2 oz. Dawn Platinum party from Amazon.

Dawn Platinum Foam


Dawn Platinum Foam

Dawn Platinum dishwashing foam is a super-strength dish detergent. The label claims “5X more Grease Cleaning power vs. Dawn Ultra Original.”

Note that all of the various other Dawn 2X, 3X, and 4X versions space vs. Non-ultra Dawn. The foam is 5X vs. Ultra Original. That means that the foam is lot stronger than the Dawn Ultra liquids.

Dawn Platinum Foam is not used in the same method that the typical dishwashing liquids are. Friend don’t fill the sink complete of water.

Steps to usage the foam:

Dampen a sponge and squeeze out the overfill water.Pump the foam directly on the sponge.Wash every dish v minimal water.Rinse with water. If you must reactivate the foam, just squeeze her sponge.

Dawn Pure Essentials

Pure important Lemon Essence

Dawn Pure Essentials is a dye-free formula. These formulas use essential oils which contribute to the fragrance.

This is a “3X” Dawn as such it is just as strong as the brand-new and improved blue Dawn Ultra.

There are right now two varieties:

Lemon EssenceLavender Wisp
Dawn Pure Essentials Ingredients

Dawn Pure Essentials has actually the exact same ingredients together the blue Dawn Ultra through the complying with exceptions:

Does not contain dyes.Utilizes vital oils for fragrance.

Dawn Botanicals

The Dawn Ultra Botanicals dishwashing liquids have actually scents that are influenced by nature. These space “2X” Dawn Ultra liquids. The three current scents are:

Aloe Water Scent – has actually a “clean” smellCherry blossom Scent – has a “pretty” smellLavender Scent – has a “floral” smell
Aloe Water
Cherry Blossom

I recommend buying Dawn Botanicals locally. For some reason the huge retailers room not shipping these as of respectable 2019.

Dawn Escapes

Dawn Ultra Escapes space “2X” dish soaps. Lock are dubbed “Escapes” because the scents are based upon far-away exotic locations.

You can currently buy the adhering to scents:

New new zealand Springs ScentFuji Cherry flower ScentMediterranean Lavender Scent
New new zealand Springs
Fuji Cherry blossom

Hawaiian Pineapple scent shows up to it is in discontinued. In fact the whole Escapes line has been removed from the Dawn product page. Therefore if you really favor these versions girlfriend had far better stock up now while friend can.

Dawn tenderness Clean

Dawn tenderness Clean is recipe to be more hand-friendly. It doesn’t dry out your skin as much as the various other varieties do.

There are right now three scents:

Pomegranate & climbed Water scent Green Tea & love husband scent Peach & Almond scent
Pomegranate & rose Water
Green Tea & Honey
Dawn gentle Clean Scents

There is a broad difference that opinion ~ above the Pomegranate & climbed Water scent . Civilization either certain love it or lock absolutely hate it. Smell it in the store before you purchase it to see exactly how you prefer it.

I want to obtain Amanda’s opinion so ns handed her a bottle of the Pomegranate & climbed Water and asked her how it smelled. She claimed “it smells gooooood!”

Several weeks later on I got her opinion the the Green Tea & Honey scent. She stated “It doesn’t smell favor dish soap, it smells choose the outdoors…..”

Dawn hefty Duty

Dawn Heavy-Duty

Dawn hefty Duty Dishwashing fluid is a 4X degreasing formula.

The Dawn Heavy-Duty prior label states it “Cleans beyond The Sink.” the shows symbols for auto, tools, grills, and also paint brushes.

The earlier label states:

“For dilute cleaning of auto, tools, grills, and paint brushes*: add a teaspoon (5mL) of Dawn come gallon (3.8L) of heat water.

*Not for use v oil-based paints and also stains.

Where come Buy Dawn Heavy-Duty

I bought my party at Lowes. I have not watched it all over else. Allow me understand if you watch it elsewhere.

Non-Concentrated Dawn

Dawn Non-Concentrated food Soap

Around 2009, Procter & Gamble presented Non-Concentrated standard Dawn.

This was later adjusted to simply Non-Concentrated Dawn. Part bottles also say “Simply Clean”.

In the picture you can see two various bottles that Non-Concentrated Dawn that i picked up in ~ the same store in November 2013. I think these two are identical liquids. Just the brand is different.

I execute not know the precise difference between Non-Concentrated Dawn and also Dawn Ultra, but I deserve to tell you that Dawn Ultra is much stronger. Ns did a fast test in the sink and also the distinction was obvious.

Even despite the Non-Concentrated variation is cheaper, I think Dawn Ultra is the better buy.

Dawn Professional

Dawn expert is additionally known as hands-on Pot and also Pan Detergent.

I have read the a lot of people like this version and also that the formula is not adjusted around as frequently as the other versions.

I have not to be able to find the ingredient perform of Dawn Professional, however when i do, I’ll let girlfriend know.Some civilization have stated that that is similar to the initial Dawn the so many civilization love.

Dawn dish Soap FAQs

What countries is Dawn marketed in?

Dawn in sold in the united States, Canada, and also Mexico.Procter & gamble sells Fairy brand rather of Dawn in Australia, France, Germany, new Zealand, Spain, united Kingdom, and Ireland. They offer Dreft brand rather of Dawn in the Netherlands.

Is the Blue Dawn Ultra far better than several of the various other varieties?

Yes that is. The new and boosted Dawn Ultra blue is more powerful than all other varieties except the Dawn Platinum and Heavy Duty lines.I had actually previously created that every one of the Dawn Ultra arrays were basically the very same product with different scents and also colors. With the advent of the new “3X” blue Dawn, this no much longer true.

How has the Dawn dish soap ingredient formula changed?

The formula has actually been readjusted many times over the years and also the precise formulas and ingredient alters are trade secrets safeguarded by Procter & Gamble. Over there is no way we space going to know the specific ratio of ingredient in Dawn and also how those ingredients have changed over time as old formulas to be retired and new ones to be introduced. Us will need to rely on arbitrarily tidbits that information and also anecdotal evidence to shot and piece together a far better understanding the this product.

Is Dawn dish soap biodegradable?

Yes. The earlier labels top top Dawn bottles currently state “Dawn consists of biodegradable surfactants.”

Is Dawn food soap harmful to the environment?

All the the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) the I have read state in ar 12, environmental Information the “the product is not expected to be hazardous to the environment.”For an ext information about P&G’s environmetal effort’s, view the P&G environmental Sustainability page.

Can Dawn food soap be offered to manage Africanized love husband bees?

Yes. Mix 1 cup the Dawn in 1 gallon that water. Add the mixture to a garden sprayer. Wet the surface ar of the swarm through the Dawn mixture till the bees are eliminated.Texas A&M AgriLife expansion has much more information about using soapy water to regulate bees.

Can Dawn food soap be mixed with bleach?

Some bottles of Dawn have “Do not include bleach” on the ago label. Thus I execute not recommend including bleach to any type of version the Dawn.

“Do not add bleach”

Dawn dish Soap History


Proctor & Gamble introduced Dawn to a tiny test area.


Dawn was released across the entire United States. This to be the initial blue Dawn with initial scent.


The global Bird Rescue Research center received a grant from Chevron to check the efficiency of dish soaps come clean oil-soaked birds. This study established that Dawn was the ideal product because that cutting v the oil.


A brand-new Dawn formula was introduced. A 1987 Dawn magazine advertisement reads “Introducing new Tougher Dawn. So tough, it even pulls grease off plastic.”


After the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Dawn was supplied to clean up the oil-soaked birds that were victim of the spill.


There to be another development to the Dawn formula. A circa 1991 Dawn bottle claims ” New! Keeps Grease Cutting strength Longer.”


The initial Dawn to be taken turn off the market and replaced with Dawn Ultra. They would certainly later introduce “non-ultra” Dawn as a cheaper different to Dawn Ultra.

Original Dawn (Discontinued)

The initial Dawn is believed by numerous to be far better than 보다 today’s Dawn. The original Dawn was replaced by Dawn Ultra in 1996.

Original Dawn ingredient (mid 1980’s)

These ingredients are from a mid-1980s bottle of original Dawn:

Cleaning and sudsing agents (anionic and also nonionic surfactants), dispensing aid (ethyl alcohol), water, stability agents, colorant and also perfume.

Original Dawn ingredient (1991)

A 1991 Dawn bottle claims ” New! Keeps Grease Cutting power Longer.” here are the ingredients detailed on this version:

Cleaning and also sudsing agents (anionic, nonionic, and also amphoteric surfactants), dispensing aid (ethyl alcohol), water, stability agents, colorant and perfume.

Non-Ultra Dawn (Discontinued)

Not long after Dawn Ultra was introduced in 1996, Procter & gambling released Non-Ultra Dawn. I think the Non-Ultra formula to be updated in 2004.

In 2006, it to be renamed to “Classic Dawn”. These versions room no longer available.

Dawn Special treatment (Discontinued)

Dawn Special care was accessible in the late 1990’s. It to be formulated to be gentle top top the hands. A 1998 Dawn magazine ad states “At critical a gentle Dish liquid With actual Muscle.”

Dawn Ultra Lemon (Discontinued)

Dawn Ultra lemon

Discontinued Dawn Platinum Formulas

In so late 2016, ns wrote about 5 arrays of Dawn Platinum:

Platinum Power Clean – great for dried, stuck-on foodsPlatinum Power Oxi – has an excellent soaking powerPlatinum Bleach Alternative – good at remove invisible residue from your dishesPlatinum Stainfighter – for challenging food stainsPlatinum Advanced Power – overnight soaking power in 5 minute

this discontinued Dawn Platinum formulas had enzymes. Enzymes aid to malfunction tough, cooked-on foods.

Power Clean and Bleach alternative contained amylase enzymes.Power Oxi included protease enzymes.Advanced Power had both amylase and protease enzymes.

Amylase enzymes break down starches and also protease enzymes malfunction protein.

Therefore ns recommended making use of Power Clean for such points as pasta sauce and also gravies. For cooked top top cheese sauce or meats, ns recommended the power Oxi.

The enzymes appear to have actually been eliminated from the ingredient lists of the most recent Dawn Platinum formulas.

Final Thoughts

Whew! This was a long post. Ns didn’t realize there was so lot to say about Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.

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