Worried around how to eliminate dust mites? You might not be able to see them, but we promise your home is full of dust mites. Here"s exactly how you deserve to keep their numbers down.


Dust mites are bad news for allergy sufferers and can it is in responsible for other usual issues such as skin acne. And also – these tiny insects room everywhere, consisting of your sofa and also your bed.

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Not certain you"re handling this certain critter? above our exactly how to recognize bugs overview to uncover the one creeping girlfriend out.

Lynsey Crombie, a.k.a Queen that Clean explains more:

"Mattresses room covered in mites. These mites feeding on dead skin that us naturally shed in ours sleep. This method that you room rolling around and inhaling every kinds of nasty corpuscle which could include fungal spores, bacteria, plasticisers and also flame retardants."

While no a trouble for many people, dust mites deserve to wreak havoc with the health and wellness of those who room sensitive; if that"s you, you"ll desire to eliminate them asap.

How do you kill dust mites? girlfriend can"t remove them completely, but you deserve to limit their prolific breeding and its results if you follow these tips.

The finest ways to remove dust mites

Want to learn just how to get rid of dust mites? Let united state count the ways.

During that lifetime, a dust mite can produce up to 200 times its own body load in faeces and also cast skin shells, and also its this that cause allergic reactions in some of us.

Dust mites breed prolifically, meaning there are countless them living and feeding on the clothes fabrics, bedding, soft furnishings and also carpets in your home – in fact, everywhere that dust gathers.

Martha Stewart explains: "Dust mites, microscopic insects that live off human and animal skin scales, reside in virtually all bedding materials, consisting of pillows, mattresses, and also comforters-no matter just how clean or immaculate the home."

So, limiting dust – and also other problems that dust mites love – plus gaining into a consistent cleaning cycle deserve to limit their numbers, and also any allergic reaction come them.

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1. Tackle the dust mites in your bedroom (and her mattress)

Regular vacuuming, dusting, airing the room by opening windows and also laundering curtains are basic steps you can take to kill dust mites.

More special, airing her bedding every day – pushing back the covers instead of do the bed – will alleviate the humidity that encourages dust mites. Washing bedding, pillows and also duvet when a main on a warm wash will likewise kill them because they can"t endure temperatures the 60ºC; if you have a tumble dryer, placing the bedding with a hot cycle will end up off any that have survived the wash.

Martha Stewart shares her peak tip for cleaning pillows:

"Set the maker to the gentlest cycle, using heat water; add a tiny amount of a mild liquid detergent (powder detergent may leave a residue), then fill the bathtub loosely through your pillows. Repeat the to wash cycle to eliminate detergent completely."

If your allergy is really bad, it might be worth investing in mite-proof duvet covers, pillow cases and bed sheets. This hypo-allergenic bedding has a strictly woven fabric that makes it virtually impossible because that dust mites to penetrate right into the duvets, pillows and also mattress; it likewise prevents her body"s moisture and also dead skin from doing the same, cutting off your food source.

A an excellent mattress protector will carry out a barrier to aid prevent dust mites reproduction in your mattress, however if you"re thinking of replacing your mattress, buying one – and also a pillow to enhance – that"s hypo-allergenic will discourage dust mites native living and also breeding in your bed.

Looking for new bedlinen? be affected by each other in mind that wool and silk room both fabrics the are unwelcoming to dust mites.

Finally, keep your pets off the bed and, ideally, the end of the bedroom – dust mites eat pet dander, too.

2. Acquiring rid the dust mites in children"s rooms

Follow every the advice in the point above, but don"t forget to include their soft playthings to the list, too. If washable on a hot wash, launder soft toys when a week in ~ 60ºC.

Dust mites additionally can"t survive listed below 16ºC, for this reason freezing her child"s favourite soft toy (that also seems to do them sneeze) as soon as a main in a plastic bag in the freezer will certainly kill any kind of dust mites.

Then, just remove them from the freezer and also shake lock well external to remove the dead mites and their faeces.

3. Clean up dust mites in living spaces

Dusting by clean everything surfaces down through a damp towel or microfibre fabric will stop you launching dust mites into the air. Dispose of the dust by putting it on a hot wash ~ cleaning.

A thorough vacuuming when a week – quite than a light vacuuming every few days – v a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner will eliminate dust mites and also their faeces (HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, and also these vacuums work-related by trapping tiny particles in a fine mesh). Watch our pick of the best vacuum cleaners for one that have the right to do the job for you.

Steam cleaning carpets, rugs, and also furniture deserve to kill dust mites; perform this once a week if your allergy is particularly bad, then vacuum the surfaces after that to eliminate them and their faeces. And, when you"re cleaning, wearing a mask have the right to stop friend inhaling the dust that will certainly aggravate her reactions.

4. Store heat and also humidity down

Dust mites love life in an setting that"s comparable to what we gain – room temperatures between 24°C and also 27°C, and also humidity at around 70 per cent to 80 every cent suits them simply fine, making breeding conditions perfect.

Martha Stewart agrees: "Dust mites love bedrooms (and beds) since they tend to be specifically warm and humid. Carry in a dehumidifier during the summer, or revolve on your AC -- cold air is naturally drying"

So, save heating at no higher than 21°C, i m sorry is comfortable for many of us, but not so much for dust mites. Airing rooms to keep humidity levels short will additionally discourage reproduction – if your rooms suffer badly from condensation or it"s not valuable to air rooms (perhaps her bedroom is ~ above the ground floor), placing a dehumidifier ~ above a timer and setting it to operation for an hour or therefore every morning after you"ve left for occupational will carry out the trick.

Find out about dehumidifiers in ours feature, or take it a look at our ranking the the ideal dehumidifiers to buy.

5. Usage Diatomaceous earth to death dust mites

This is one of our favourite methods for killing dust mites, also if it sounds a little bit out there. Diatomaceous earth is a herbal fine powder made native silica rock that you deserve to sprinkle on surfaces wherein dust mites live (beds, pets beds, furniture, carpets...) to kill them. It functions by piercing their exoskeleton as they pass through it, which will kill them instantly.

Leave the powder for as long as feasible – every day when you"re the end of bed is a good option – then vacuum it increase (but ensure you"re utilizing a vacuum without a filter so that the powder doesn"t clog that up).

This product is for sure for us and for our pets, and can also be provided to kill fleas and also bed bugs.

6. Try a natural remedy

Tea tree oil is a herbal antibacterial, antiviral, and also anti-fungal oil that is stated to kill dust mites, and is definitely worth a try if your allergies are bad.

Here"s just how to use it at home:

Mix 2 cups that distilled water v two tablespoons of tea tree oil and also two tablespoons of eucalyptus oil in a dark spray party (so you deserve to store it far without light spoiling the oils).Spray the liberally onto bedding, furniture and also carpets at least once a mainly – bonus, it will certainly make your house smell nice, too.
Nomara Organics® BPA-Free Amber Glass Spray party 3 x 500ml, Amazon

These dark spray bottles are ideal for save on computer your very own homemade sprays to repel dust mites and lots more household pests.

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7. Swap carpets for hard flooring

Dust mites love to live in carpets due to the fact that carpets space the perfect environment for trapping dead skin and pet dander.

If the measures above aren"t working for you, it will certainly be worth swapping carpets for difficult flooring.

8. Reduced down on soft furnishings

Love a litter cushion but constantly sneezing on the sofa or in her bedroom? Cutting under on soft furnishings (the residence of dust mites) is another option for allergy sufferers.

The fabric catches the dust and moisture in the air the dust mites love. Every time you disturb or plump this cushions, the dust will certainly be thrown up right into the air and on to various other surfaces, and you"ll acquire an allergic reaction.

Don"t want to reduced down ~ above them? heavy steam clean them and also shake them out in the garden once a week.

9. Save your pet (and their bedding) clean, too

As we said, dust mites love pets dander, so warm washing your bedding as soon as a week and regularly grooming your pets will keep dust mites at bay.

If you have actually a cat or dog that sheds a lot, you"ll need to step up the vacuuming, too. If your vacuum"s packed it in, have a look in ~ our tried-and-tested overview to the finest vacuums because that pet hair. This won"t just assist you – part pets suffer from dust mite allergies, too.

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10. Obtain an wait purifier

Fortunately, dust mites space tiny sufficient to be removed via a HEPA filter in a powerful air purifier. Although it"s ideal to incorporate all the methods outlined over in combating dust mites, an waiting purifier will administer much-needed instant relief if you"re one allergy sufferer.To aid you decide, take a look in ~ our overview to the finest air purifiers.