According come a 2013 BBC article, most civilization sit an ext than 12 hours a day. If you element in another 7-8 hours for sleep, most civilization are sedentary because that 19-20 hrs per day. It appears our contemporary society is wiring us to be so sedentary.

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We sit throughout transportation; many world sit all day for work and also most world sit at house in the evenings watching TV or gift on a computer.

A 2012 article (1) from Diabetes Research and also Clinical exercise suggests too much sitting is connected with boosting risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors and also premature morality.

Therefore, numerous health specialists suggest we shot to stand much more throughout the work or break up long periods the sitting.


Something most human being do sitting under is eat. During the day, it can be usual to sit and eat at your job-related station, eat in the car, etc.

However, if girlfriend eat stand up, carry out you burn more calories? You might burn an ext calories stand up contrasted to sitting, yet there space other ways standing up once eating may impact your food intake.

Does eat standing up help you shed weight?

A 170-pound adult burns about 139 calories for 1 hour of sit and around 186 calories for 1 hour of standing.

So, for one hour a day, if you weigh 170 pounds, you deserve to burn about an extra 47 calories for every hour friend stand rather of sit.

Data from the University of Chester (2) argues standing rises heart rate compared to sitting of about 10 beats every minute.

This can translate to an increase of around 0.7 calories every minute an ext you burn standing compared to sitting.

This translates to a distinction of around 40-50 calories every hour. Therefore, also standing 3-4 hrs a day instead of sit could help you possibly burn an extra 120-200 per day.

Do you digest food better sitting or standing?

After chewing food, saliva blended with food travels under the esophagus and also into the stomach. While in the stomach, food essentially gets pulverized from stomach acid and the churning of the stomach right into tiny molecules.

These tiny molecules then take trip to the little intestine wherein nutrients can get soaked up across the intestinal wall.

The form of food girlfriend eat can impact your price of digestion. For example, fiber and protein can hold-up gastric emptying. This can aid increase satiety and can aid keep appetite low hours after eating.

However, if girlfriend eat primarily simple carbohydrates, this nutrients go into the blood stream fairly quick. Hunger can easily return ~ eating.

Another influence on cradle is her body posture. Once you are sitting or lying down, food pipeline the stomach slower compared to standing.

A 1988 study (3) compared the effects of body attitude on gastric emptying. Researchers discovered the lie position significantly slowed gastric emptying contrasted to various other body postures.

The was standing position enhanced rate of gastric emptying.

If gastric emptying takes less time, hunger onset might be quicker. Therefore, eating while was standing may rise gastric emptying which may actually rise your food intake end time.

Calorie expenditure is high as soon as standing, yet the distinction in calorie lot is minimal because most people eat quickly.

Yes, calorie burn when standing have the right to be about 50 calories greater per hour, but most human being eat a meal standing rather quickly.

Compared to sitting, you have the right to eat much more slowly which may aid your body register time to signal fullness. It might also help slow rate of gastric emptying.

If you are standing and eating quickly, this might hinder appropriate digestion. You may be an ext likely to inhale air once eating hastily and standing contrasted to eat slowly and also sitting.

If you perform tend to eat when standing, make certain you take her time and also don’t rush through the meal. Whether you space sitting or standing, this is the an ext important factor.

Meal or snack?

A 2010 study (4) surveyed 122 people about food and also environment cues. Most world associate eat a meal through sitting down as soon as eating. Therefore, if you are standing while you eat, your brain may it is registered food intake together a “snack” also if you room eating a meal.

Therefore, no issue if you are sitting or standing, that is important to practice mindfulness as soon as you room eating. If you are eating a enjoy the meal standing up, recognize it together a meal and not a snack.

Heart burn

One instance where increasing gastric emptying may be valuable is if you have heart burn. Love burn can take place when the stomach acid leaks out into the esophagus.

The harsh mountain burns the esophagus which walk not have actually the exact same protective layer that the stomach needs to buffer the acid level. If you have heart burn, it is frequently recommended to avoid lying down hrs after eating.

Lying down deserve to increase the opportunity of stomach acid leaking right into the esophagus because gravity is working with acid flowing towards the esophagus.

Standing while eat can aid gravity work versus acid reflux and also can be valuable to protect against heart burn. If you have actually acid reflux, speak v your doctor around what is ideal for your treatment plan.


Most american sit also much during the day. This have the right to be harmful to health since too much sitting is connected with increasing risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular an illness and also premature death. Breaking up periods of sit with movement is recommended.

However, if girlfriend eat was standing up instead of sitting make certain you room registering her food intake. It may be easy to overdue her food intake if you room not registering it as a “meal”.

Also keep in mind gastric emptying might be speeded up which could transform your feeling of feeling full. If you have heart burn, eat standing increase could aid lower danger for mountain reflux.

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The bottom line is whether you eat standing increase or sitting, be responsibility of her food intake and eat slowly to permit your body have the ability to register once you are complete (not stuffed).