Does eco-friendly tea work-related for a medicine test? No. Green tea will assist to release THC right into the blood. Thus more THC metabolites will be excreted, and also their concentration in the urine will rise.

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We will tell girlfriend why and how eco-friendly tea influence marijuana metabolism and how that can help you.

Before we continue, you have to understand an easy ideas: detoxing and also how our body processes marijuana.

Detox vs. Flushing

There space two ideas that many civilization confuse.

“Detoxing” method the removed of every the marijuana metabolites from her body. That is valuable to battered smoking, need a yongin break, or clean your mechanism from weed.

Flushing means the momentary removal the marijuana metabolites from your urine. It have the right to be advantageous if you should pass a urine drug test.

How ours body procedures marijuana


When we consume marijuana, our human body converts THC(the main energetic component the marijuana) to several metabolites.

THC and its metabolites space fat-soluble and are “trapped” by body fat. They are progressively released native the fat right into the bloodstream and then excreted through urine and feces.

Here’s the attach to the thorough guide top top marijuana metabolism: The Ultimate guide to Marijuana Metabolism

So, to detox from marijuana, we must speed up each step of THC metabolism.

For flushing, us must, on the contrary, sluggish marijuana metabolism to prevent new metabolites from gaining into the urine.

Here’s the comprehensive guide top top marijuana detoxification, whereby we described both of this processes: THC detox Guide. Exactly how To acquire Weed out Of her System

As you see, this two procedures are specifically opposite to every other. For this reason let’s find out if environment-friendly tea can aid us.

Does eco-friendly tea decoding THC

The main materials of environment-friendly tea are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and also caffeine.

We have to determine just how each of these components affects fat break down and CYP450 enzymes(enzymes responsible for THC metabolism).

Fat burning

Epigallocatechin gallate can aid inhibit an enzyme the breaks down the hormone norepinephrine.

When this enzyme is inhibited, the amount of norepinephrine increases, fostering fat breakdown.

Additional human being studies have collectively found that taking 100–460 mg that EGCG along with 80 – 300 mg of caffeine for at least 12 main is linked to far-ranging weight loss and body fat reduction.

So both of the key ingredients deserve to improve fat breakdown. Thus much more THC metabolites will certainly be released into the blood because that excretion.

We need to note that the effects are modest, however every tiny bit add to up, and it might work even much better when combined with other effective weight loss strategies.

THC metabolism

Studies present that Epigallocatechin gallate inhibits (blocks) cyp450 enzymes. It method that drinking green tea will sluggish THC metabolism, and also fewer metabolites will certainly be excreted.

It is the contrary of what we need to attain to detox from marijuana.

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How to detox from marijuana with green tea

As we see, environment-friendly tea can assist improve fat breakdown and release of marijuana metabolites. The side result of environment-friendly tea is that it slows marijuana metabolism. So released metabolites will certainly not be excreted.

They will continue to be in the blood and get earlier into the fat cells.

We can cheat the by acquisition enzyme inducers – additionally that rise the activity of enzymes.

The most famous inducers of enzyme responsible because that THC metabolism are St. John’s Wort, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba.

Other teas

It’s crucial to understand that a most information about herbal products is not valid. Numerous websites compose false claims just for enhancing sales of the product.

Palo Azul Tea

There’s no reliable evidence that Palo Azul tea(Eysenhardtia polystachya) has any effect on weight loss or enzyme responsible because that THC metabolism.

The only result of this tea is the it is a diuretic. It can aid to flush metabolites indigenous the bladder faster. But due to the fact that flushing calls for drinking a the majority of water, you’ll typically urinate without any diuretics.

Cerasee Tea

There’s no reliable info that Cerasee tea will assist you decoding from marijuana. Every its properties execute not influence marijuana metabolism and also thus will not assist to detox.

Bissy Tea (Kola nut tea)

While kola seed may have health benefits, they have actually yet to be scientifically researched and proven. Most of the services of kola seed are linked to that is high caffeine content, increasing energy, and also reducing hunger.

So Bissy tea can aid you detox from marijuana by reducing hunger. Thus you’ll consume lesser calories and also burn much more fats, release marijuana metabolites for excretion.

Drinking coffee will have the same effect.

Yellow root Tea

Yellow root tea may exhibit properties similar to those of goldenseal and barberry because of the presence of berberine.

Some studies show that taking berberine can reduce load in obese people.

Other studies show that berberine inhibits the CYP2C9 and also CYP3A4 enzymes.

These results are opposite to every other. The load loss impact is good for detoxing, and enzyme inhibition is bad for it.

You have to drink yellow root tea in addition to enzyme inducers to accomplish the decoding effect.

Yogi detox Tea

The main ingredients of Yogi detox tea room dandelion, burdock, and also juniper berry.

Burdock and also juniper berry do not affect weight loss and enzymes.

Some researcher theorize that dandelion’s capability to improve carbohydrate metabolism and reduce fat absorption may cause weight loss. However, this notion has actually yet to be scientifically proven.

So drinking yogi decoding tea will not assist you decoding from marijuana; however, it will certainly not harm the process.


Yes, green tea can help you decoding from marijuana. Drink 1-2 cup of green tea each day to encourage marijuana detox.

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Additionally, take it St. John’s Wort, Panax Ginseng, or Ginkgo Biloba according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Need a Fast and also Reliable equipment for THC Detox?

These THC detox kits are equally effective. Every is targeted at a different time frame