Children’s television in the late 90s and also early 2000s presented us to many of the movie stars we recognize today. Josh Peck is a great example. Through his unmistakable smile and dark eyes, Peck climbed to fame playing Josh Nichols together Drake Bell inDrake & Josh.

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Peck walk on to have actually a effective career, but YouTube seems to have actually taken preference over acting in recent years. Occasionally, you will watch Josh Peck’s wife, Paige O’Brien, show up on the channel.

Josh and also Paige have actually a fairly secretive relationship, despite they nothing mind stepping out with each other for award ceremonies. Let’s uncover out an ext about josh Peck’s wife, Paige O’Brien.

Her father, Ken O’Brien, is a brand-new York jets quarterback legend


On 23rd august 2018, the couple announced that they were expecting their very first child.“We’re havin’ a baby,”Paige captioned photos of the baby bump sticking the end of she cute polka dress.

O’Brien occasionally updated she Instagram pendant on the progression of she pregnancy. In late August 2018, she asked she fans to promise come dissuade she from cutting she hair. The funny inscription read:

“Hey guys. If I carry out that fun thing that pregnant women choose to do and ask if I should chop mine hair off or obtain bangs, please say no. Say thanks to you in advance.”

The couple’s first child, Max Milo, arrived on 29th December 2018. Paige announced the bear by posting a photograph of the new Year’s baby wrapped in a blanket and also hat.

Paige regularly articles adorable pictures of her kid on Instagram.“3/13 Max discovers hair gel,”Paige captioned a black and white close-up photograph of Max.

She is a successful cinematographer and also occasionally appears on mock Peck’s YouTube channel

Unlike Josh, that is a experienced actor, Paige shines behind the camera.

As a cinematographer, she worked on the 2013 quick filmsLet Go and Black Wolf.She also edited the 2014 quick documentaryTell Me a Story.

Paige additionally appeared together herself top top the 2001 documentaryThe Journey.

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These days, Paige provides occasional appearances on josh Peck’s YouTube channel. Josh hasn’t posted ~ above the channel for about a year, presumably since he’s been working on the 2021 Disney+ seriesTurner & Hooch.