This sequence to be a throw-back to illustration 101 wherein his three trainees spent the entire episode trying to ‘uncover’ Kakashi’s face with hilarious consequences. Display screen grabbed indigenous Crunchyroll

One the the longest-running jokes and most prevalent mysteries in the Naruto series is Kakashi’s face. In episode 469 that Naruto Shippuden, he ultimately shows his challenge twice.

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Consistently among the top 5 most famous characters based on polls from particular Naruto Manga chapters, Kakashi’s actual confront has been such a good mystery that an entire episode (Episode 101) was dedicated to trying to uncover his face. In the episode, his three trainees–Naruto, Sasuke and also Sakura–try every trick in the publication to discover Kakashi’s face, just to end with hilarious results.

However, illustration 469 of Naruto Shippuden reveals his face not once, however twice! The an initial time was while he to be removing a disguise and also another was when he hid in a corner while looking the end for his young trainees.

Screen got from CrunchyRoll

There was combined reactions among fans however the reveal was usually taken positively. One Reddit user had actually this come say:

It would have actually been great to see the trio’s reaction in finding out what their dear teacher looks like after every this time, however at the an extremely least the pan know and that would certainly suffice. Alfred Bayle

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