There"s no one quite like Lady Gaga. And also no one knows that much better than she fans. Well, other than maybe her family.

Stefani Germanotta might head come the phase alone, however she"s acquired her parents, Cynthia and also Joseph, to thank for her upbringing and their encourage behind Gaga pursuing her passion. Gaga additionally has a younger sister called Natali, who"s in reality a stylist.

however how close is Lady Gaga to her family and her tiny sister?

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Like various other celebrities, Lady Gaga likes staying close to her fans. And one way she connects through her "Little Monsters" is by hopping on Reddit. Yet when she organized a Reddit AMA a few years back, Lady Gaga common a bit around her family members while sharing with fans.

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Well, first Gaga mutual which tattoo is her fave, among other details around her life. However yes, Stefani revealed, she family does tag along when Gaga is ~ above the road, although not all of them actually work for her.

on Reddit, Gaga defined that when she was on the road, back in 2014 if touring with Tony Bennett, her parents and little sister were along for the ride. She elaborated, "My parents room so happy they deserve to barely stand it! They"ve to be on the road and also by my next every second, with my sister Natali too, and Bobby mine manager. Were every a big family."

when Bobby Campbell isn"t technically component of the family, he"s to be by Lady Gaga"s side for years. Yet so has actually Germanotta"s sister Natali. As a fashion designer and also stylist, the younger Germanotta has actually styled her sister.

Natali"s credits incorporate Gaga"s styling for a Harper"s Bazaar spread, to add cred top top the movie "A Star is Born" alongside she sis. But remember that big bow dress that Gaga donned because that the Hollywood Bowl as soon as she carry out "La Vie En Rose"? Natali designed the gown, according to Bustle.

as for Gaga"s parents, Cynthia and Joseph, sources imply that Joe owns some of Gaga"s LLCs -- she does have multiple organization ventures going. In fact, Cheat Sheet claims that Gaga splits her revenue with her father virtually right under the middle -- she provides her doting dad 50 percent of her earnings!

also if her dad"s not doing a ton of main "work" for she brands, Cheat Sheet states that since Joe has supported his girl from work one, paying her rent because that a complete year ~ she dropped out of college and also using his relationships to gain her "seen." He didn"t favor Gaga"s extreme stage mirrors (and provocative nature) earlier in the day, however he"s due to the fact that warmed as much as her art, says Bustle.

Plus, the publication says, Lady Gaga precise doesn"t to trust anyone else with her finances. One of two people way, it sounds prefer a pretty an excellent gig because that both her and her family. After all, through a net worth like Gaga"s, that cares around sharing a few million with an excellent old dad?

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