Here’s a homemade onion soup mix that’s directly up herbs and also spices, no salt, bouillon, added MSG, sugar or preservatives. Review why below.

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Bold onion flavor, no salt, sugar, MSG, bouillon & preservatives.

I’m passionate to share my rationale because that skipping some of these ingredients, yet I recognize some of you are below just for the recipe. So, I’ll start off through the recipe and then follow it through my think on this questions:How deserve to I usage this Mix?Why No Bouillon?Why No Salt or Sugar?Why No MSG? exactly how Long will It critical without Preservatives? perform You have Other Tasty Seasoning Blends?


Perfect because that dips, stews, roasts, pulled pork, burgers and also so on.


And shot it with sour cream or Greek yogurt to make this delicious onion soup dip.


Why No Bouillon?

There space two main reasons why I carry out not include bouillon to my onion soup mix.

1. Onion Soup Mix is Rarely supplied to do Soup.

Have you ever used one onion soup mix package to make onion soup?

I didn’t think so. If you’re prefer most people, you use onion soup mix because that dips, slow cooker meals and added flavor in dishes like hamburgers, meatloaves, casseroles and yes, also soup, although no necessarily onion soup. You use those packages for their bold onion flavor. That’s what you obtain with this onion soup mix.

I don’t want the added salt, sugar, color and preservatives that comes through the bouillon powder. I would rather include those ingredients myself by tasting and adjusting the food I’m preparing.

2. An individual Preferences for Bouillon or Broth.

Everyone, that seems, has an opinion on their preferred an option of broth or bouillon. Part cooks prefer homemade stock, some prefer cubes or powder, part like focused paste and also others prefer boxed liquid broth. Any of those choices will job-related with this soup mix. Therefore if you room using this mix to make soups or stews, the an option of what to usage is entirely up come you!

Personally, I like to use homemade stock, yet when i don’t have actually a fresh batch and also the freezer supply has actually been supplied up, i use everything bouillon I have actually in the cabinet (I tho haven’t discovered one i absolutely love, right currently I’m trying Better 보다 Bouillon). Ns rarely supplied boxed broth due to the fact that of the cost, ingredients, cupboard space and environmental expense of transferring those cartons.


Herbs, spices and also onions – naught else.

Why No Salt or Sugar?

In north America, we eat way too much salt and also sugar. The bulk of it originates from processed and also packaged food. By leave it the end of this mix, you space in regulate of how much or how tiny salt or sugar you add to a details recipe.

Let your taste sprout be the guide, not every little thing happens to be in the package.

Why No MSG?

Personally, I have actually mixed feelings about MSG or monosodium glutamate, just like I execute with many preservatives. Ns eat them and also am no obsessive around them, but I I prefer to limit my intake as soon as I can. And limiting MSG is tough since it’s everywhere! So, once I have actually the choice of making food without included MSG, i take that opportunity. That’s why this soup mix doesn’t save on computer any included MSG. That said there is glutamic mountain naturally present in onion powder, garlic powder and most most likely the celery seed too.

Here’s some of what I’ve discovered about MSG.

MSG is included to food, since it provides savory foods items taste better. MSG increases the umami that food – that pleasant savory, salty, meaty, seafoody odor you experience with Parmesan cheese, Chinese food, sauteed mushrooms, shellfish, cured meats, etc. Food manufacturers, prefer the machines of Doritos, know that including MSG boosts flavor and sales. Thus it is found in loads of savory processed and also prepared foods.

In 1908, Japanese professor, Kikunae Ikeda was the first to extract glutamate indigenous seaweed broth and also transform it right into a white powder offered as MSG. Today, MSG is made by fermenting starch, street beets, sugar cane or molasses.

Glutamate is an amino acid and the component that MSG that gives us the yummy umami flavor. Glutamates can likewise be found in plenty of foods, such together tomatoes, cheese, fish, shellfish, seaweed, meat, mushrooms, soybean beans sauce, broccoli, peas, celery and also even person breast milk. Health Canada recommendations a research by the Federation that American societies of experimental Biology that says there is no distinction in exactly how the body synthesizes MSG and also glutamates discovered naturally in foods.

Is MSG Safe? 

Health Canada says “the usage of MSG is no a health and wellness hazard come consumers.” that treats MSG as a flavour boosting ingredient rather of a food additive and therefore set no regulatory limit to the amount of MSG that may be included to food.

The us Food and Drug management has divide MSG together a food ingredient that’s “generally known as safe”, yet does call for it come be listed on food labels.

The mayo Clinic says researchers have found no definitive evidence of a link in between MSG and symptoms favor headache, flushing, sweating, facial tightness, numbness, love palpitations, chest pain, nausea or weakness. Back they do acknowledge there is a small percentage of world who may have short term reactions to MSG.

Contrary to clinical consensus, Dr. Russel Blaylock’s book on MSG warns that the excitotoxic results of MSG space harmful come our brains. His research is quoted through Dr. Mercola, another doctor who holds countless views contrary to tendency health treatment providers. When stirring up debate, the involves raised by Dr. Blaylcock have actually not been reproduced by various other studies and also are not considered conclusive.

How long Will This Mix Last there is no Preservatives?

Ingredients in this onion soup mix room dehydrated and can be safely preserved for countless years in a dry, airtight container and not exposed come sunlight. However, end time, its smell will start to diminish. For ideal flavor usage within 6 to 12 months.

Other Seasoning Blends

I love homemade seasoning blends. By mix them front of time, I save the problem of do the efforts to find multiple spice jars when cooking weeknight meals. Mine favorites are:

Italian Herb Seasoning – for any type of tomato sauce, Italian dish, on steam or roasted veggies, croutons or pita crispsTaco Seasoning – for any Mexican motivated dishCajun freckles Mix – for roasted chickpeas and also popcornLemon Herb Seasoning – great on veggies, fish or chickenPie summer sprouts – at any time a recipe calls because that cinnamon and also you desire a little added touch

Well that’s a many of info for a simple onion soup mix! every you really need to know is that this mix is tasty delicious and also makes an awesome veggie or chip dip.


Tasty dip made through this onion soup mix.

It’s your turn. I’ve common a lot of my thoughts about food in this post, I’d love to hear where your at? do you think of any kind of of these points or room you simply interested in good food? I’d love to hear from you one of two people in the comments below or on instagram

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