Martha Stewart, renowned homemaker, media mogul, and ex-con, has actually been solitary for several years now, ever since she and long-term husband Andrew Stewart divorced in 1990. Andrew (a.k.a. Andy) remarried not long after the divorce, however Martha, now 79, is solitary still, though her recent thirst-trap elicited a couple of proposals, according to People

While Martha continues to be prominently in the general public eye, she ex-husband has managed to avoid much media attention in the last couple of decades together the couple"s well known divorce slowly fades from public consciousness. Most people probably don"t also know that Andrew Stewart is at this point, also though Martha"s overwhelming success has actually maintained her condition as a household name because that years (and probably an ext years come come). Exactly how did two human being this different spend almost 30 years together? we took a look in ~ the Stewart"s love story and beyond to i found it the truth about the elusive Andrew Stewart.

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Andrew Stewart met Martha as soon as he was 23 years old and also studying law at Yale. Martha Kostyra (as she was known at the time) to be a expert model, working on the next while she deserve a level in European history and architectural background at Barnard college (via New York Magazine). The 2 were collection up ~ above a blind date, and years later, Martha told brand-new York Magazine the the soon-to-be star couple "fell in love the an initial date, that kind of thing." just a year later, in July the 1961, they to be married. 

Martha and also Andrew"s very first home together newlyweds was a 21st-floor penthouse in the Upper eastern Side. "It was pretty classy because that a little girl from Nutley, new Jersey!" Martha wrote in Vulture. Castle were together for 29 years and also had one kid together, Alexis Stewart, before ultimately divorcing in 1990.

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In 1965, Martha Stewart and also Andrew had actually their very first and just child, Alexis Stewart. Stewart was raised in brand-new York City, and also according to she bombshell 2011 book Whateverland: finding out to Live Here, Alexis" childhood was no the domestic dream of she mother"s magazines and also television sets. "I prospered up with a glue gun pointed at my head," Stewart wrote.

Though she didn"t gain along well with her parents, Alexis admitted the her own downhearted disposition was in component to blame for the tension in between them. "My mindset is much different than my mother"s, so i can"t argue with her ... I"m very cynical and negative. She"s not," Alexis stated in New York Magazine

Still, that didn"t protect against her indigenous writing whole book around her mother"s "very hands-off approach to kid rearing." Alexis even asserted that Martha hated holidays, shattering the renowned hostess" cheery persona. "Halloween was likewise a grim affair: There were no costumes. There was no anything," she wrote. "We turn off every the lights and also pretended we weren"t home."

After Martha and also Andrew Stewart married in 1961, lock jetted off to Europe for their honeymoon — but it wasn"t all smooth cruising for this celebrity couple, even in the beginning. While in Florence, Italy, Martha and also Andrew met a "handsome young Englishman." follow to Jerry Oppenheimer in Just Desserts, his tell-all book around Martha Stewart, the Englishman had a few drinks through the newlyweds at the hotel bar one evening. When Andy wanted to speak to it a night, Martha had actually other plans. 

"Upset and angry, Andy went to bed alone if Martha went off v her brand-new friend," Oppenheimer wrote. Apparently, Martha ditched she husband come drink with an additional man — on their honeymoon! once she ultimately returned to your hotel room, she said Andy she had gone to a midnight mass (was someone feeling a small guilty, perhaps?). Unfortunately, their connection didn"t obtain much far better from there.

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In Jerry Oppenheimer"s book, Just Desserts, released in 2007, he spoke with several of Martha Stewart and Andrew"s nearby friends who asserted that the Stewart"s marriage was far less idyllic 보다 their glossy newspaper photographs made it seem. Martha accused berated she husband constantly, and former staff at the Stewart"s home in Westport, Connecticut, said she treated him "like a dog turd." 

"She to be constantly accusing that of being "dumb" or "stupid,"" Oppenheimer wrote (via Daily Mail). "There were times as soon as there was utter and also complete tension and also long hostility-filled silences in between them that you could cut v a knife."

According to Norma Collier, Martha"s first business partner, "Andy love Martha deeply, but he was always being belittled or berated by her" (via People). Despite how the couple was portrayed in the media, reportedly Martha might be quite a tyrant — and who better to take it the end on than the guy who many adored her?

Martha Stewart take it the divorce very hard – particularly when Andrew started dating her former assistant

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Despite Martha Stewart"s alleged cruelty toward her husband, she divorce native Andy Stewart to be an emotionally counting experience. Mariana Pasternak, one old friend of Martha"s, claimed Martha to be a little bit of a maneater in the years following the couple"s split. 

As Pasternak said the New York Post, Martha sought fist from guys post-divorce "in order come prove to herself that she to be desirable. Ns think the Andy leaving she made her feel undesirable." 

Andy was well-known as the "brains" behind Martha"s beforehand professional success, and also when they divorce after 29 years together, Andy started dating (and at some point married) Martha"s previous kitchen assistant, creating much more heartache because that Martha. (One could argue the she deserved it, yet we will abstain from together snarky opinions.) according to Pasternak, Martha would commonly spy on Andy in the center of the night, and sometimes she obtained so upset about the whole ordeal that she beat herself v her fists and pulled out her hair.

Andrew and also Martha Stewart had enough marital problems to fuel number of divorces — maybe at the top of the list is your individual plot of infidelity. ~ Marthas spent a late night v a stranger while on her honeymoon through Andy, the just got worse. Once, at one of countless parties the Stewarts hosted and also attended, Martha flirted with Andy"s colleague. She sat on his lap, and also according to him, "there to be a many chemistry walking both ways" (via Daily Mail). 

Another time, once Martha and also Andrew were fighting, Martha admitted to resting with an additional man if on a service trip. Jerry Oppenheimer relayed the dispute in his book, Just Desserts, claiming the Andy to be shocked and also upset, if Martha brushed that off together though it wasn"t a huge deal. 

But Andy additionally cheated top top Martha. Oppenheimer wrote around one circumstances in i beg your pardon the couple had an discussion that caused Andy claiming the it wasn"t just Martha who had had an work — they had apparently both to be unfaithful come one another.

Though Andrew had actually a successful career that his very own as the chairman of the bother N. Abrams publishing house, Martha Stewart"s fame regularly overshadowed his. Andy knew Martha felt remarkable to him and also once asserted that she was "not tolerant of mine negligence or my foolishness or mine eccentricities" (via People). 

Norma Collier, one of Martha"s former business partners, said People that she once heard Martha talking to Andy while functioning a catering event. "I"m much more talented, and also I worthy to take more money out of the business," she stated to she husband, whose own career was, contradictory to Martha"s opinion of it, thriving. 

According come CNN, Martha was constantly working, which developed a rift in between her and her family. "My life is my work and my work is mine life," she said. She frequently made her family aid her together though her project was their too. A previous employee told Jerry Oppenheimer the once, as soon as Andy to be gardening at their residence in Connecticut, Martha stand "with she hands on she hips, shrieking, "Andy! Andy! gain your ass up right here this minute! I have other occupational for you come do"" (via Daily Mail).

Andrew and his daughter didn't speak because that years ~ the divorce — Alexis also had a bad relationship v Martha Stewart

Andy Stewart said People the he regrets the means he and also Martha raised their only child, Alexis. "I think we did a negative job together parents. Us were too involved in our skilled lives and fixing increase the house," he said. "We didn"t spend enough time v Lexi." 

Unfortunately, both Alexis" parents have suffered the after-effects of their at an early stage neglect. Alexis didn"t speak to her father for years, and her book, Whateverland: discovering to Live Here common some of Martha"s worst antics through the world. 

Still, Alexis was reportedly closer through her mommy than she father, and despite the turmoil between the two women, Alexis commonly defends her mother when critics assault her (via New York Magazine). ~ above the various other hand, Alexis had difficulty reconciling with her father. 

"She can"t forgive him his behavior," Martha told New York Magazine. according to family friends, Alexis blamed her father for leaving and also initiating the divorce.

"It"s a source of tremendous pain because that me," Andy claimed in People. "I think of her every single day, numerous times."

Andrew Stewart received a degree in regulation from Yale but only spent a couple of years together a lawyer prior to moving on come the posting world. New York Magazine reported the he functioned as a this firm lawyer in ~ the Times-Mirror corporation at approximately the exact same time Martha was starting Martha Stewart, Inc. 

After a few years in ~ the firm, Andy relocated to the publishing next of the company, a role he maintained as his job progressed. Eventually, he ended up being president that a bother N. Abrams, Inc., the publishing firm now well-known as Abrams Books. The publishing home specializes in art, illustrated, and children"s books — the Stewart"s careers complemented each various other well.

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Later, Stewart relocated on to kind his very own publishing house, Stewart, Tabori & Chang. They published a similar style of books as take care of N. Abrams — the sort you keep on your coffee table v big, glossy pictures inside — and the two service providers ultimately linked to come to be the Abrams publications that exists today (via New York Times).