MetroPCS is a popular provider of cell phone service. What provides it for this reason popular? MetroPCS supplies low, solved monthly costs and a finish lack the contracts.

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But many who are interested in MetroPCS additionally want to bring their own devices. Luckily because that you, subway PCS has actually a carry your own an equipment program.

If you’re one of the plenty of cell phone users interested in MetroPCS’s low, solved monthly costs and complete lack of contracts, here’s everything you need to understand about maker compatibility.

Your Phone should Use GSM Technology

Cell phones operate using one of two different species of technology: the global System because that Mobiles (GSM) or Code division Multiple accessibility (CDMA). In the united States, T-Mobile and also AT&T usage GSM when Verizon, united state Cellular and also Sprint usage CDMA.

In 2015, MetroPCS shutdown that CDMA network, meaning that only tools using GSM modern technology would continue to be compatible with MetroPCS’s service. Of course, the shift to GSM left a lot of MetroPCS subscribers without service, which is why the company offered a trade-in routine for a limited time.

That trade-in program has actually now expired, so you’ll need a compatible or recent mobile call (one the operates utilizing GSM technology) if you’re interested in MetroPCS. Over there are other requirements, too, including:

Your phone need to be unlockedYour phone need to be compatible v the frequencies MetroPCS uses

If you check the right boxes (GSM, unlocked, compatible frequencies), you do not do it have any type of problem bringing your own maker to MetroPCS.

As a general ascendancy of thumb, any phone that has been used on the T-Mobile network is compatible with MetroPCS. The factor is simple: this phones space using the GSM an innovation that MetroPCS also uses, making lock compatible.


AT&T phones have actually GSM bands so any kind of android, iphone phone or windows phone that has been network unlocked indigenous AT&T need to work on subway PCS. If you have actually an at&t phone and also you would prefer to unlock it for use with metro pcs you can visit the at&t unlock portal.

Verizon, U.S Cellular, Sprint, and also other CDMA Carriers:

It’s more complex with Verizon, Sprint and also US Cellular, as these providers largely operate utilizing the CDMA technology that Metro pcs dropped back in 2015. That said, if you use the MetroPCS compatibility page, friend may discover that details non-AT&T and also non-T-Mobile phones are compatible v the network.

For example, prevent the iphone 4 every Verizon and also U.S moving iPhones are compatible with MetroPCS. The said, a majority of various other phones that have been utilizing Sprint, Verizon or us Cellular networks will not work with MetroPCS.

One last thing: Don’t gain discouraged if you have actually a Sprint, Verizon or us Cellular phone and also want to usage MetroPCS’s service. Numerous newer phones are designed to run using either CDMA or GSM technology, which provides them far much more versatile once you want to switch carriers. Again, always check through MetroPCS first, together it’s always feasible your distinctive model that the phone will certainly be compatible.

What go MetroPCS Offer?

Now that you recognize whether or no your call will occupational on MetroPCS’s network, it’s time to decide if MetroPCS’s to plan are right for you. The firm now provides 4 different plans for solitary phone lines:

2GB 4G LTE Data for $30 a month5GB 4G LTE Data for $40 a monthUnlimited 4G LTE Data because that $50 a monthUnlimited 4G LTE Data Plus 10G Hotspot for $60 a month

You also get a price break when you add additional currently to her plan. So, just how do this prices to compare to her existing plan? friend may discover that you can save a huge amount that money each month with MetroPCS — plus, given that there room no contracts, you have the right to quit any time.

Can I carry an existing Number come MetroPCS?

Yes, you can constantly bring her existing number come MetroPCS. Brand-new regulations do it so that carriers need to let friend take your number through you when you leave. If your new carrier is under no duty to expropriate the new number, they practically always do. After all, denying a brand-new customer the capability to bring an old number is a bad method to do a very first impression.

To take your number with you, do a port request. Prior to you cancel her existing service, contact the provider you desire to move to. The brand-new provider will call your old provider to begin the porting procedure — friend shouldn’t need to worry about a thing.

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Turn Old gadgets Into Money

If you can not take your old device to MetroPCS, or if friend just have actually older gadgets sitting about the house, turn them right into cold, difficult cash. In ~ Swift technology Buy, us make offering your old cellular gadgets fast and also easy. Simply these basic steps, and also you gain paid quickly.