I just acquired a new computer from my folks and have been unsuccessfully make the efforts to watch a movie. Mine Dad insists it has a DVD drive, however I can’t tell. Exactly how do i ascertain what type of hardware I have actually on my computer without tearing the point apart?

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You’re not the first person to it is in a little baffled by how Microsoft windows XP hides her hardware configuration details, but there are a pair of ways you can try and number out even if it is your absence of DVD capability is a trouble or just a non-DVD compatible drive. The easiest is to simply open up begin -> setups -> manage Panels -> System:

Then you’ll want to click on the Hardware tab, at which allude you’ll see this:
As you can expect from the descriptions, you’ll now want to click on maker Manager
and also then wait a few seconds while that launches:
I have opened increase the “DVD/CD-ROM drives” area by clicking the tiny “+” symbol adjacent.

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Hopefully you’ll view something dubbed “DVD” or v “DVD” in the name, together I do on this pc which has both a CD burner and a DVD leader installed.Double click the individual hardware device you desire to learn more about and you’ll gain a quick review of that is capabilities and also featureset:
Notice very closely the message in the center box to ensure it shows it’s every functioning correctly. You desire to watch “This device is functioning properly” together demonstrated here.Oh, when you’re below you can additionally check the you have your DVD player collection to the correct an ar for movie playback too:
That answers your inquiry of exactly how to ascertain if you have actually a DVD drive, however the bigger inquiry of why you can’t watch movies, well, if friend do
have actually the DVD drive and also can’t get it to work, that’s probably something else and also your first step would be come test the end the DVD in concern in who else’s pc to make sure that it’s computer compatible.

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