No doubt, the actress Olivia Holt is gorgeous. And also like any type of beauty she is surrounded by masculine fans. Regardless of her young age, the actress has currently dated a number of famous men. She to be in connection with Leo Howard, her co-star in “Kickin’ It” and an aspiring young actor. During two years she dated another entertainer, Luke Benward.

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As because that now, the starlet doesn’t give any kind of comments ~ above her personal life. But since 2017 she was caught numerous times on a day with an gibbs Taylor Lautner.

No require to present Olivia’s chosen one. Taylor Daniel Lautner do his name through participation in many movies, some of which turned into huge hits. He shown Jacob in a famous franchise “Twilight”, acted together Willy in a romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” and depicted Dr. Cassidy Cascade in the collection “Scream Queens”.


photo instagram / taylorlautner

Besides, Taylor originates from a good family. His father, Daniel Lautner, is a pilot and his mom Deborah is a software program developer. Olivia’s love one practiced karate in his institution years. The took part in countless competitions and also at among them the met Mike Chat, a karate champion and also a stuntman. Through Mike, Taylor got interested in acting. The boy visited numerous auditions, yet at first didn’t get any type of role. Finally, the was actors as Tyrone in “My Wife and also Kids”. The was a chance, and also Taylor provided it. He comprised his psychic to become an actor. During several year he walk from Michigan come LA for auditions and small roles. In ~ the same time that attended i know good hop lessons, studied at school and did sports.

In 2002 Lautner family members moved come California. Three years later the young gibbs met his huge break – he winner the role of Eliot Murtaugh in the movie “Cheaper through the Dozen 2”. After that he play in many screen projects, which walk well v public.

As for an individual life, Taylor dated throughout a year a hottie Lily Collins. Within 6 month he remained in love v Scream kings co-star billie Catherine Lourd.

Since 2017 paparazzi catch Taylor in the agency of an American princess Olivia Holt. For the very first time the pair was viewed in the church, whereby they came for a Sunday service. After ~ that 2 actors saw some party in Lautner’s car. Obviously, Taylor is a happy guy!


photo instagram / olivia_holt

Olivia Holt never gets tired to tell, just how proud she is of her parents. At the start of her career, the girl devoted her dad a beautiful post in society media. Then she named her father “a protector” and “a person, who can make she laugh”. In addition, she opened up up, the her father deserve to imitate assorted people, including celebrities, sings well and likes come dance.

Mark i graduated from the college of Memphis v a level in communications. Formerly he learned business management in Georgia State University.

Mr. Holt specializes in declaring area. He offer in Evok declaring for numerous years and helps his client to construct brand strategy. He is thought about as a strong professional in his area.

Mark is married to Kim Holt. The pair brings increase 3 kids. Among them – Olivia – has become a well known TV and movie star. Periodically she appears at red-carpet occasions with she dad.

Kim Holt (mother)

photo instagram / olivia_holt

Date that birth: July 2

Kim is a hot beautiful woman, who doesn’t publicize she age. She to be born on the second day the July (at least on this day her daughter Olivia Holt congratulated Kim ~ above the occasion through social media).

The mrs is an extremely close with Kickin’ that actress. In her current interview Olivia explained, that she started acting since the period of 9, and also from the time she literary spent each minute with her mother, who oversaw the girl to the film set, supported her in ~ auditions and discussed with producers upcoming projects.

In 2011 Holt family members moved come LA. Lock relocated to stay near Olivia, who had to be in this city and also develop her career. In ~ the age of 19 the girl separated from she parents and moved to her own apartment. Return she lives within 15 minutes walk from her mother, young Holt is happy to it is in independent. “I love mine mom most of all, however we invested too much time together. We simply need a break!” the actress told. Kim supports together decision.


photo twitter / Morgan_Toll

Date that birth: December 27, 1990

It’s difficult to think that Olivia and also Morgan are sisters, since they room polar opposites! Morgan has actually porcelain skin and also black hair, she likes shining makeup. However in spite of different appearance, two sisters are an extremely close.

Morgan, that positions herself together an actress and acting coach, specialized her younger sister a sweet post in Instagram. The girl congratulated Olivia with her 20th birthday and told that she is proud that being her “big sister”.

Toll doesn’t was standing idly by, too. She acts in web collection “Frankensitter” and appeared in a variety of short films. Previously, she studied film making in ~ Columbia College.

Cade Holt (younger brother)

photo instagram / olivia_holt

Date that birth: July 16, 2001

Cade is Olivia’s younger brother. He spent most component of his life in Nesbit, Mississippi, but due to the fact that 2011 moved together with the other family members members come LA. Cade is a cute young man, an Instagram star with more than 32k followers. He is one American football fan and also sports enthusiast. The young likes water kinds of sports.

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Olivia Holt practiced gymnastics since the faster age.She didn’t to visit high college in the appropriate sense the this native – she remained in the show “Kickin’ It” because she was 12. She was homeschooled in a high school. But Holt was an overachiever in a middle school. The girl served as a course vice president and also was a cheerleader.She play chess in a club in her teens.Olivia Holt got international popularity after playing recurring roles in a number of Disney series. She was liven at the collection of “Shake the Up” and also then obtained one of leading components in “Kickin’ It”. In 2017 she enlarged she limits and also played in a huge screen movie “Same kind of various as Me”.In enhancement to acting, Olivia concentrates her power on singing, too. In 2012 she gift her single “Winter Wonderland”. After the she recorded several various other songs, i beg your pardon got an excellent response from the audience.Olivia’s favorite food is popcorn.Holt role model is Reese Witherspoon. She dreams to play her on-screen daughter one day.The actress is very great in memorizing scripts. She tells, that one of her teachers wondered, why she wasn’t so good in discovering school lessons, if she has such an excellent memory. The actress answered, that she to be passionate around the projects and it aided her, yet she was not so motivated to discover by love what the teachers wanted from her.