I need my cakes to bake flat. I have actually been told come cover the cake tin v newspaper secured v sellotape, yet wouldn"t this capture on fire in the oven?



Cakes are not normally baked a temperature high sufficient to ignite paper, return the newspaper will probably singe and also brown, and also possibly develop an unpleasant odor--some the which might be transferred to the cake. If you room going to go this route, I would recommend utilizing baking parchment, which is intended for the heat of the oven, not newspaper.

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There are several much more common methods for ensuring even cake layers:

Simply cut off any kind of doming with a knife

In truth, uneven you have actually a an extremely special application, cut off any doming is often the simplest, most straight-forward solution.


No the record will not capture fire (Remember Bradbury"s Fahrenheit 451? you aren"t food preparation your cake that hot). But it"s quiet a strange, unhygienic idea. In between ink, germs, and document fibers... The doesn"t seem prefer a method to make great eats.

In addition to the an excellent suggestions by SAJ, girlfriend may be able to flip the upside down as soon as it"s the end of the cooktop to "flatten out" the dome. This especially usual in class cakes where you flip the optimal layer upsides under to provide a level surface.


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