She’s obtaining so big! DJ Pauly D (real name: Paul D. DelVecchio Jr.) an initial revealed he had actually a daughter earlier in October 2013 — and also since then, pan have gotten to view her flourish up. The Jersey Shore star officially presented his pendant to daughter Amabella Sophia in January 2014, sharing a photograph as they play pretend with a plastic tea set. End the years, he’s continued to re-publishing updates about how she’s doing.

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“I’m proud i’m a father,” Pauly very first told TMZ when the news broke in 2013. “I am excited come embark on this brand-new part of my life.”

The MTV star and also his daughter’s mother, a woman named Amanda Markert — that is currently newly involved to someone rather — met in las Vegas and also hit that off. The pair shared a one-night stand prior to going their separate ways — and it was only later that Amanda found they would come to be parents. ~ she welcomed her daughter in may 2013, she damaged the news to Pauly.


Though reality TV is a huge part of she dad’s life, Amabella has actually yet to step right into the spotlight. In the feather of 2019, however, she dad did open up about their relationship during an episode of Double Shot at Love. If he to be hoping to find The One top top the dating display he common with BFF Vinny Guadagnino, he wanted to be open about the truth that there was currently at least one girl who owned his heart. However that didn’t mean he was all set to introduce his daughter come the reality stars. Instead, he lugged a child actor onto the show to location his love interests and also see just how they handled it.

It sounds like the trick would be appropriate up the real Amabella’s alley. “She is my mini-me. Ns look in ~ her, and also I see myself — the way she acts and everything,” he stated on Live through Kelly and also Ryan in April 2019. “She is a prank war champion, too. She pranks me, she hides my phone.”



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She additionally follows in she dad’s footsteps in other ways. “She knows ns a DJ, she knows I have actually these large crowds and I am a huge influence and also she knows what one is,” Pauly defined to Us Weekly in might 2019. “She call me famous when ns go to the airport. … civilization yell mine name and also she sees that. … ns tell her the I usage that because that good, to lug awareness to causes.”

That doesn’t typical Amabella will be do her own reality TV debut anytime soon. Because that now, the dad is trying to shield she from the limelight. “She to know Jersey Shore>, yet she is not permitted to watch it,” he told Kelly Ripa and also Ryan Seacrest. “It’s a little too risqué.”

What does Amabella look favor these days? Check out the gallery listed below to watch her thrive up.

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