1.7 million teenagers are working as restaurant employees, according to the National Restaurant Association. As surpclimbing as it may sound, this is definitely not a item of new news anymore.

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Often, individuals tfinish to work-related a project in their free time. And in the past few years, even more and also more students decided to follow suit. Maybe you recognize someone who functions for a neighborhood fast-food chain, or you are a functioning student.

Though a lot of of the statistics stated above describe college students, many kind of high schoolers are currently functioning.

In an October 2019 survey, high school and also college students were asked whether they desire to occupational at a local business. The outcomes proved that 22.3 percent of high school students and also 50.2 percent of college students desire to be involved in the labor pressure. They want to be employed, either full-time or part-time, at restaurant jobs or various other areas that hire adolescents.

This is good news for youth is that more restaurants are willing to hire at 14 and 15.

But scouring the internet for “restaurants hiring near me with no experience” might price you practical time with outdated content.

Our researched definitive overview of available part-time restaurants that hire young students will certainly offer you straightforward answers.

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Can Teens Work in the Rapid Food Industry?What Are the Top Jobs For Teens In the Restaurant Industry?What are the Pros and also Cons of Working in Restaurants?What Are The Pros Of Working in Restaurants?What Are The Cons of Working in Restaurants?Restaurants That Hire Minors2. Arby’s7. Burger King13. Dairy Queen17. Panera Bread20. Taco BellFAQs

Restaurant in a Restaurant for the First Time

Here’s a short video on the standard tips of functioning in a restaurant.

Can Teens Work in the Rapid Food Industry?

Yes, they deserve to occupational in the fast-food sector. Restaurants and also the local fast-food industry are the leading employers for teens trying to find their first task in the labor pressure.

What Are the Top Jobs For Teens In the Restaurant Industry?

First-time work for teens at a neighborhood restaurant will certainly be based on your skills and also interests. If you’re an extrovert, apply to work-related the drive-thru or as a cashier. The worst tasks for an introvert would certainly be a server vs. working food prep or dishwashing.

Here’s a list of the height jobs for teens to apply for in the restaurant industry:

Cashiers or Counter Clerk

One of the many widespread types of teen work is to be a cashier. They welcome the arriving guests from behind the counter, take orders, tender the payment, and fill drink orders. Sometimes, they can also be assigned to the drive-thru window to either process the order or finish it.

Dishwashers or Bussers

Being a dishwasher or a busser are not the most glamourous work at a restaurant. Bussers clean the table after a guest has actually finimelted eating, while a dishwasher’s major duty is to clean the dirty dishes. Smaller restaurants employ one worker for both functions, while bigger stores have various positions.


A server takes the guest’s orders, serves the food, and also procedures the payment. It also consists of cleaning their particular workstation, relaying the food selection to the guests, being arranged, pleasant, and communicative; it’s not an excellent job for an introvert.

See my overview on “How to be the Best Restaurant Server” through proven tips and also tricks.

Food Preparation Assistants

Though they are not the head chef, functioning teens have the right to discover a position as a food preparation assistant. They work-related under the head chef’s wing, and also they primarily prepare the ingredients for the food selection. A food prep assistant will chop vegetables, slice meat or prepare coffee beans. They deserve to also assist in preserving the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Door Attendants

Some restaurants, favor the Olive Garden, employ adolescents to be door attendants. They are in charge of opening and also cshedding the door for getting here and also leaving guests. Their tasks are to welcome and also give thanks to the guests for coming and answer basic queries such as the availcapability and wait times.

Among every one of the markets that hire teenagers, the restaurant and also rapid food market market arguably the best first-time job for someone through no endure.

How many type of hrs have the right to a 14 and also 15-year-old work legally?

Usually, the variety of hours that a 14 and also 15-year old deserve to work-related will depend on the day or the form of week. For example, a student deserve to legally job-related a maximum of 3 hours in the time of a college day. They have the right to occupational approximately eight hrs on a non-institution day. Also, on a non-college week, such as vacations and also holidays, teenagers have the right to work no more than 40 hrs.

What is Considered a Minor?

In practically all claims, someone listed below 18 years old is thought about a ‘minor.’ Minors should be under the care of their paleas or guardians throughout their minor years unmuch less they opt for emancipation. Being emancipated indicates that you and your parental fees waive their responsibility for you, and also you will begin paying for all of your prices and also your taxes as an individual.

How old perform you have to be to work at Rapid Food Restaurants?

The Federal Laws have collection age 14 as the minimum age to job-related. Hence, a limited amount of restaurants will certainly hire at 14 and no younger. However, they cannot employ you to job-related in precarious or hazardous positions.

Many restaurants have the first task for a teenager starting at 16 years old. The minimum age need will certainly differ by area, state, and also franchiwatch.

What are the Pros and Cons of Working in Restaurants?

Working at restaurants have their fair share of benefits and disadvantages. Our list contains the a lot of common and also substantial pros and cons of functioning in restaurants, from the salary and also benefits to the problematic coworker.

What Are The Pros Of Working in Restaurants?

Here are the advantages of being employed in a restaurant:

Earn Lots of Fast Money

Several of the adolescents who work in uprange restaurants as servers may get some exceptional cash tips. Some of the best servers have the right to earn upwards of $200 per night in gratuity. This is a far-reaching benefit of working in a busy restaurant, as you get rewarded not only by your minimum salary but also by the friendly and also appreciative customers.

Free Food From the House

Most restaurants either offer you an employee discount or complimentary food for your transition. This is a token of appreciation from the administration for your difficult job-related. It’s a advantage for you if you’re working at your favorite pizza, burrito, or breakquick restaurant. Even if it’s not your favorite, who doesn’t love cost-free food?

Lovable Coworkers

Have you ever before heard of the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”?

In a restaurant, this principle uses to its strictest sense. From the manager to the door attendant, all employees need to cooperate, so every working day or night is a success. This participation is the root of the friendships and healthy relationships that blossom in the worklocation. It is simple to construct a friendship with your coworkers, and also some might end up being lifelong friends.

Learning Essential Work Ethics

If you are working while researching, you have to juggle your academic workloads and also your job. If you are successful in doing this, you are occurring crucial time monitoring abilities and also discipline. You can also develop your capability to follow instructions and supply versus the day-to-day rigors.

You Can Meet Many Wonderful People

Working as a ‘public figure’ will reveal you to many brand-new people. Meeting these human being deserve to result in various other avenues later on. While waiting tables, I obtained several job provides, a college approve, and also a job intercheck out for what became my experienced career.

What Are The Cons of Working in Restaurants?

For eexceptionally advantage, there are disadvantages to working in restaurants.

Less Guest Equals Low Earnings

Depfinishing on the area and also the kind of restaurant, you may make most money in tips, or it’s so slow that you make no money. For instance, during COVID, some says and towns closed restaurants causing servers making no money in tips. Sometimes customers don’t leave their house due to snow, rain, or inclement weather.

Rude Guests and Coworkers

Unfortunately, some guests mistreat treat servers and expect them to grant their eincredibly wish at the snap of their fingers. In addition, sometimes you’ll get stuck functioning via unpleasant coworkers, and you’ll have to learn just how to resolve them.


Your teenage years let your body build into an adult. This means that you are not yet biologically built to bring out large tasks. If you are working more than the legal boundaries, it can take a toll on your in its entirety health and wellness and development.

Restaurants That Hire Minors

Now, here is the component that you must be waiting for. The following part is the compilation of restaurant work for youth. With Each Other with the restaurants’ names, we’ll provide you details on each task and also why functioning in restaurants is the ideal task to obtain as a teenager.

In the U.S., around 30% of fast-food workers are teenagers 16 and older. You deserve to acquire an entry-level job at any type of of the complying with food business restaurants.

1. Applebee’s

Applebee’s is well-known for its casual dining food selection via mainstream Amerideserve to dishes such as burgers, chicken, salads, pasta, and many kind of others. The agency has over 1,600 restaurants throughout the US.

Depending on the place, the minimum age to occupational at Applebee’s is 16. A project for youth would certainly incorporate working as a host or curbside delivery.

Complete an Applebee’s project application virtual for a location surrounding.

2. Arby’s

Arby’s is a fast-food sandwich restaurant chain in the U.S. It has over 3,300 restaurant locations that hire teens.

Arby’s employee perks encompass a training routine via 50% meal discounts, competitive pay, and functional hours for adolescents. Its training program provides it a good location to work-related through no experience.

Does Arby’s hire at 15?

You need to be 15 years old to job-related at Arby’s. You’ll be taking customer orders, prepare food made to order, and clean the dining room and all areas behind the counter, among other jobs.

Complete the Arby’s application online here.

3. A&W

A&W was America’s initially restaurant chain to reach 100 years old. They have actually over 550 quick-serve restaurants in the US, via near 100 places in a convenience keep and also gas station. It’s founded on A&W root beer, and it developed the original bacon cheeseburger in 1963.

Generally, A&W hires teens starting at 16. The duties might include preparing food, serving guests, cleaning, and also cashiering.

The A&W part-time employee perks encompass a 25% food discount, cost-free root beer (of course), and also functional hours for students.

Downpack an A&W application here and also return to your neighborhood restaurant.

4. Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins is a multinationwide chain of ice creams and cake decorating through over 2,500 places in the US. They’ve created over 1,300 unique ice cream flavors in its 70+ year background.

Baskin Robbins is the finest project to obtain as a 14-year-old teenager via a occupational permit. It’s a friendly job-related environment to have scooping ice cream as your first experience. Perks include a totally free scoop of ice cream per day, a functional schedule for students, and also 2 weeks of employee training.

Find your Baskin Robbins locations close to you here.

5. Ben and Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s manufactures and also sells ice cream, sorbet, and also frozen yogurt. It has over 615 locations in over 40 states throughout the US.

Ben & Jerry’s will hire teenagers beginning at 16 years old with a valid driver’s license.

The employee perks encompass cost-free ice cream, fun music, and also a flexible occupational schedule for students.

Find a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop job here.

6. Bruegger’s Bagels

Bruegger’s Bagels sells authentic New York-style bagels in addition to sandwiches, salads, soups, and also catering. They have around 200 quick-serve areas in over 20 claims.

You have the right to work in any kind of of the 300 stores located in 26 says in the USA that hire teenagers 16 years and also older.

The Bruegger’s Bagels employee perks include 50% off meals or a cost-free meal after an 8-hour change.

Find Bruegger’s Bagels team member jobs close to you here.

7. Burger King

Burger King is the second-biggest hamburger chain via 7,200 areas in the US. They’re well-known for their flame-broiled fast-food burgers.

Does Burger King hire at 15?

No, Burger King doesn’t hire at 15 however does accept applicants with a minimum age of 16 years old. Applicants have responsivities such as a team member that functions the cash register, clean the restaurant location both inside and out, stocking, and also unloading product.

Apply for the Burger King project line here.

8. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is well-known for its California-style pizza. They have actually nonconventional combinations such as their “Initial BBQ Chicken Pizza,” Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and Thai Chicken. CPK has over 150 areas in over 25 says.

The The golden state Pizza Kitchen age necessity is 15 years old. Duties for a minor incorporate being a hold that greets and also seats customers or a dishwasher that cleans and also maintains dishware and also cooking tools.

The golden state Pizza Kitchen’s part-time employee perks incorporate a training regimen, functional occupational schedules, discounts, and cost-free meals.

Find the California Pizza Kitchen task application digital here.

9. Captain D’s

Captain D’s is a restaurant chain focusing on fast-casual seafood like shrimp, fish and chips, and also its signature batter and also breading. There are over 530 places in about 22 claims in Midwest and the southern.

Captain D’s is a restaurant that hires 16-year-olds and older. The duties for youth workers encompass cashiering, cooking, and guest specialists, which provides the customer experience a positive one.

Apply online for a Captain D’s project today here.

10. Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr. is well-known for its charbroiled burgers at its over 1,000 fast-food restaurants in 14 states.

The Carl’s Jr. hiring age is 16 for entry-level tasks. The type of job-related consists of preparing food orders, stand for lengthy periods of time, lift boxes, event proactivities, cashier, work the drive-thru, and cleaning and also organize the restaurant.

The Carl’s Jr. employee benefits for part-time employees incorporate meal discounts, competitive pay, and also educational reimbursement.

Find Carl’s Jr. locations close to you for youth employment here.

11. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is famously known for its specialty chicken sandwich through constant long-lines of customers trying to fulfill demand. The fast-food chain has actually over 2,600 places in over 46 says.

Chick-fil-A has actually independent restaurants that hire at 14 however is subject to each location and also state rules. It’s an excellent project for students because all locations are closed on Sunday, enabling youngsters to perform their homeoccupational. An added employee perk is Chick-fil-A employees deserve to apply for college scholarships and also tuition discounts.

Visit Chick-fil-A virtual to uncover accessible jobs close to you below.

12. Culver’s

Culver’s is a casual fast-food chain that opeprices mostly in the Midwest with over 770 restaurants in 25 says. Many world recognize Culvers for their “Butterburgers” and frozen custard.

Culver’s hires at age 14, but some positions and locations call for a minimum age of 16. First-time work encompass food preparation, cashiering, transporting orders to the table, maintain the inside and outside so it’s clean and safe for guests.

The Culvers part-time employee perks include training, 50% off your meal in the time of your transition, get paid every two weeks, and also versatile hrs for students.

Easily use for Culver’s jobs online here.

13. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a fast food restaurant with burgers, soft-serve ice cream, and also more. It has over 4,300 places in 49 claims. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathamethod owns the chain.

Does Dairy Queen hire at 15?

Unfortunately, the minimum age to work at Dairy Queen is 16 years old. The kinds of positions encompass food preparation and also wrapping food selection items, cake decorator, or general staff that serves customers, stocks the shelves, and maintains a clean functioning setting.

The Dairy Queen employee perks incorporate a 50% employee discount, new employee training, versatile hours, and also as much as a 3% salary raise per year.

Find a nearby Dairy Queen to use for your first project as a teenager.

14. Domino’s

Domino’s pizza is a multinational pizza chain through over 6,100 locations throughout the US. They’re the biggest pizza seller global. A fun truth is that there are over 34 million Domino’s pizza topping combicountries.

The minimum age to occupational at Domino’s is 16. Unfortunately, they perform not hire 14 and also 15-year-olds. The tasks encompass taking phone orders, operating kitchen devices, stocking ingredients, and taking care of money.

Domino’s pizza employee perks are versatile schedules, totally free meals, employee discounts, competitive pay, and benefits.

Apply for part-time Dominos work digital here.

15. KFC

KFC is the second-biggest restaurant chain after McDonald’s. The fast-food establishment specializes in fried chicken has over 3,900 places in 50 says across the US.

The KFC restaurant hires adolescents 16 years and also older. First-time project responsibilities encompass work like taking and also serving orders, prepare food, cleaning, and arranging.

KFC employee perks encompass free drinks, discounted meals, and flexible part-time job-related schedules.

Apply here for KFC part-time work for students digital.

16. Papa John’s

Papa John’s is the fourth biggest pizza-distribution restaurant chain in the U.S.It has over 3,000 stores located throughout the US.

The minimum age to job-related at Papa John’s is 16 years old. Many first-time pizza shop work require no previous experience. The typical job for a teenager is a pizzan equipment, taking orders, or handling payment transactions.

Papa John’s employee perks incorporate competitive pay, meal discounts, and also functional occupational schedules for students.

For Papa John’s jobs, apply virtual below.

17. Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a bakery-café fast-casual restaurant with over 2100 places across the US. Most world don’t realize panera method bread bowl.

Does Panera hire at 15?

Panera Bcheck out starts hiring at age 16. They do not hire 15-year-olds at the restaurant. Part-time work for teens encompass being a café-bakery associate or catering coordinator.

Panera Breview employee perks incorporate a 65% meal discount and also versatile shifts and hours ranging from 5-40 hours per week.

Apply right here for Panera part-time tasks surrounding.

18. Starbucks

Starbucks Corporation is a multinationwide coffeehome via over 15,000 areas across the US. Some fun facts include Seattle’s Best coffee is actually owned by Starbucks, and there’s a mystery food selection of drink recipes.

You need to be at leastern 16 years old to occupational at Starbucks. First-time work for teens will certainly incorporate taking orders, make drinks (barista duties), and keep the line relocating quickly.

Starbucks employee perks include a free meal for eextremely shift, a 30% product discount, and also a functional work schedule for students.

Apply virtual to occupational at Starbuck here.

19. Steak ‘n Shake

Steak ‘n Shake is a casual restaurant chain recognized for its premium burgers and milk shares. There are over 540 locations in 28 states, via a concentration in the Midwest.

The Steak ‘n Shake minimum age requirement is 16 years old. They will not hire anyone who’s 14 and also 15. There are many type of work with no experience crucial like taking customer orders, managing money, answering the phone, lug food to the tables, and also assist via the drive-thru.

The Steak ‘n Shake employee perks encompass meals, one-on-one training, cell phone discounts, and functional scheduling for teens.

Click here to discover a nearby Steak ‘n Shake to apply virtual for a job.

20. Taco Bell

Taco Bell, known for its Mexihave the right to fast-food, has over 7,200 restaurants across the US. They’re known for the ongoing food creations prefer the Doritos Locos Taco. The restaurant chain serves more than 2 billion customers a year.

Does Taco Bell hire 15-year-olds?

Normally, Taco Bell restaurants hire at 16, however there are exceptions. The majority of locations are owned by a franchiview which deserve to make exceptions and hire a 15-year-old. Teens have the right to be expected to greet customers, take orders, prep food, handle payments, and also work-related the drive-thru.

Click here for the Taco Bell virtual task application.

21. AMC Movie Theater

AMC is the largest movie theatre chain in the world. It has actually over 600 theatres in the US and also has actually offered over 250 million guests per year in recent background. Though it’s not a restaurant by interpretation, an entertainment venue, choose a movie theatre, makes much of its money serving food.

The minimum age to job-related at AMCis 14. The minimum age will differ by state and likely need a occupational permit. The tasks for teenagers at a theatre are typically functioning the concession stand also or checking tickets upon entry. It’s the perfect area to work if you’re a teen that loves movies. You deserve to watch brand-new releases as a perk.

Apply virtual to occupational at an AMC close to you here.

22. Six Flags

Six Flags is the world’s biggest regional design template park company via 21 places in the US. They run thrill parks and water parks. In 2019, they had actually about 48,000 seasonal employees throughout their parks in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Each park has actually numerous themed restaurants varying from pizza to burgers to ice cream.

The minimum age to job-related at Six Flags is 14 years old. The work for 14-year-old minors incorporate a games attendant or a parking lot attendant. Six Flags hire a 15-year-old to be a lifeguard, merchandise, take care of food service, and ticketing.

Entertainment Corporation is an Amerideserve to amusement park corporation. You have the right to work-related in any kind of of the 26 areas. Tright here are teenager project positions at Six Flags for 14 years old and over.

Complete an application for Six Flags virtual here.


Does Zaxby’s hire at 15?

According to Zaxby, the minimum age for working through them is mainly set at 16 years old. However before, some franchisees have the right to opt to hire 15-year old teens as a respond to or kitchen staff, offered that you have the right to save up with a fast-paced restaurant setup.

Does Popeyes fast-food hire at 15?

The minimum age for anyone to be hired at Popeyes is 16. A youth crew member must administer a work-related permit and citizenship proof. If you want to be a cook or monitoring, you have to be at leastern 18 years old.

Does Submeans fast-food hire at 15 years old?

Though the unmain minimum age requirement is at leastern 16 years old, some states enable Subway to employ 15-year old teens at their fast-food chains.

Does Bojangles hire at 15?

No, Bojangles does not hire teenagers at 15. You need to be at leastern 16 years old before you occupational at Bojangles and also serve their grilled chicken burgers and fish sandwiches.

Does KFC hire at 15?

Some KFC franchisees can hire 15 years old for reasonably simple tasks, consisting of functioning the cash register or waiting for guest orders.

Does Hardee’s hire at 15?

No, you have to be at leastern 16 years old prior to you can work as an employee for Hardee’s.

Does Pizza Hut hire at 15?

Some Pizza Hut locations hire 15 years old, yet the basic age minimum is 16 years old. If you are under that minimum, they can hire you to be the cashier or cleaners.

Does IHOP hire at 15?

IHOP does not employ workers under the age of 16 years old. They won’t hire youth at 15 via a job-related permit until their 1sixth birthday.

Does Wendy’s hire at 15 years old?

The general age need to job-related at Wendy’s is 16 years old. Though, some places in some claims permit Wendy’s to hire at 15 with a work permit. They require employees to have trustworthy transportation, lift up to 50 pounds, and stand for long periods.

Does Chipotle hire at 15?

Chipotle just hires employees if they are at least 16-years old. Unfortunately, you cannot serve their nachos, quesadillas, and burritos if you are 15-years old.

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22 Restaurants that Hire at 14, 15, 16 Years Old Summary

Use our list of restaurants that hire teens for positions as a definitive guide. Find the right area wbelow you need to apply to regional restaurants hiring 14, 15, and also 16 years old. The overview have to also provide a brief oversee of what working problems deserve to be intended as soon as using for a details position.