Actress Sigourney Weaver is ideal known because that her roles in films because the 1980s, consisting of "Ghostbusters," "Working Girl" and the "Alien" franchise.

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Who Is Sigourney Weaver?

Sigourney Weaver was born in new York City come a show-business background. Her mommy was one English actress and also her father to be president that NBC. Though self-conscious around her height and also looks, Weaver plot in off-Broadway shows, and had her large break in the 1979 movie Alien. Weaver showed up in plenty of films throughout the next three decades, including Ghostbusters, Working Girl, Aliens and Avatar. Weaver has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards.

Early Life

Susan Alexandra Weaver was born ~ above October 8, 1949, in new York City, and began calling it s her Sigourney in ~ the age of 14, after learning the name in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The good Gatsby. The daughter of English actress Elizabeth Inglis and also former NBC chairman Sylvester Weaver, Weaver flourished up completely immersed in the to chat business.

Despite a privileged childhood, Weaver's developmental years weren't always easy. She short confidence in her very own beauty, a trait brought on by the reality that she was normally taller than many girls she knew and also by her mom, that told her at the age of 8 the she was merely "plain" looking. "I thought, well, if my mom doesn't think I'm pretty ... Nobody else will," Weaver as soon as said.

At period 13, Weaver was sent to see a psychiatrist to deal with what her parents perceived to be your daughter's uncommunicative personality. "I never also spoke to the psychiatrist," Weaver recalled. "I to be a regular teenager, and teens hate informing their parental anything."

After personal high college in Connecticut, Weaver attend California's Stanford University. It to be there the she realized her true dream to be to become an actress. After ~ graduating from Stanford with a Bachelor that Arts degree in literary works in 1971, Weaver moved earlier east come Connecticut to to visit Yale Drama School. She perfect the regimen in 1974, one year before another actress and new friend, Meryl Streep.




Career Breakthroughs

Over the next several years, Sigourney Weaver discovered steady work in a hold of off-Broadway shows. She likewise landed a role on the short-lived soap, Somerset, and also earned a small component as Woody Allen's movie day in the now-classic movie Annie Hall (1977).

But it was she performance together the challenging Ripley in the 1979 megahit Alien that catapulted Weaver come stardom and also offered her a lineup of other film work to select from. End the following decade she starred in a organize of well-received films, consisting of The Year of life Dangerously (1982) with Mel Gibson and also the wildly famous comedy Ghost Busters (1984).

In 1986, Weaver reprised her Ripley function for the Alien sequel, Aliens, which garnered the star an Academy award nomination for ideal actress. 2 years later, Weaver garnered two more Oscar nominations—in the finest actress classification for her performance in Gorillas in the Mist, and in the finest supporting actress classification for her portrayal that Katharine Parker in the film Working Girl (both exit in 1988).

Weaver's liven workload ongoing throughout the 1990s. She rejoined with castmates of the Alien collection to play Ripley in Aliens 3 (1992), resurrecting the duty yet again for Alien Resurrection (1997). In 1993, she took on a lighter function as a faux U.S. Very first lady in the playful hit Dave, also starring Kevin Kline. The pair teamed increase again in 1997 because that the indie drama The ice cream Storm, a moody portrait of family and also suburban life set in the 1970s. Additionally, in 1996, Weaver make a go back to Broadway in Sex and Lounging.

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In recent years, Weaver has continued to demonstrate her selection as an actress and her willingness to look for out interesting projects. In 2004, she co-starred in the M. Night Shyamalan release The Village. Two years later, she to be the face of a pair that indie releases: The TV Set and Snow Cake. In 2009, she combine up through Aliens director James Cameron for the large budget struggle Avatar. In addition to her secure film work, Weaver has actually maintained a close connection to the stage, starring in range of theatrical performances.

Personal Life

Weaver is married come filmmaker Jim Simpson. They have actually one son together: a daughter, Charlotte, that was born on April 13, 1990. 

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