Retailers anywhere the country are progressively careful around creating one inclusive room that allows customers with disabilities come have an easy and exciting shopping experience.

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Since Target is the 8th most considerable general goods chain in the U.S., you might be wonder – does Target have actually wheelchairs, motorized carts, and scooters for its customers? right here is what I’ve discovered out!

Does Target have Wheelchairs & Scooters because that Customers In 2021?

Customers in need of mobility help are welcome to usage motorized to buy scooters or manual wheelchair carts listed by Target together of 2021. Stores are completely wheelchair obtainable and commonly contain 1-2 scooters and 1+ wheelchair carts. This amenities are usually located near the former of the entrance.

If you desire to learn much more about Target’s wheelchair and also scooter facilities, what various other retailers provide them, and also who can use the wheelchairs and also scooters Target provides, keep on reading!

How deserve to You inquiry A Wheelchair Or Scooter at Target?

For the safety and also security the amenities, Target keeps wheelchairs and scooters inside the store near the front enntrance gate (where you’ll discover the constant shopping carts).

Customers have the right to usually start them up separately as there space no constraints on wheelchairs and also scooters for customers.

Alternatively, you deserve to head end to Guest solutions if girlfriend require assistance in obtaining a wheelchair or scooter or if friend have any inquiries.

Most locations have actually a red phone near the prior of the save titled “Lift phone for assistance” underneath a noticeable question mark. Usage this to contact ahead of your visit and ensure the infrastructure are all set for use.

What species of Wheelchairs and also Scooters go Target Provide?

Target is widely promoted with motor scooters that have actually wheels navigated by a manage pad in prior of the seat, through instructions located just over the footwell.

These scooters have a spacious basket in the foreground v shelf an are underneath for extr goods.

Additionally, after identify the challenge of maneuvering a to buy cart and mobility carriages, Target design an inclusive purchase cart through a sizable back-facing seat suitable for teens and also adults.

This hands-on wheelchair cart is equipped v a seatbelt and foam-covered handles to improve steering control for the parental or the carer pushing the cart.

Who can Use Target’s Wheelchairs & Scooters?


Visitors are motivated to lug their very own wheelchairs or mobility scooters that best suit your individual needs.

However, anyone who struggles with mobility is welcome to use Target’s wheelchairs and also scooters at any kind of time. Customers room not required to show a handicap badge or alternative proof of disability.

Target usually only provides these amenities come adults, however, those with young kids are welcome to usage shopping carts v kid-size seating.

Anyone captured misusing the facilities will have to return the wheelchair or scooter to its initial position or it is in asked come leave.

Does Target Have good Accessibility?

Target is completely compliant through the American special needs Act (ADA), making sure each store is equipped through the adhering to facilities:

Many drop-off lanes at the prior of storesElevators to every levelsDesignated special needs seating locationsAmenities to boost wheelchair availability such together ramps and vast aisles

Additionally, over there is an excellent emphasis ~ above the worth of ease of access throughout both Target’s stores and online platforms.

The website structure of is under continuous analysis come make sure that suitable headings, lists, paragraphs, and other formatting attributes are compatible with assistive tech.

Target intends to attach sound and text explanation to all photos on the website, make sure whatever can it is in accessed native a keyboard.

Other than that, its physical sites room consistent and also are hardly ever subject to formative adjust to ensure attributes stay in the very same place.

What various other Retailers have actually Wheelchairs & Scooters because that Customers?

Alongside Target, plenty of other grocery, house improvement, and department stores support inclusivity by providing motorized purchase carts, scooters, and also wheelchairs.

Here space a couple of retailers that market these facilities:

JCPenneyKrogerPublixSafewayTrader Joe’sWhole foods items MarketHome DepotWalmart & Sam’s ClubCostco

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Target provides motorized scooters and also wheelchair carts perfect for teens and adults, and also parents deserve to use smaller seated carts for young children. Stores typically provide at the very least 1+ wheelchair carts and 1-2 motorized scooters. Anyone who needs mobility support may use these amenities at the store entrance. Contact Guest solutions ahead of your visit come ensure facilities are available.