An unexpired restaurant liquor license from Clifton Heights may move right over the board to the website of a brand-new Wawa proposed below at Oak Lane and also Baltimore Pike in top Darby. The site is not at this time zoned come accommodate seating because that beer sales and Wawa will certainly not check if the license will continue to be local.

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KEVIN TUSTIN - MEDIANEWS team Dusty dirt and also some machinery room on site at the ar of a new Wawa store at Oak Lane and Baltimore Pike in upper Darby. Even if it is it will market beer has actually not yet been determined by Wawa.


Front Page: Sept. 24, 2019

Wawa has actually secured a third restaurant liquor license at auction this month — but where the agency will usage it is quiet unknown.

The Pennsylvania Liquor regulate Board announced last week that Wawa choose up an expired license during the state’s ninth restaurant liquor license auction. It previously belonged to a Clifton Heights site. The license went for around $132,000, and with the building of a brand-new Wawa emerging on the borough border through Upper Darby at Oak Lane and Baltimore Pike, part speculated that is where the license might go.

“At this time, the is premature to share details ~ above timing and also locations as we room still in the procedure of working through the essential approvals and also requirements for at the very least two locations,” Wawa spokeswoman Lori Bruce composed in a Monday email.

Upper Darby officials provided their approval for plans to develop a brand-new Wawa convenience keep at Oak and also Baltimore, finish with self-fuel gas pumps, in so late 2017, and two years later the real job-related has lastly commenced to get the store built.

Those authorized plans, according to top Darby mayor Tom Micozzie, go not encompass an alternative for any sort of liquor sales. He stated he was recorded off guard the Wawa had actually been approved a patent for the area.

“It assures me the if they go down that roadway they’ll secure the license, and also it would call for zoning application and also a whole adjust of plans,” that said. “As far as liquor and also alcohol sales go, there is no seating within which is not under the present plan.”

Restaurant liquor patent holders must have an internal of no less than 400 square feet with at the very least 30 chairs, or an equivalent seating setup for public use. Wawa’s just Pennsylvania store selling beer is in Chadds Ford, a 7,500 square-foot building with 400 square feet that seating for 30 people. Most brand-new stores in the county have been approximately 5,500 square feet.

Micozzie, top top the whole, did not look favorably to having convenience store options to purchase beer.

“Wawa is a great store, a corporate partner, however I’m not in support of these stop-and-go’s because that beer in ~ every location. If they visited blanket everywhere, there’s sufficient licenses in top Darby already,” said Micozzie.

He pointed to a variety of locations in that area where people can purchase beer including the Acme market located a stone’s throw away top top Baltimore Pike, JT Brewski’s Pub ~ above Oak Avenue and also Goff’s Suds and Soda distributor just down the street native that. The options may rise on that area the Oak if the huge Food store there broadens its footprint to include beer and also wine sales in the recently wet borough of Aldan (the grocery store’s restaurant liquor patent at this location is tho pending through the LCB).

If Wawa desires to change the plan to incorporate beer sales at Oak and also Baltimore, Micozzie said community input is necessary for such a decision, and also zoning approval come accommodate the mandated seating.

Wawa did not intricate if that website will it is in the licensed location, or if it was holding on to the license to be organized elsewhere.

A variety of Virginia and Florida Wawa stores have actually beer sales, follow to Bruce.

The Delaware County-based convenience keep behemoth had previously winner liquor patent at the march 2019 auction because that Middletown in ~ $160,000 and one in Philadelphia because that $186,000. A license is right now pending for a save in the 2600 block the Pennrose Ferry road in Philadelphia.

The Chadds Ford place at 721 Naamans Creek Road has actually been selling beer since early 2017. This is the exact same store that introduced a minimal edition stout in December 2018 produced by Chester Township-based 2SP brewing Co. Wawa cook Product Marketing Officer Mike Sherlock claimed at that time that the firm would look into opening more stores in the Philadelphia region to sell beer.

For comparison, Altoona-based convenience store Sheetz marketed beer in 138 locations throughout Pennsylvania as well as in the 5 other states situated in the company’s footprint together of in march 2019.

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Pennsylvania act 39 the 2016 authorizes the PLCB to auction expired licenses to the highest responsive bidder.