RibbonsRibbons space worn ~ above uniforms together designated in chapter 2 of these Regulations. Ribbons space not authorized on officially dress, dinner dress or winter and also summer functioning uniforms.Manner of Wearing.Wear increase to three ribbons in a solitary row. When much more than three ribbons space authorized, wear castle in horizontal rows of three each. If ribbons are not in multiples the three, the top row has the lesser number, and also the center of this heat sits end the facility of the one listed below it. Undertake ribbons there is no spaces between ribbons or rows that ribbons. Wear ribbons v the reduced edge the the bottom row focused 1/4 inch over the left chest pocket and also parallel come the deck. To stop coat lapels from covering ribbons, ribbons may be aligned for this reason the border come wearer"s left is aligned with left side of pocket. Rows that ribbons where an ext than 50% of the ribbon is spanned by the coat lapel might contain two ribbons each and be aligned v left border.Placement ~ above Ribbon Bar.Ribbons chandelier be i ordered it on a bar(s) and attached to uniforms. Ribbons shall not be impregnated with preservatives which adjust their appearance, or have any type of transparent covering.Arrangement.Arrange ribbons in bespeak of precedence in rows from peak down, inboard come outboard. Wear every ribbons if you have earned 3 or more.Ribbons through Breast Insignia.When girlfriend wear ribbons v breast insignia, comply with ar 2 and Table 3-1 the this Chapter.Ribbons through MedalsManner the Wearing.Wear both huge medals and also ribbons that carry out not have corresponding big medals on complete Dress Uniforms. Center ribbons ~ above the best breast in the very same relative position as the stop bar of the lowest row of medals. Arrange ribbons in order of precedence in rows from optimal down and also inboard to outboard. Wear one of two people the an elderly ribbon or all ribbons. Personnel awarded just ribbons that execute not have actually corresponding big medals shall wear the ribbons top top the best side as pointed out above.Correct Uniform.Do no wear ribbons ~ above uniforms requiring miniature medals.Large MedalsManner the Wearing.Large medals are worn ~ above the company coat or jumper of full Dress Blues and also Full dress White. As soon as wearing much more than one medal, suspend them from a stop bar that supports the medal’s weight. Location the holding bar the the lowest row of medals in the same place as the shortest ribbon bar. The bar measures 4-1/8 inch wide, and also each heat of medals is 3-1/4 inches long from peak of the suspension ribbons come bottom of medals, so the bottom that medals dress in a horizontal line. Multiple rows the medals should be grouped v the same number of medals in each row, v the lesser number in the height row if necessary. A best of 3 medals may be worn side by next in a solitary row with no overlap. Arrange 4 or more medals (maximum of five in a single row) complying with the layout in Table 3-1. Overlapping shall it is in proportional and also the inboard medal chandelier be presented in full. Mount the medals so they cover the suspension ribbons that the medals below.Arrangement.Arrange medals in order of precedence in rows from top down, inboard to outboard, within rows. Business members possessing more than five medals may either undertake the five an elderly medals or every one of them.Polishing Medals.Plating or polishing medals is prohibited.Medals through Breast Insignia.When wearing big medals through breast insignia, comply with ar 2 and Table 3-1 the this chapter.Miniature MedalsManner that Wearing.Wear miniature medals through all dinner dress or dinner dress jacket uniforms. Each heat of miniatures is 2-1/4 inch long, from peak of the suspension ribbons come bottom the medals, so the bottom of medals dress in a horizontal line. Place medals so they cover the suspension ribbons that the medals in the rows below. Masculine midshipmen on dinner dress and dinner dress jackets, location the holding bar that the lowest row of miniature medals 3 inches listed below the notch, centered on the lapel, parallel to the deck. ~ above blue and white business coats, facility the stop bar 1/4 inch over the left chest pocket parallel come the deck. Mrs midshipmen top top dinner dress or dinner dress jackets, place the holding bar in the very same relative place as ~ above the men"s dinner dress jackets, under 1/3 the distance in between the shoulder seam and also coat hem. Top top blue and white coats, center the holding bar 1/4 inch above the left bag flap parallel to the deck.Arrangement.Wear increase to five miniature medals in a row through no overlap. Arrange six or much more miniature medals adhering to the layout in Table 3-1. Species medals in order of precedence in rows from height down, inboard come outboard, in ~ rows. Service members possessing 5 or an ext medals might either wear the five senior medals or every one of them. Top top the dinner dress jacket, center up to 3 miniature medals on the lapel.

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Position 4 or much more miniatures beginning at the inner sheet of the lapel extending beyond the lapel on to the human body of the jacket.
Wearing large Or Miniature Medals
Number of Medals every Row
Number of Medals to it is in WornPrescribedNumber that RowsTopRow2ndRow3rdRow4thRow
1-56781 row only2221-5334034400000000
Table 3-1