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driverless ˈdrī-​vər-​ləs


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who was the driver at the time of the accident? we told the taxi driver to take united state to the library. he likes to sit in ~ the former of the bus, close to the driver. There"s a trouble with the printer"s driver.
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Recent instances on the web one 11-year-old driver and two 14-year-old passengers to be arrested Saturday after ~ a police follow that topped 100 mph. — indigenous Usa this particular day Network and Wire Reports, USA TODAY, 21 Oct. 2021 Authorities claimed the victim was the driver and lone occupant that a Chevrolet Camaro. — Carol Robinson | Crobinson
al.com, al, 19 Oct. 2021 Police stated the fleeing vehicle’s driver as well together a passenger, both men, continue to be hospitalized in major condition. — Kolbie Peterson, The Salt Lake Tribune, 19 Oct. 2021 The three workers, consisting of a pharmacist, a driver and a warehouse director, confront accusations that committing damage to windy property and also embezzlement. — Samy Magdy, ajc, 18 Oct. 2021 The bus driver and 4 bus passenger were required to a neighborhood hospital and also were in stable condition on Friday evening, Oakland police said. — Lauren Hernández, San Francisco Chronicle, 15 Oct. 2021 Paul Redman recalls his so late father, George, a truck driver and warehouse worker whose life of to ride bicycle persisted v the arthritis in his spine, going around town and also collecting signatures to get human being to signal your support. — BostonGlobe.com, 15 Oct. 2021 The physical appearance of the EQS, both outside and in, does a fair project preparing the driver and inhabitants for the space-age riding and also driving experience. — Michael Harley, Forbes, 14 Oct. 2021 Both the driver and passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were required to a hospital because that treatment. — Fox News, 14 Oct. 2021

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