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Speeding is a variable in virtually 10,000 deadly crashes yearly in the unified States. And also speeding is conveniently preventable. Yet despite this clear risk we can quickly avoid, drivers continue to speed and also drive fine over the rate limit every day, bring about serious mishaps and fatalities.

As a driver, what have the right to you do around speeding? The an initial step is understanding just just how dangerous speeding is: her crash risk boosts incrementally because that every mile every hour over the speed limit. We’ve consisted of statistics to show the deadly risk you take every time you speed.

But understanding why you shouldn’t rate is no enough. To be important safe, you’ll need to know exactly how to save your rate in check and also stay safe even when others around you space speeding. That’s why we’ve shared necessary tips for reducing your danger of peril from speeding.

With this guide, you’ll learn whatever you have to know around how attention speeding is — and the steps you have the right to take to avoid coming to be a victim that excessive car speed.

Understanding the risks of Speeding

Just how bad is speeding? these statistics re-superstructure the variety of fatal crashes with speed as a factor, illustrate who is most most likely to speed, and also what other components are regularly at play when drivers are speeding dangerously — and also causing fatal accidents.

Forty-one percent of speeding vehicle drivers in deadly crashes have a blood alcohol contents of 0.08 or greater than 17 percent of non speeding chauffeurs in deadly crashes.

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