"Ense petit placidam below libertate quietem"

(By the knife we look for peace, yet peace just under liberty) adopted on June 4, 1885. Language: Latin Focus: Liberty and also Freedom watch Massachusetts State Seal

Ense petit placidam below libertate quietem has actually not to be specifically embraced as the motto that Massachusetts but has been welcomed as an facet of the arms and also seal that the Commonwealth embraced on June 4, 1885.

Massachusetts" State motto, Ense Petit Placidam sub Libertate Quietem, have the right to be translated just like the sword she seeks peace under liberty. This is attributed come Algernon Sydney (1622-1683), one English political writer, native the complete phrase, ...Manus haec inimica tyrannis Ense petit placidam below liberate quietam.

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Massachusetts State Motto "Ense petit placidam below libertate quietem"

These a says with mottos that focus on liberty.

Motto appeared a seal the was embraced in solution to a July 25, 1775 order indigenous the Massachusetts general Court. The bespeak appointed a committee to consider "what is important to be done loved one to a colony Seal." The swarm no longer known the authority of the imperial Govern or basic Thomas Gage and he had possession of the Seal that the Province. A brand-new seal to be adopted, depicting a man holding the Magna Carta. The seal, engraved by Paul Revere, likewise included the motto, (Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem.)

In 1780, after ~ its first meeting under the brand-new Massachusetts Constitution, the basic Court again appointed a committee "to think about & determine upon a Seal for this Commonwealth." The seal embraced at this time was a variation of the 1692 seal granted through the Massachusetts just Colony.

On June 4, 1885, a brand-new seal was described by legislation that defines the present seal. ~ a 100-year absence, the motto was again contained as an aspect of a seal. This time, the was had on the Seal that the Commonwealth. Its summary is had in the section defining the arms of the Commonwealth.

...shall consists a shield, whereof the ar or surface is blue, and thereon an Indian pull in his shirt and also moccasins, hold in his ideal hand a bow, and also in his left hand an arrow, suggest downward, every one of gold; and in the upper corner above his appropriate arm, a silver- star with five points. The crest shall it is in a wreath of blue and also gold, whereon is a best arm, bent at the elbow, and clothed and ruffled, the hand grasping a broadsword, all of gold. The motto shall it is in "Ense petit placidam below libertate quietem."

Massachusetts Law

The law designating the main Massachusetts state motto is discovered in the Massachusetts general Laws, part 1, location 1, chapter 2, section 1.

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This statute describes the Massachusetts coat of arms. The motto is stated within this description.

PART I. Management OF THE GOVERNMENT. Title I. JURISDICTION and also EMBLEMS the THE COMMONWEALTH, THE basic COURT, STATUTES and PUBLIC DOCUMENTS. Chapter 2. ARMS, great SEAL and also OTHER EMBLEMS the THE COMMONWEALTH. Section 1. chapter 2: ar 1 coat of eight of republic Section 1. The cloak of eight of the commonwealth shall consists a blue shield with an Indian thereon, pull in a shirt, leggings, and also moccasins, hold in his appropriate hand a bow, and also in his left hand one arrow, point downward, every one of gold; and, in the top right-hand edge of the field a silver star of 5 points. The crest shall be, top top a wreath that gold and also blue, a right arm, bent in ~ the elbow, clothed and also ruffled, and also grasping a broad-sword, all of gold. The motto ""Ense petit placidam below libertate quietem"" shall appear in gold on a blue ribbon.