In season 5 of the classic television comedy Everybody Loves Raymond, the Barone household matriarch Marie shown by actor Doris Roberts announces that she has tucked away enough money to take it the entire family to Italy.

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Her daughter-in-law Debra, play by gibbs Patricia Heaton, sheepishly inquires if that includes her, Marie assures she it does, and off lock went.

But did Raymond in reality fly the entire cast and also crew to Europe to film the two episodes titled “Italy”?


Actors Patricia Heaton, Doris Roberts, and Ray Romano in a chaotic scene from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ | Ron Jaffe/CBS via Getty Images

The show’s executive producer was inspired by ray Romano

After season 1 the the display was completed, executive, management producer and show creator Phil Rosenthal found that star Romano had actually never done any type of European travel.

“I said, ‘Ever been to Europe?’” Rosenthal recalled, follow to The Hollywood Reporter. “Ray said, ‘Nah.’ i asked, “Why not?’ and also Ray said, ‘I’m not really interested in various other cultures.’ also his own culture (Italian). And I thought, ‘There’s an episode.’” 

Throughout the show’s run, Rosenthal, the show’s writers, and also Romano culled situations and incidents native their own marriages and families as material for the comedy. From taking care of PMS in a marital relationship to the intrusiveness the in-laws, the display covered it.

When Romano told Rosenthal that wasn’t really a globetrotter, the showrunner then seized top top what he knew was a winner the an illustration idea.


The cast and crew did undoubtedly film on place in Europe. The two-parter referred to as “Italy” were the premiere episodes of the show’s fifth season and were filmed in July 2000 in the town of Anguillara Sabazia outside of Rome. Rosenthal revealed that it took part persuasion ~ above his component to obtain CBS to send anyone on the set overseas.

“We send over to Italy as Ray, and also he comes earlier as Roberto Benigni — reinvented by the food, the people, the beauty, the delight of travel,” Rosenthal explained. “After part convincing of CBS and a reluctant Raymond, we filmed 2 episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond in Rome.”

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For she part, present co-star Roberts was clearly fond of the Mediterranean nation as she called the television Academy Foundation: “I’ve been to Italy 21 times in my life.” She defined that when she to be told the display would it is in filming in Italy, “I took my children ahead that time. My grandchildren, mine son and daughter-in-law come Italy. So us vacationed prior to I had to go to work. It was fabulous functioning there.

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“It was a wonderful story,” the veteran actor stated of the episodes. “And you got to check out Italy. Us all had a great time together.”

This present is kind of a spin-off the ‘Italy’

Phil Rosenthal’s parents chat through him on an illustration of ‘Somebody feed Phil’

Rosenthal credited the Italian Raymond episode because that breathing life right into his idea because that a new series. Very first on PBS in 2015 together I’ll have actually What Phil’s Having, Rosenthal walk on to perfect his food and also travel show concept on Netflix in 2018 as Somebody feeding Phil, now with four seasons available on the streaming giant.

“This is what inspired me to make Somebody feed Phil,” he claimed of the Everybody Loves Raymond “Italy” episode. “It’s part food and also travel yet also component sitcom and — to my surprise — today, component political statement. Exactly how did the happen? because when did embracing other people and other cultures end up being a liberal cause?”