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having finished Fallout: brand-new Vegas twice, I can attest to the bereft emotion that come after perfect its fantastic main story arc. Hell, for me the actually come well before that point, even if it is it to be killing Mr. Residence or wiping the end the Brotherhood of stole on his orders. One of two people outcome sent me the clear blog post that New Vegas’ best feature, the sprawling, wide-open soil of choice and chance for mine Courier, had actually narrowed considerably, and also things were currently speeding towards a true finish — as in, no much more playing, not simply the conclusion that the story.

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New Vegas, revered through the autumn cognoscenti, now has actually a ideal end-game mod, in which the people goes on ~ the all-out fight at Hoover Dam. Previous mods permitted players to proceed with various other side pursuits and tasks after the conclusion. Yet in regards to continuity, the civilization was stuck in the moment right prior to the finishing battle, with discordant NPC dialogue and also the visibility of factions that had been beaten decisively.

Enter “FPGE,” which means simply practical Post-Game Ending. It’s the occupational of modder kazopert, who has pumped in a ton of polish and also cleanup to do an end-game vision of brand-new Vegas credibly reflect the main arc’s outcome.

“After 2 weeks, Hoover Dam is taken over by the corresponding faction and also the fighting stops,” kazopert explains. “The majesties will acquire eradicated by the Legion, if alive, the Brotherhood that Steel will certainly take end Helios One and also patrol the roads, and the great Khans will certainly evacuate your camp, taking everything with them. This is just a small part of what have the right to take location however, and also there are a massive amount of things that readjust based on exactly how you play.”

As examples, kazpoert provided two pieces of new California Republic citizen and soldier conversation made anachronistic depending upon whether the NCR or the Legion prevails at the dam. These will certainly no much longer be heard, relying on the outcome.

“This is only a small choice mind you, yet it’s simply a demonstrate on how much love i have poured right into this mod. I’ve played brand-new Vegas for years and also loved it ever since, so I assumed it only proper that the game had a suitable ending. I’ve considered nearly everything, therefore worrying about missing contents or otherwise do not do it be one issue.”

FPGE is obtainable from Nexus Mods. You’ll require a copy that 2010’s Fallout: brand-new Vegas on PC, obviously, and also it can’t operation alongside any other endgame mods.

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Instructions because that installing it room on the page.