Celadon City is the largest city in this game. That is PokeMart has actually six stories; no wonder it requirements an elevator! They offer all sorts of things. You\"ll be able to buy TMs and normal items (such together Potion and Antidotes) top top the second floor. ~ above the 3rd floor, you\"llsee many human being playing game Boy Advances. Talk to the person at the register, a relocate Tutor, and he\"ll teach one of your Pokemon the relocate Counter. The fourth floor has many evolution stones you can buy come evolve certain of Pokemon (ex. Eevee) because that $2100 each. On the fifth floor, you\"ll have the ability to buy items such together X Attack and also Calcium. These room items that modify a Pokemon\"s statsso they deserve to do better in battle. Finally, you\"ll with the rooftop, whereby you\"ll find three vending equipments andtwo people, consisting of a little girl. Obtain a fresh Water, a Soda Pop, and also a Lemonade native the vending machine, and give it to the tiny girl one in ~ a time. She\"ll offer you TM16 - irradiate Screen, TM20 - Safeguard, and TM33 - Reflect, respectively, for her drinks.

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Celadon Mansion

There is large building to the ideal of the department save that\"s virtually empty inside. Talk to the oldlady who\"s surrounding by Pokemon top top the very first floor. She\"ll provide you Tea, which girlfriend can provide to any type of one ofthe Saffron City guards for this reason they have the right to let girlfriend through. You\"ll additionally find the game\"s programmers in this building, among which will tell you come return after gaining all the Pokemon. He\"ll give you a diploma for catching all the Pokemon.

Now leave the mansion, and also go in through the ago door. Walk all the method to the rooftop, wherein you\"ll discover a smallbuilding. Inside you\"ll uncover a person and a PokeBall ~ above the table. Choose it up; it\"s an Eevee!

Other Stuff

The restaurant south of the Game corner has a man who\"ll provide you a Coin case to carry your coins.There is one old man to the left the the game Corner, and also van be reachede just by surfing across the water. He\"sa move Tutor, and can teach your Pokemon Softboiled.

Game Corner

Now go to the video game Corner, a place complete of slot machines and people top top them. Team Rocket made it, and you win or buy coinsin order to trade it in because that Pokemon and also TMs in the structure to the best of the video game Corner. A few people will provide you cost-free coins, and also there are invisible coins scattered ~ above the ground that you have the right to pick up. At the top of the video game Corner, fight the Rocket member, and push the button on the poster. A staircase leading to the basement appears.

Team Rocket\"s Hideout

After that, you\"ll be going through four floors, battling Rocket members and also collecting valuble items. Over there is a turn maze ~ above the 2nd basement floor (B2F). The arrows in the maze will certainly toss friend in whichever direction the arrow points. Here, you\"ll pick up a few items including a Moon stone and TM12 - Taunt. Top top B3F, you\"ll find TM21 - Frustration and Blackglasses, which boosts the power of Dark Pokemon. There is another spin maze on this floor whereby you can pick increase a rarely Candy. Head to B4F, whereby you\"ll uncover TM49 - Snatch. Battle the solitary Rocket member in ~ the top, and he\"ll drop the Lift an essential for the elevator. Take the elevator on B2F to B1F. Battle the Rocket member, and also take the elevator again come B4F. Walk all the means to the left, and also pick up the Calcium. Head up to the 2 Rocket guards and also talk to them. They\"ll fight you, and after you\"re v with them, they\"ll open the gates.

The Boss

Walk v the entrance, and also you\"ll challenge Giovanni, the head that Team Rocket, in an extreme match. He hasa lv. 25 Onix, a lv. 24 Rhyhorn, and a lv. 29 Kangaskhan. A Grass or Water-type Pokemon would work-related out finefighting this guy. However, beware the his Kangaskhan, as it deserve to be very powerful. After ~ beating Giovanni, he\"ll disappear, andleave behind a Silph Scope. This is supplied to recognize Ghost Pokemon.

Gym Battle!

After beating Giovanni in the video game Corner, head to the gym by cutting the tree. Below you will battleErika and also other trainers (many of i m sorry you have the right to avoid, that all usage Grass-type Pokemon. Erika is the trainer in the middle between the 2 trainers within the fastened area.She has a lv. 29 Victreebel, a lv. 24 Tangela, and a lv. 29 Vileplume. If you select a Fire Pokemon as a starter, then beating herwould be an extremely easy. Even if friend didn\"t select a Fire-type starter, a Psycic or soil Pokemon would certainly come in handy, since Victreebel and also Vileplume space weak against those types. Beating her earns you TM19 - Giga Drainand the Rainbow Badge! Next, head come Lavender Town\"s Pokemon Tower v your Silph Scope.

Pokemon Tower

Once you get to Lavender Town, enter thePokemon Tower. Head up the stairs, picking up items and battling scary spring women. Right before you with thestairs that leads come the top floor, you will certainly be stopped by the ghost of a dead Marowak. It was a mom of a Cubone,and was eliminated by the evil Team Rocket. Defeat her to calm her spirits (you cannot capture her).

At the optimal floor, you\"ll it is in fighting 3 Rocket members. They will leave one through one after you loss them.At the end, you\"ll find an old man, well-known as Mr. Fuji. Talk to him, and also he\"ll move you come his house, where he\"llgive you a PokeFlute.

Locations (Pokemon Tower)

Now go back to Celadon City, and also head west to route 16.

Catching A large One

Cut the tree and also battle the 2 couples in a two-on-two match. Head through the building to obtain to the various other side and also then go into the little house. Inside, a tiny girl will offer you HM02 - Fly. Go back and reduced the tree again come get earlier to the various other side.A fat roadblock, a lv. 30 Snorlax, is prevent the road to Saffron City. Conserve your game, push \"A\", and also the PokeFlute will beginto play. Snorlax soon wakes up, probably angry at what you just did. Shot to catch this Snorlax, which deserve to be fairly difficult. Also if friend accidentallymade him faint and you didn\"t conserve the game, there\"s one an ext Snorlax in the game.

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After either recording or beating the Snorlax, go v the Guard residence for an Amulet Coin from among Prof. Oak\"s aides if you\"ve recorded at the very least forty Pokemon.After that, go to any Guard house that leads to Saffron City. The guard will certainly drink her Tea, and also then will certainly let girlfriend through.