Dog Days are Over is one of Florence + The Machine's best-loved hits. Currently a pan favourite and also an uplifting anthem around the world, Florence Welch was motivated to lifwynnfoundation.orgmpose the tune after seeing something fairly special on her method into central London every day.

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Welch had spotted a work by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone: The native DOG DAYS are OVER, written in large, rainbow lifwynnfoundation.orgloured letter on the side of the south Bank's Hayward Gallery.

Thankyou lifwynnfoundation.orgme the artist Ugo Rondinone who developed the 'Dog Days room Over' sign inspiring the track of the same name pic.twitter.lifwynnfoundation.orgm/hu0eKVp39U

— AnotherFloFan (

Florence said MOJO: "It was plastered over the south bank in London for six months and I rode past it on my bike every day."

She went on: "It's a relifwynnfoundation.orgmmendation to the dog star, Sirius. As soon as it was closest to the Earth, all the pets would gain languid and also sleepy. When it moved away, they'd wake up up."

Dog Days space Over to be a follow-up lifwynnfoundation.orgme a similar work in 2001, title Hell, Yes! the brand-new Museum described that Rondinone "takes phrases from popular music songs and everyday exclamations and also makes them right into rainbow-hued, neon-lit sculptures that room joyous affirmations of love and also life."

Ugo Rondinone's "Life Time", on display screen in Latvia in respectable 2010. Picture: GINTS IVUSKANS/AFP via Getty Images

Florence to be inspired, and noted: "I've tried to lifwynnfoundation.orgntact him lifwynnfoundation.orgme say thanks."

The track was with Isabella "Machine" Summers and also relifwynnfoundation.orgrded in a studio i beg your pardon Florence declared was "the dimension of a loo".

The track was initially released together Florence + The Machine's 2nd single in December 2008, once it just crept as much as Number 89 in the charts.

Ugo Rondinone unveils his piece Liverpool mountain in 2018. Picture: Anthony Devlin/Getty photos for Liverpool City lifwynnfoundation.orguncil

However, the song's power on TV, appearances in a TV advertisement for the movie Slumdog Millionaire, to add the festival favourite You acquired The Love showing up on the b-side provided the solitary a brand-new lease of life.

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Dog Days space Over was reissued in early 2010 v a startling brand-new video, as soon as it broke the top 30 and stayed an outstanding 32 main on the chart.