In this post, we have actually gathered some recipes, dishes, ingredients, and foods items that start with L. Therefore, in case you are wondering what foods that start with the letter L, girlfriend have involved the best place. We tried to save it informative, exciting and also even gave you part tips on some of them. 50 foods that begin with L space Lamb, Lasagna, Latte, Leek, Lemon, Lemonade, Lobster, Loin, Lahana Sarması, Lovage, Lynchburg Lemonade, Lime, Linguine, Liqueur, Liver, Lentils, Loaf, Lollipop, Legume, Lard, Latke, Liverwurst (Leberwurst), Long john Silvers, Lady Finger, Limeade, Linguica, Lingcod, Liquor, Lahmacun, Littleneck, Lavash, Limpa, Lalanga, Lutefisk, Loquat, Lobscouse, Lekvar, Lozenge, Lime Pie, Liederkranz, Limburger, Loganberry, Lichis, Liver Cheese (Leberkäse), Lupin Beans, Lettuce, Lemongrass, London Broil, Lox, and also Limoncello.

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Let us get straight into it, candlestick we?

1. Lamb


27. Food ~ above the perform for foods items that begin with together is the Lingcod fish. Lingcod fish has other surname of course, like buffalo cod or the cultus cod. It is indigenous to the phibìc American west coast. 20% that Lingcod fish have blue-green or turquoise meat, however this color disappears in the food preparation process. So, execute not worry, that is no poisonous. Lingcod fish can be cook in many ways, but one of lock is the herb-crusted Ling cod fillets. 

28. Liquor

We have actually told you about Liqueur prior to in this list under number 14. The difference between a Liquor and also a Liqueur is the Liqueur is fermented, but Liquor is distilled. After ~ distillation of fruits with high street content, the alcohol gains the flavor of the fruit you have actually distilled. To know the difference, friend should, because that example, shot Cherry Liquor and Cherry Liqueur next by side. 

29. Lahmacun

There are plenty of foods that start with together in Turkish Kitchen, and it is one of them. Lahmacun is a various variation that pizza the Turkish people love forever. It contains beef and also lots of vegetables. Unlike the various other pizzas, you need to squeeze lemon ~ above it before eating. The ideal drink option with it will certainly be Ayran. Calorie intake after eat lahmacun will be much less than other pizzas. Since the dough is an extremely thin.

30. Littleneck

Littleneck is a kind of quahog. What’s important about a Littleneck is that they are tiny and young. A way to chef Littlenecks is to steam them. How to steam them friend say? Lend united state an ear: lug a pan to high heat, include butter and also garlic till golden. Then include wine and lemon juice. Add the Littlenecks, cover, and also let heavy steam until the clams open. Take them to a plate, sprinkle part parsley, and also Voila!

31. Lavash

Lavash is actually a kind of bread and also is among the an initial options to wrap food inside. The dough is really thin and stomach-friendly. You have the right to roll cheese, beef, vegetables, and also many other foods with lavash. Prepare time is so little, however enjoying is yummy!

32. Limpa

There are almost a million varieties and sport of bread and Limpa bread is among them. Limpa consists of corn, wheat, and also rice. This power trio gives their taste to the Limpa bread and also it is amazing. World usually consume it with marmalade or cheese. Let us save going in our perform of foods that start with L.

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33. Lalanga

Lalanga looks choose a thick pancake, however trust us, it is no a pancake. That is a Turkish specialty, the dates earlier to the Ottoman realm times. You deserve to eat them because that breakfast, or as snacks v a cup that tea. Lalanga includes milk, flour, and also Turkish yogurt. Mix this and add some eggs until you get a pancakish dough. Lug the pan come a high temperature, include some riviera olive oil, and also start cooking them prefer pancakes.

34. Lutefisk

A jellyfish. A traditional fish food made by cook cod fillet softened through soaking in a sodium solution, in a jelly-like form, in water. Figure is a disgrace, around the taste? i’ll comment after ~ eating