It was recently announced that the brand-new Fruits Basket anime, which will certainly air in 2019, will have an entirely brand-new staff and also voice actors due to manga artist Natsuki Takaya"s request. "Please rebuild the Furuba people from scratch, with brand-new everything," she reportedly told the producers.

The original manga inspired a tv anime adaptation in 2001. The prospect of a remake with brand-new voice actors has at least among the voice actors from the original anime excited. Tomokazu Seki, who played Kyo in the initial Fruits Basket anime, common his comments around the new anime on Twitter.

フルバのリメイクが発表になりましたね♬新しいフルバも楽しみ(^ ^)その時代その時代で、愛され続ける作品のパワーを改めて感じます!悔いなく全力を尽くした作品が、生まれ変わるのを、めちゃ応援してます