Is Get wealthy or die Tryin‘ the greatest debut hip-hop album of all-time? Well, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson certain thinks so.

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In situation you forgot, the G-Unit CEO took to Twitter this morning to remind anyone that this particular day Feb. 6, 2019, to be the 16th anniversary because that his wildly successful LP and jokingly compared it come Michael Jackson’s biggest hits.

50 is a understand of every trades, which, for him, has actually been both a blessing and also a curse.

His organization ventures, theatre in Hollywood, and also trolling tantrums have pertained to overshadow his current music and if that keeps it up it might end up doing the exact same for his classics.

With today noting the 16th the anniversary the the LP, the statement poses a formidable question the deserves consideration: Is GRODT the biggest hip-hop debut ever? Is it as farfetched as it seems?

There space a lot of an excellent debut hip-hop albums. Biggie’s Ready to Die comes to mind and what Clipse was able to do with Lord Willin

‘ back in 2002 to be a moment in time; then once you factor in Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers
and also Jeezy’s Thug motivation 1:01, choose a clean ‘best’ seems impossible.

But if any type of album had a case, it’s GRODT.

50 Cent had the hype, the story, and also the numbers. If you were around in ’03, you would recognize he had actually the streets on smash, too. If Fifty doesn’t gain it v his portfolio, who does?

The Hype


Before signing to Shady Records, consequences Entertainment, and Interscope records for what to be at the time an unmatched $1 million deal, 50 Cent had actually been releasing mixtapes, structure his name in roads of south Jamaica, Queens.

His 2002 Guess Who’s Back mixtape was inescapable at the time and got the city to embrace him in a major way, so when they observed the 27-year-old paired up v Dr. Dre and Eminem a year later it took him to another level.

That’s what made gain Rich or die Tryin’ for this reason stinkin’ effective — the buildup and anticipation.

Larger-than-life origin story

What else has largely helped Fif’s case? His harrowing backstory.

In 2000, he made it through an attack where he was shot nine times in prior of his house. He was likewise dropped indigenous his label and was left hanging out to dry by most.

Showing his organization prowess young, he flipped his truth and sold it come Hollywood because that a script, creating the biopic, Get well-off or die Tryin’ come go together with the album. Needless to say, it was a hit.

But the fact that you acquired a real-life ‘gangsta’ story v 50 to be why a lot of world flocked come him and also his penchant for melodies and also catchy hooks assisted them there.


Last however certainly not least, 50 Cent go numbers.

Get wealthy or dice Tryin’ offered over 800K copies in its very first week and also has due to the fact that been certified Diamond by the RIAA, through the two singles “In Da Club” & “21 Questions” featuring the so late Nate Dogg and “P.I.M.P.,” walk number one in the country.

The movie helped it knife a Grammy nod in 2004 and although it has actually a negative review top top Rotton Tomatoes, the is a cult favorite.

50 Cent speak a many shit — more than likely the biggest to execute it — yet when it involves his debut LP he might actually it is in on to something. That course, other compelling situations will it is in made, yet on the 16th anniversary of gain Rich or dice Tryin’ let’s all pretend come agree, for now.

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