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John blunt / gain Up and also Bar the Door / The barring of the Door

< Roud 115 ; child 275 ; G/D 2:321 ; Ballad table of contents C275 ; Bodleian Roud 115 ; trad.>

Ewan MacColl sang the comical residential tale v a ring the Aesop,Get Up and also Bar the Door,in 1956 on his and also A.L. Lloyd"s Riverside albumThe English and Scottish popular Ballads, Volume I.This and also 28 other ballads indigenous this collection were reissued in 2009 on MacColl"sTopic CDBallads: Murder·Intrigue·Love·Discord.Kenneth S. Goldstein comment in the album"s notes:

This amusing residential comedy has plenty of analogues in the story andliterature the Europe and also Asia (See Child"s headnote).

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The typically ribald nature of the ballad has motivated the development ofadditional bawdy stanzas, and versions therefore embellished space in vogue together a collegestudent song. The origin of this new oral tradition, however, is based onprinted texts to i m sorry the bawdy stanzas have actually been added.

The ballad has been built up from legacy several times because Child,most the these messages being reported in America.

MacColl"s version, learned indigenous his father, adheres to the Greig and also Keithtext an extremely closely.

Tony rose sang this track as John Blunt on his 1971 albumUnder the Greenwood Tree.He commented in his sleeve notes:John Blunthas this exact same wry feeling of humour Basket the Eggson the same album -ed>.The tune occurs typically in Scots" execution asThe prevent of the Door.It is one of the very couple of songs to recognize the social significance ofblack puddings—usually goes down well inBury!

Martin Carthy sang John Blunt top top his 1972 albumShearwaterand a few years later live in ~ theFolkfestival "76 Dranouter.He comment in the original album"s sleeve notes:

Lord RandallandJohn Bluntmust be amongst the much more widespread story-ideas in the folk consciousness, thestories remaining much more or much less the same and also varying follow to locale and-orthe individual creative thinking of anyone sings them. Variations on the idea ofJohn Bluntrange native the Arabian story where the brand-new husband wins the discussion with hisbride once she pleads for his life together he is about to it is in executed because that insolencein refusing come answer police questions, to one more which has hemp-eating tombrobbers saying over who shall shut the gate of the vault in which theyhabitually canyon themselves. Nothing rather so excessive here, yet would-berapists and also burglars can take note.

The Silly sister (Maddy Prior and also June Tabor) sang this in 1988 asThe prevent of the Dooron their 2nd album,No an ext to the Dance.They to be accompanied by Dan Ar Braz, guitar, Huw Warren, keyboards, andPatsy Seddon & mary Macmaster (a.k.a. Sìleas), clarsachs.

And Frankie Armstrong sang John Bluntaccompanied by man Kirkpatrick in 1996 on she ballads albumTill the Grass O"ergrew the Corn.The sleeve notes commented:

The characters who inhabit ballads room a notably wilful lot. In this“domestic” ballad, we room a world away native castle and also greenwood,from heroines through milk-white skin and also heroes ~ above berry-brown steeds. However stillthe protagonists are affiliated in a titanic struggle of wills on that mostunforgiving battle field of all: married life. Sung by granny Seale inDorchester Union in December 1906, where probably she had small but she songsto save her warm. Those who check out folksongs as pretty relics from a vanishedrural Arcadia must be sobered by how numerous were accumulated in workhouses.

Jon Boden learnt John Blunt native the singing of boy name Carthyand sang it together the 12 April 2011 entrance of his projectA folk Song a Day.


Ewan MacColl sings Get Up and Bar the Door stunner Sisters sing The barring of the DoorTony climbed sings John Blunt boy name Carthy sings John Blunt

It dropped aboot a Martinmas time, and also a well time it was then o, the oor gudwwife gained puddens to mak" and she boiled lock in a pan o.

It fell around the Martinmas time and a gay time it was then o that our good wife had puddings come make and she boiled lock in the pan o.

Chorus (after every verse): An" the barrin" oor door, weel, weel, weel, An" the barrin" oor door weel.

The wind it go out fae east to West, one it go out upon the floor o, says oor gudeman tae oor gudewife, “Get increase bar the door o.”

The wind blew cold native East and also North and also blew right into the floor o, Quoth our an excellent man to our good wife, “Get up and bar the door o.”

“Ma hand is in my hissy-skip, Gudeman as ye might see o; despite it shouldna it is in barred this seven year. It"ll no" be barred by me o.”

“My hand is in my hussyfskap, an excellent man, together you might see o. If it must be prohibition this hundred years It"ll not be barred by me o.”

They make a paction "tween themselves and also fixed the firm and sure o, the the yin wha speak the foremost word, have to rise and bar the door o.

They make the pact between the 2 They made the firm and sure o: Whoever need to speak the very very first word have to rise and bar the door o.

Twa gentlemen had actually lost their road, at twal" o"clock o" the nicht o, and they couldna" discover neither hoose nor ha", no one coal nor candle-licht o.

Then by and also came 2 gentlemen at twelve o"clock in ~ night o, and they could see the in the house There to be coal nor candle light o.

“Noo whether is this a wealthy man"s hoose, Or whether is it a bad o?” but ne"er a word would yin o" castle speak, for barrin o" the door o.

“Oh, have actually we here a wealthy man"s home Or have actually we here a poor o?” however never a word would certainly the old pair speak because that the barring of the door o.

Well, an initial they ate the white pudden, and also syne castle ate the black color o, and oor gudeman says tae himsel", “The deil corridor doon wi" that o.”

So an initial they ate the white puddings and also then they ate the black o; and also muckle thought the great wife herself however ne"er a native she speak o.

The young guy tae the auld male said, “Here, man, tak ye mine knife o, and also gang and also shave the gudeman"s beard and I"ll kiss the gudewife o.”

Then one unto the other did say, “Here man, take it ye my knife o. Carry out you take turn off the old man"s beard and I"ll kiss the an excellent wife o.”

“There is nae water in the hoose, and what"ll we carry out then o?” “Whit ails ye at the pudden-bree, the boils intae the pan o?”

“But there"s no water in the house and also what candlestick we carry out then o? What ails ye at the pudding broth the boils in yonder pan o.”

Then oot that spak the auld gudeman, and an angry man was the o: “Would ye kiss my wife afore my e"en? Scaud me wi" pudden bree o?”

Oh, up then began our an excellent man and also an angry guy was he o, “Well ye kissed mine wife prior to my eyes and also scald me with pudding broth o.”

Then increase it raise the auld gudewife, Gaed 3 skips on the floor o: “Gudeman, ye spak the foremost word get up and bar the door o.”

Oh increase then began our good wife, gave three skips top top the floor o, “Good man ye have actually spake the very first word: gain up and bar the door o.”

Note: hussyfskap (Scottish) = family members chores

There to be an old couple lived under a hill, and also Blunt it to be their name o. And also they had a an excellent beer and ale because that to sell and also it bore a wonderful name o.

There to be an old pair lived under the hill, blunt it to be their name o. They had good beer and ale an excellent to sell and also it boring a exorbitant fame o.

John Blunt and also his mam drank cost-free of this ale it spins they could drink no more o; Then as much as bed the old pair went yet forgot come bar the door o.

John Blunt and also his mam they drank the the drink till they can drink no an ext o; castle both acquired tired and they went approximately bed however forgot come bar the door o.

So lock a bargain, cheap made, They do it strong and sure o: the which of them must speak the first word must go down and bar the door o.

So lock a bargain, cheap made, make it solid and certain o: The first of them should speak the very first word Should acquire up and also bar the door o.

And there come travellers, travellers three, Travelling v the night o. And no house, no home, no fire had they, Nor however no candlelight o.

So there came travellers, tourists three, travelling in the night o. No house, no home, no fire had they, Nor however no candlelight o.

They come straightway to man Blunt"s house and quickly opened up the door o, and also the devil of a native the old pair said For fear who should bar the door o.

They checked out his cellar and also drank up his drink till they could drink no much more o; and also they visited his cupboard and ate up his meat it spins they can eat no more o.

They checked out his cellar, lock drank up his drink it spins they could drink no much more o; but never a word go the old pair speak For fear who should bar the door o.

It"s an initial they"d eaten the white puddings and also then they"d consumed the black o. The old mrs she listened and also said come herself, “May the evil one slip down v that o.”

They went to his larder, castle ate up his food till they can eat no more o; yet never a word walk the old pair speak For fear who must bar the door o.

Then conveniently they procured a light and also quickly go upstairs o, and also then lock threw the old woman the end of she bed and also they laid she on the floor.

They went upstairs, they visited his room, They damaged down the door o; yet never a word go the old couple speak For are afraid who should bar the door o.

They hauled his mam all out of the bed, to adjust her out on the floor o; then up got negative John dull in his bed because that he might stand no more o.

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Up spoke man Blunt, “You"ve eaten my meat, and laid my wife on the floor o.” “You spoke the very first word man Blunt, she said, go down and bar the door o.”

Said, “You"ve eaten my food and also drunk all my drink, to adjust her the end on the floor o.” “You speak the an initial word john Blunt, she said, So walk down and bar the door o.”


Martin Carthy"s variation was spelling, orthography by Garry Gillard.

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