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Table of contents » location 46.2. Engine Vehicles » subtitle III. Operation » chapter 10. Motor Vehicle and also Equipment safety and security » post 21. Security Inspections » § 46.2-1157. Inspection of motor vehicles required

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Code of VirginiaTitle 46.2. Motor VehiclesChapter 10. Motor Vehicle and also Equipment Safety

§ 46.2-1157. Investigate of engine vehicles required.

A. The owner or operator of any motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer registered in Virginia and also operated or parked on a highway in ~ the republic shall send his vehicle to an inspection of that mechanism and also equipment by an main inspection station, designated for that purpose, in accordance v § 46.2-1158. No owner or operator candlestick fail to submit a motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer activate or parked top top the highways in the commonwealth to such inspection or fail or refuse to exactly or have actually corrected in accordance through the needs of this title any kind of mechanical defects uncovered by such inspection come exist.

B. The provisions the this section requiring safety inspections of engine vehicles shall likewise apply to vehicles offered for firefighting; inspections that firefighting vehicles shall be conducted pursuant to regulation promulgated by the Superintendent of State Police, taking into consideration the special purpose of such vehicles and also the conditions under which lock operate.

C. Every day during which together motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer is activate or parked on any highway in the commonwealth after failure to comply through this shall constitute a different offense.

D. Other than as otherwise provided, autocycles shall be inspected together motorcycles under this article.

E. No officer shall prevent a motor vehicle due to an expired car inspection sticker till the first day of the 4th month after ~ the initial expiration date. No evidence discovered or derived as the an outcome of a prevent in violation the this subsection, consisting of evidence discovered or acquired with the operator"s consent, shall be admissible in any kind of trial, hearing, or other proceeding.

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