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Water is among the crucial fluids for every living things on earth. That is tasteless, colorless, and also odorless having actually the chemistry formula H2O. At typical temperature and pressure, the liquid state that H2O is well-known as water. Virtually 70% that the planet is extended by water in the type of oceans and seas.

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Water also exists in type of ice and vapor vapor.

In this article, we will discuss Is (water) H2O ionic or covalent? bond species in H2O and also all explanations about the nature of bonds current in the water molecules.

So, Is H2O ionic or covalent? H2O is a covalent compound together its both atoms(hydrogen and also oxygen) room nonmetal in nature which linked together by a covalent bond. Also, the difference of electronegativity in between oxygen and hydrogen atom on the Pauling range is not big enough to make an ionic shortcut in the H2O compound.

Let’s read in detail, why water (H2O) is a covalent compound? exactly how covalent bonds development takes location in H2O?

Name that MoleculeWater
Chemical formulaH2O
Molar mass18.01528 g/mol
Bond typeCovalent
pH value7