This artist’s rendition that the original Holly’s shows up on the covering of the coffee shop’s 1958 menu.

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Holly’s coffee shop opened at Hawthorne Boulevard and also 137th Street in Hawthorne in 1956. It to be one of numerous such frameworks designed by the Santa Monica architecture firm of Armet Davis Newlove in a modern-day style the would end up being known decades later as “Googie” architecture. (The name come from Googie’s, a coffee shop built at Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles in 1949.)

Other popular Googie coffee shops design by the for sure in the area incorporate Pann’s in Westchester and also several Norm’s locations, including one in Hawthorne. The ships restaurants in Los Angeles, Culver City and also Westwood also often room cited as examples of the Googie style.

Googie restaurants had elements of futuristic architecture and space Age influences, together if the builders were structure a location for the Jetsons to eat if they chose to come to Hawthorne because that lunch.

If lock had, they would have uncovered Holly’s price amenable, together this original menu from 1958 reflects (click pictures to enlarge):


Holly’s ended up being a popular local fixture. Its best fame came when previous South just resident Quentin Tarantino decided to shoot the beginning and also ending the the 1994 movie “Pulp Fiction” there. By then, Holly’s had end up being Hawthorne Grill, but had close up door down 4 years prior to Tarantino began filming.


After the success that “Pulp Fiction,” Hawthorne resident chris Garnreiter reopened the Hawthorne Grill in June 1995. He had a mural through John Travolta and also Samuel L. Jackson painted at the restaurant, and also placed cutouts the the actors by the booth whereby the “Pulp Fiction” scenes to be filmed. He likewise held cruising nights that commemorated the 1950s car culture associated v Googie coffee shops.

Unfortunately, the Hawthorne Grill didn’t last. Garnreiter filed because that bankruptcy in might 1996. In June 1999, the framework was demolished to make way for the structure that currently occupies the lot: AutoZone.


Special many thanks to man Baker that www.cougartown.com because that permission to use photos and also to reproduce the initial Holly’s menu. The website is a must-visit because that Hawthorne High alums or anyone rather interested in the cultural history that the city and its environs.


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