We know that the Potions grasp at hogwarts is additionally the Head of Slytherin house. This Wiki entry tells united state that Prof Slughorn undoubtedly was the Head of Slytherin during his first term in ~ Hogwarts.

But what around his 2nd term in ~ Hogwarts when he is convinced by Dumbledore to return ( in Half-Blood Prince ) ? carry out we get any kind of indication the he changed Snape together the Head of Slytherin in either Harry"s Year 6 or Year 7 ?


He maybe (but not incontrovertibly - Wikia as usual is wrong and has non-referenced info presented as "fact") to be the head of house since when top of residences met during Snape"s flight, Slughorn was there.

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“Minerva!” said a squeaky voice, and also looking behind him, tho shielding Luna from flying spells, Harry saw Professor Flitwick and Sprout sprinting up the corridor toward them in the nightclothes, with the massive Professor Slughorn panting follow me at the rear. (DH, Ch 30 - this is even before Snape escapes and also stops being Headmaster, when he"s fighting McGonagall)

... And, later on, Minerva appears to act towards Slughorn together a head of home as well:

“I shall suppose you and the Slytherins in the an excellent hall in twenty minutes, also,” claimed Professor McGonagall. “If you great to leave v your students, we shall not prevent you. Yet if any kind of of you effort to sabotage ours resistance or take up arms against us in ~ this castle, then, Horace, us duel to kill.” “Minerva!” he said, aghast. “The time has actually come because that Slytherin house to decide upon the loyalties,” interrupted Professor McGonagall. “Go and also wake her students, Horace.”

Later the returns ago after escorting his students out and also duels Voldemort (with McGonagall and also Kingsley).

In addition, earlier, ~ Dumbledore is killed at the finish of HBP, he"s dubbed to stand for his house with other heads of homes by exhilaration Headmistress McGonagall:

"Thank you, Hagrid," said Professor McGonagall, standing up at once and turning to look at the group about Bill"s bed. "I shall need to see the Ministry when they obtain here. Hagrid, please tell the Heads of houses – Slughorn can represent Slytherin – that I want to view them in mine office forthwith.

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I would favor you to sign up with us too." (Half-Blood Prince, thing 29 "The Phoenix Lament")

All in all, when it"s never clearly stated, we view him act and also be put right into positions together if that is the head the house.


Since the inquiry wasn"t clear, I spanned Year 7 (Deathly Hallows).

However, in Year 6 (HBP) Snape is unquestionedly the head the Slytherin house:

"I to be his Head the House, and I candlestick decide just how hard, or otherwise, to be," said Snape curtly. "Follow me, Draco." (Half-Blood Prince, chapter 15: The Unbreakable Vow)