It is not inexplicable for a new hermit crab owner to worry around a absence of activity in their pet. While some hermit crabs favor to wander around their new tanks, taking in the surroundings and getting a feel for their new home, others favor to take your time and stay in their shell for as long as possible before venturing out.

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However, if girlfriend have had actually your hermit crab for a while and also have noticed the it is not moving as much as it offered to, friend will more than likely be wondering why. In most cases, molting is the cause of this evident lifelessness. In fact, numerous owners believe their crabs to it is in dead once in truth they are molting.

Is your Crab Molting?

When hermit crabs molt, they will frequently be quite still. It may also be halfway the end of its shell. This lifelessness have the right to make it show up as despite it is dead, meaning owners often discover it complicated to phone call whether their pet is alive or not. Nevertheless, if friend look very carefully, you may be able to see very slight indications of movement, such together twitches.It is specifically important not to disturb your crab if the is molting. Therefore, if you room unsure climate it is finest to leave it at this time. If you have just one hermit crab, climate you have the right to simply execute nothing and also leave that alone till you deserve to be certain of even if it is it is molting or not. If friend have much more than one crab in a tank though, friend will should take actions to safeguard it. The best way to execute this is to place some plastic roughly your crab. Cut the ends off a soda bottle (2-liter bottle should be big enough) and also then put this over the crab will ensure that it is safeguarded from various other crabs if it is undoubtedly molting. Be certain to eliminate the lid so over there is ventilation.
Four Hermit Crabs
A Hermit Crab arising From ShellThe question of even if it is the crab is molting or dead will easily become evident because if the has died then it will start to odor within a couple of days. If you do not an alert an unpleasant smell within a week, that is more than likely safe to assume that the creature is in fact molting.
Not every hermit crabs will molt top top the surface, which renders it harder to tell if this is what is happening. However, girlfriend may an alert tracks in the sand, i beg your pardon would indicate that your pet is emerging at night to obtain food.But if it has been quite some time because you have actually seen your crab and you cannot see any type of signs of task such as tracks in the sand, girlfriend should inspect by gently relocating the sand from about where it is hiding. If the has died in the sand, you will likely an alert a rotting smell as soon as you relocate the sand away.After your crab has actually actually molted, girlfriend will more than likely see the exoskeleton on the sand. Many civilization fear your pet has passed away when they view this together it looks choose a dead crab. Nevertheless, if you look closely, friend will view that the is hollow. Your crab has actually likely uncovered a new shell to hide in, so look about to watch if you can discover it.

Could your Crab be Sick?

Molting is not the just reason because that a lifeless hermit crab. Although this creatures tend to live long lives, they deserve to occasionally get sick, so the is a good idea to be alert to the indicators of illness. Hermit crabs room hardy creatures the rarely gain ill. Those the do have probably become impacted by mites or difficulties within the habitat.
As stated above, a lack of activity is generally a authorize of molting, but it can additionally be a sign of stress. It have the right to be tough to distinguish in between the two so it is important that you have the right to tell if there are any type of changes in your crab’s behavior. If it is stressed, it can dig down right into the sand or hide in its shell much more often than usual. One of the greatest indicators of disease is a negative smell coming from the tank. If over there are difficulties within the tank that room making your crab ill, such as mold, mildew, or rotting food, you are likely to have the ability to smell them prior to you check out them.
Dardanus calidus
Hermit Crab Retracted into a ShellIf there is a difficulty in the tank the is resulting in lifelessness or lethargy in your crab, you will need to attend to it as soon as possible. Girlfriend will have to remove the crab and clean the end the enclosure completely. Clean every furnishings and also toys and include some brand-new sand and also dechlorinated water.If you believe that her crab has actually a mite infestation, there room treatments available. That is probably finest to look for the advice of a vet about the ideal treatments and interventions come use.


In many cases, a hermit crab that shows up lifeless is molting and should it is in left alone. Nevertheless, if you have much more than one crab in the tank, girlfriend should protect the one the is molting by put a plastic extending over it.Occasionally, condition is the cause of lethargy in hermit crabs therefore if you doubt this is the case, you should try to identify the cause. Speak to her vet because that advice if you believe your hermit crab is ill.
Photo Credits:Featured picture (Pagurus bernhardus outside Shell): Arnstein Rønning – CC through 3.0Hermit Crabs Fighting end a Shell: Brocken Inaglory – CC through 3.0Four Hermit Crabs: Drcbc – CC through 3.0A Hermit Crab arising From Shell: U.S. Fish and Wildlife business – publicly domainDardanus calidus: H. Zell – CC through 3.0Hermit Crab Retracted into a Shell: Jerry Kirkhart – CC through 2.0
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