A small variety of horse breeds thrive extra-long hairs listed below their knees and hocks, occasionally covering their hooves completely.

All each other boasting feathers room what can be taken into consideration cold-blooded draught steeds or warmbloods. Steeds from the Flemish that northwest Europe area have had a considerable influence on which breeds have long hair and also feathered hooves.

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There is no doubt the furry steeds with feathers catch the eye, specifically if they space well-groomed and flouncing in ~ a prancing horse’s fetlocks favor a showy dancer. There room those of united state that love feathered equines while rather spend hrs trimming away every vestige of hair from your horses’ legs.

Why do some equine Breeds have Feathers?

All horses have a varying degree of lengthy hair under the earlier of the legs listed below their knees and also hocks. This hair helps channel water far from the earlier of the pastern and also heels dripping out from the ergot.

But once it involves feathers, it would seem there is some genetic advantage protecting horses’ reduced legs indigenous brambles and sharp edges as they relocate through unstable scrubby or rocky country.

7 steed Breeds with long Hair & Feathered Feet



Friesians space the movie stars that the equine world, frequently seen in advertisements in your solid black color color, a proud head carriage with very thick flow manes and tails, and also exorbitant feather flowing about their legs. Think black Beauty.

Friesians are solid compact horses, medium height, and also size at about 15hh through a high stepping action made because that maneuverability together opposed come speed; characteristics they would have needed to it is in the secure war horses they to be in the past.

Illustrations from medieval times depict what could be a modern-day Friesian. They space willing and also energetic yet room calm and also easily trained.

Nowadays part breeders have tendency to breed selectively for finer features and also these might be considered much more “Show” types. Friend will view the adaptable Friesian pulling a carriage or equally winning in a dressage area.

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Many human being now recognize Clydesdale horses due to the fact that of their duty as the high file Budweiser beer wagon team and also associated cute advertisements.

The each other originated in the area of the flow Clyde in Scotland in the at an early stage 1800s. The breed created quite conveniently as sought-after stallions travel throughout the nation to offer mares and.

It appears that your feathers may have originated indigenous the influence of Flemish stallions that were required to Britain to help drain The Fens in the 16th Century.

In the past Clydesdales had actually an exceptionally important task plowing and also tilling numerous hectares into valuable agricultural land. They ended up being the most vital horse each other to job-related the floor in newly created Victorian British swarms like Australia and brand-new Zealand.

The each other went from gift hugely useful and also popular come a fragile breed transparent the world. There space still restricted numbers yet enthusiasts have actually kept the breed and form alive, often crossing the breed through Thoroughbreds to create athletic warmbloods.

The each other was at first smaller than various other draught breeds but contemporary breeders prefer larger pets so an typical of 16.2hh plus. Regardless of their size, Clydesdales room gentle giants, high stepping, and energetic movers.

They are constantly a solid shade – only or black but often have actually white markings to their knees or hocks adding to their showy presence. Clydesdale showmen can be checked out washing their horse’s legs, then used dry sawdust to soak increase the moisture about the feathers until they were dry and silky looking.



The Shire steed is an additional showy brothers breed through a distinctive presence. Shires room a an extremely tall equine breed, periodically 18 add to hands, and also are generally black, bay, or grey. “The Packington Blind” stallion is often thought about to be one of, if not, ‘the’ foundation stallion because that the Shire breed and also he stood at stud from 1755 come 1770.

Fun steed fact: The tallest horse ever before was a Shire referred to as Sampson who stood in ~ 21.25 hh (2.2 m) Additionally, the tallest living equine is huge Jake that stands at 20 hh (2.03). See our article on large Jake here.

Flemish horses likewise had an affect on the Shire breed including long furry hair roughly their hooves while cross-breeding v Clydesdales in the 1950s and also 60’s fined their feathers.

Like the Clydesdales, Shire horses were regularly used come tow the very heavy drays to provide beer to inns and also taverns. Lock are excellent cart horses and also were offered for deliveries transparent England. Shires were also the horses chosen come plod reliably along the canals, towing boats upstream also working the dockyards.

If you’d prefer to learn an ext about horse breed heights & weights, check out our average horse breed height and also weight chart.

Gypsy Vanner

Stah / Flickr

As its name suggests, Gypsy Vanners were bred originally by the Romani traveling civilization of Britain and Ireland. The Romani essentially determined their horses and ponies from any considered an ideal to pull their assorted living quarters. Cobs regularly fit the bill.

In keeping with your beautifully decorated vardoes, the Romani liked their cobs to be distinctive and also eye-catching. Colored or black and white horse breeds such as piebalds and skewbalds are generally sought after.

In times as soon as colored equines were unfashionable, the Romani were much more than happy to take it them, consisting of colored Shires. This crosses created solidly built animals solid enough to be work over long ranges yet placid sufficient to it is in tied increase for lengthy periods.

Hackney horses were also cross bred to lug high stepping knee action but these finer boned equines were no robust enough so the cold-blooded Shires and Clydesdales crosses remained in favor.

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While previously status symbols amongst the Romani, Gypsy Vanners are now fashionable display stoppers with flashy feathers.

Considered perfect horse breed for beginners, Gypsy Vanners room now without doubt a form and color, of tool to large cob build. The Gypsy Vanner studbook to be initiated in the USA in the 1990s.