Beagles space no doubt one of the celebrity pups. Their long, floppy ears and pleading expressions can keep any type of owner at their feet.

Not to mention, they have a good sense of smell. Yet aside from these features, countless dog lover are additionally captivated by their eye-catching cloak colors.

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They regularly come in lemon, red, and also white, however very few people know about the blue mite Beagle.

If you are raising your eyebrow appropriate now, allow me come clear the confusion and also introduce you come this rarely Beagle color.

By the end of this article, you’ll be wishing to discover a blue mite Beagle to take it home. So, let’s get into it.

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1. What Is a Blue tick Beagle?
2. Various other Names that the Blue tick Beagle
3. Are Blue tick Beagles Purebred?
4. Are Blue tick Beagles Rare?
5. Blue mite Beagle Appearance: What walk a Blue mite Beagle look Like?
6. Blue tick Beagle Size and Weight: How huge Will a Blue tick Beagle gain When fully Grown?
7. Blue mite Beagle background and Origin: Where carry out Blue mite Beagles Come From?
8. Blue mite Beagle Genetics: What renders Them exhibit Blue Ticks?
9. Kennel club Recognition and also Pedigree: carry out Kennel Clubs identify Blue tick Beagles?
10. Blue tick Beagle Temperament and Personality: do Blue tick Beagles Make an excellent Family Pets?
11. Blue mite Beagle Lifespan and Health Issues: space Blue tick Beagles healthy and balanced Dogs?
12. Exactly how Much perform Blue tick Beagles Cost? room Blue Ticks more Expensive Than other Beagles?
13. Places to uncover Blue mite Beagle Puppies for Sale and fostering
14. Blue mite Beagle Dog treatment Tips
14.1. Food and also Diet
14.2. Training and also Exercise
14.3. Cleaning and Grooming
15. Frequently Asked questions
15.1. Room There Red mite Beagles?
15.2. Do Blue tick Beagles have actually Blue Eyes?
15.3. Perform Blue tick Beagles Shed?
16. Final Thoughts

What Is a Blue mite Beagle?


A blue tick Beagle is a lesser-known color variety of the Beagle breed. Beagles through this coloration have actually a black or white base color speckled v blue or grayish spots across their coat. Although this shade has a unique term, it is not considered a different breed.

Beagles don’t come in solid colors yet instead have actually mixed fads on their coats. The is usual to see Beagles with a black back, brown head, and also white underbelly.

But aside from the tricolor mix, lock can additionally have a lemon and also white or mahogany and white combination, amongst others.

Although really rarely, you deserve to encounter a Beagle v a mottled or ticked coat. This blue flecks on your body are easily distinguishable on their white coats, making them truly was standing out.

Other name of the Blue mite Beagle

While bluetick Beagle is a pretty precise title for this color breed, they also come by different names. If you are a Beagle enthusiast, it payment to know just how these rare-colored dogs space called.

Here is a perform of every the other names offered to the blue mite Beagle:

Blue mite Beagle HoundBlue mite Hound dogBlue tick HoundBlue Beagle dogBlue odor HoundBlue pocket BeagleBlue Foxhound

Blue mite Beagle should not be puzzled with the blue tick Coonhound, a separate dog breed with a organic black-and-blue pattern.

Although their coat appearance is the same, they room not associated in any way to the blue tick Beagle.

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Are Blue mite Beagles Purebred?

Blue mite Beagles room as “Beagle” as any type of other common color variation the the breed. They aren’t designer dogs as opposed to what countless people believe in. Together purebreds, they be affected by each other the characteristics of a regular Beagle.

They space categorized as hounds, known for their exceptional sense that smell and also prey tracking ability. Lock are amazing detection dogs, to say the least.

They generally work with hunters by create a unique howl to suggest the existence of a big animal like a wild boar. This habits is termed “baying” due to the fact that the Beagle is keeping the boar “at bay.”

Their blue speckled coats additionally serve together an effective camouflage when serving together a searching companion – all the an ext reason to admire this distinctive Beagle coloration.

However, a bluetick Beagle mix is also possible by combine a purebred Beagle and a blue tick Coonhound.

These hybrids can show one alpha personality, requiring a headstrong owner the can develop themselves together the pack leader.

Are Blue tick Beagles Rare?

Blue mite Beagles are tough to come by and also are considered really rare dogs. Beagles have the right to either have actually bi-colored or tri-colored combinations, which generally consist of solid colors like black, tan, white, lemon, fawn, and also brown.

Ticked markings are recognized by the American Kennel club (AKC) and can be discovered in various standard color combinations.

The most common tick combination is black-tan-bluetick, back the possibilities of creating this puppy are an extremely low contrasted to the an ext popular black-tan-white color.

Blue mite Beagle Appearance: What go a Blue tick Beagle look at Like?

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Blue tick Beagles have a smooth, silky, and dense twin coat with straight hair. They should have no clearly shows curls or wavy hair.

It’s straightforward to recognize a blue tick Beagle dog as soon as you see their usual black and also tan markings on their legs and upper body. Fairly than having a white underbelly, your white coat is spanned by gray or blue ticks.

Their moderately long tails should usually have white advice or are additionally mottled. As well as that, their large, floppy ears have the right to either have a solid color or part streaks of other shades.

You will definitely be fascinating by their large, hazel brown eyes that seem to ask for treats and also petting all the time.

As for your size, blue mite Beagles space also tiny and compact, through a muscular construct suited because that stalking and also catching your prey.

Blue mite Beagle Size and Weight: How huge Will a Blue mite Beagle get When fully Grown?

Blue mite Beagles are small to medium-sized dogs that can prosper to the exact same standard size as a regular Beagle.

The AKC recognizes two size categories for Beagles: dogs the are less than 13 customs tall and those in ~ 13 come 15 inch in height.

As for their weight, they are expected come be around 18 come 35 pounds when fully grown. At about 12 to 18 months, you have the right to expect your blue mite Beagle dog to be totally mature.

They can likewise be bred together pocket-sized Beagles, i beg your pardon are tiny enough to it is in carried about in a saddlebag throughout hunting trips. This mini Beagles was standing at only 8 inch tall and also only fifty percent the load of a typical Beagle.

Blue tick Beagle history and Origin: Where perform Blue tick Beagles Come From?

Since blue tick Beagles are not unique from the Beagle breed, their beginning is similar to the other color varieties. Beagle, no issue the color, was known to originate in England throughout the 1830s.

They were initially bred come be searching dogs because that ‘beagling,’ the term emerged for hunting hares with Beagles. Thus, they have actually a great sense the smell.

The original fill of these hound dogs is thought to be a mix in between the phibìc County Beagle and also the southerly Hound. Castle were climate imported to the United claims in the 1840s because that the sole function of rabbit hunting.

Eventually, lock were created by advertisement breeders as house pets, and today, they rank as the 6th most well-known breed follow to the American Kennel Club. 

To create a bluetick Beagle dog, breeders need to have a Beagle delivering a particular gene that will be passed on come its offspring.

This gene will express the blue-speckled markings top top the Beagle puppy’s coat. The genes behind coat ticking in Beagles will be explained after that in this article.

Blue tick Beagle Genetics: What provides Them exhibit Blue Ticks?

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Now, let’s move on come the most interesting bit. Stop talk about genetics! as you space aware, the coat color and also markings of any type of dog are established by the genes they inherit from your parents.

For blue mite Beagles, a certain gene is responsible because that the expression of their well known speckled appearance.

The ticking gene or the T locus is thought about to have actually the dominant ticking allele (T) and also the recessive clear white allele (t).

The quantity of ticking in the Beagle’s coat is explained by the principle of incomplete dominance.

If the T gene exhibits incomplete supremacy over the recessive t gene (TT), the Beagle will display heavy ticking. Top top the other hand, a Tt pairing will an outcome in lighter ticking.

The spots or flecks that blue and gray shade can show up on any kind of white area of the Beagle’s coat however mostly more heavier on the legs and also muzzles.

Kennel society Recognition and also Pedigree: perform Kennel Clubs recognize Blue mite Beagles?

You won’t have trouble registering her blue tick Beagle dog due to the fact that this color is known by kennel clubs in the unified States. The AKC recognizes black-tan and blue mite Beagles and any blue tick markings.

The united Kennel society (UKC) also recognizes any typical hound shade combinations such as blue tick.

With this being said, blue tick Beagles are cost-free to join any dog shows and events as long as castle pass various other qualifications.

Outside the US, the Canadian Kennel society (CKC) and also Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognize the blue mite as one of the traditional Beagle color variations.

Blue mite Beagle Temperament and also Personality: do Blue tick Beagles Make an excellent Family Pets?

Aside from gift a good hunting dog, blue mite Beagles are great family pets. Lock are very loyal and also friendly, specifically with children. They space also very playful, yet you can expect affection from them choose no other.

Due to their natural instincts, they are protective the the fill that they formed with family members. Once they feeling threat or danger, they automatically start barking come warn their owners.

However, this deserve to be problematic because that neighbors, particularly for those the live in tiny apartments.

You should likewise watch the end for digging tendencies specifically when they are undergoing separation anxiety. You can be surprised to find multiple holes in the yard.

Overall, blue mite Beagles are smart, sociable, and energetic companion dog regardless of their color.

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Blue tick Beagle Lifespan and Health Issues: space Blue tick Beagles healthy Dogs?

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There space no known wellness problems connected with blue tick Beagles alone, but they are definitely at risk of enduring the very same health concerns as other Beagles of any color. 

Many Beagles live a long life. In fact, they have the right to live for up to 12 to 15 years. However, early to common ailments, your life expectancy might be shortened.

Some the the health troubles known to impact Beagles room the following:

If you find your blue mite Beagle enduring these wellness concerns, it’s finest to consult her veterinarian.

And to save your dog in optimal health, continual checkups and also tests should be excellent to detect any abnormality in their organs and also body systems.

How lot Do Blue mite Beagles Cost? are Blue Ticks an ext Expensive Than other Beagles?

Beagles through common shade combinations are priced between $400 and $600. However, you could want to prepare your financial institution account since most breeders charge greater for rare-colored Beagles. 

If you are planning to acquisition a blue tick Beagle, you must prepare at the very least $500 to $1,000. In part cases, you might even be required to pay $2,500 or higher for a solitary blue tick puppy.

The last price will rely on the credibility that the breeder, her location, the Beagle’s pedigree, registration, and availability of health certificates.

But as soon as you take house your blue mite dog, you should think about the initial and also ongoing prices that follow. You have to prepare for the price of the complying with items:

Type that ExpenseAverage Cost
High-quality food$55
Food and water bowl$20
Leash and also Collar$20
Cleaning Essentials$45
Total initial Cost$335

Given this early cost, you need to have roughly $835 come $1,335 to purchase a blue tick Beagle puppy and also the crucial items because that your brand-new puppy.

Places to find Blue mite Beagle Puppies because that Sale and Adoption

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If girlfriend are ready to it is in a blue mite Beagle parent, you need to uncover out where and how you deserve to buy a puppy.

There are two ways to find the perfect Beagle because that you. You can search because that a registered breeder or embrace from a rescue.

Either way, you have to be extra cautious because it’s easy to obtain scammed by world who case to market purebred blue tick Beagles yet give friend a combined breed instead.

For a for sure transaction, you deserve to refer come this perform of blue mite Beagle breeders that I’ve put together:

For an ext Beagle breeder options in her location, girlfriend can check out mine Beagle breeders directory.

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And right here are part rescue centers or shelters to find blue mite Beagles because that adoption:

If there aren’t any available blue tick Beagles from this perform of rescues, you can refer to my Beagle rescues catalog for more options.

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Blue tick Beagle Dog care Tips

To ensure the your blue tick Beagle can live its ideal life, you have to cater to its every need, consisting of food, training, exercise, cleaning, and grooming.

Below is a in-depth discussion of all these locations you should emphasis on:

Food and Diet

Just like any other Beagle, her blue mite Beagle is a small dog with a large appetite. However, they space prone to being overweight and also having diabetes. It is why it’s important to offer them the appropriate proportion that food.

The best amount that dog food for Beagles is 3 come 4 cups of high-quality dry kibble a day. As well as kibble, owners can also shot a life diet consists of meat, bones, fruits, and also vegetables.

Protein, fat acids, and also essential mineral are necessary for bone and muscle development.

Training and Exercise

Being one energetic breed, Beagles require 1 to 2 hrs of daily exercise and playtime. This includes taking lock on long walks the are break-up into number of intervals during the day.

A an excellent game that fetch and other stimulating activities should be sufficient to store them occupied.

Beagles are intelligent dogs. However, this doesn’t make them the easiest breed come train. They may present stubbornness, especially if they aren’t exposed come training at very early age. 

Because that their quick attention span, your blue mite Beagle can easily lose attention while training. It’s recommend to store the sessions in ~ a best of 10 minutes and also begin while they space in high spirits.

You must use positive reinforcement to efficiently train blue tick puppies come be an excellent family pets. Punishments like shouting will just make them much less receptive to training.

Cleaning and Grooming

As for grooming, blue tick Beagles room not high-maintenance dogs. They just require coat brushing double a week and occasionally removing loosened and overfill hair to minimize shedding.

Their lengthy ears can easily accumulate wax, for this reason weekly cleaning is vital to protect against the risk of infection. Your nails should additionally be trimmed frequently for your comfort.

Another thing to consider is her Beagle’s dentist hygiene i m sorry is regularly neglected by numerous owners.

To mitigate tartar and also keep her pup’s breath fresh, brush their teeth about four times a week. Dentist chews are additionally a great alternative if brushing becomes too difficult.

Frequently asked Questions

Are over there Red tick Beagles?

Yes, red tick Beagles carry out exist. They are also a very rare color breed the Beagles.

The shade of the clues can range from irradiate orange to a deep, dark red. Beagles indigenous the searching dog bloodlines are usually bred to have blue or red ticking.

Their dominant color is normally a diluted brown and they typically have liver noses. Red tick Beagles are likewise recognized by the American Kennel Club. 

Do Blue mite Beagles have actually Blue Eyes?

Even despite they room blue tick Beagles, this doesn’t necessarily imply that they have blue eyes. However, it is not impossible.

If both of your Beagle parents carry the recessive gene because that blue eyes, climate there is a high chance that the blue tick Beagle will certainly express this trait.

Do Blue tick Beagles Shed?

Luckily for owners, blue mite Beagles room moderate shedders. However, they are still intended to burned heavily throughout spring and fall to prepare because that the summer and also winter seasons.

It’s important to brush their short twin coat routinely to remove loose hairs. Bathing likewise helps heavy shedding. 

Final Thoughts

The little-known blue tick Beagle is a unique coat shade variation that will certainly surely mesmerize Beagle lovers.

Although they different in appearance, your temperament will an extremely much be like various other Beagles. This also means that they space predisposed to common health worries of the Beagle dog breed.

For everyone who desires a Beagle v a distinctive coat marking, blue tick Beagles space the finest choice. Merged with their bubbly personality, these dogs room surely precious a life time to keep.

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With ideal care and also treatment, castle will certainly be there to protect you and your family and also bring pleasure like no other. Castle will additionally make an excellent detection dog if you require one.