In the collective imagination, this flow is inseparable from Paris. Who has actually not dreamed, throughout a visit to the City of Light, of security a magic time with a having lunch or dinner cruise on the Seine? but you know virtually nothing around his river, other than that it crosses Paris and runs together its many beautiful attractions. Discover, in one infographic, all of the secrets, figures and also notable facts about the Seine.

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The Seine flow from Burgundy come the Channel

It is born in the city of Source-Seine, in the Côte d'Or department in Burgundy. The Seine, 482,8 miles long, flows into the Channel not far from the city of Havre. It is in ~ the origin of the serpentine stream in the center of the valleys and also prairies which, swollen by plenty of river flows such together the Oise, the Aube and even the Marne, fill till they progressively end up being the huge river that we know.

The Seine welcomes a vast variety of life, in that is waters as in that is riverbanks. Innovation in water high quality has advocated biodiversity: from 5 types of fish detailed in 1960 in Paris, we now have an ext than 25 various species, including catfish that have the right to reach 7,54 feet and 198,4 pounds: good catches because that talented fishermen!

Paris and the Seine river in a few figures

Paris just represents a quick flow of the river, i m sorry flows because that a length of 18 miles. Majestic, its broad reaches 656,2 feet and also its depth 10 come 20 feet in some places.

When the is controlled, the Seine i do not care a ar for walks and entertainment because that Parisians and also vacationers. But sometimes, it deserve to be come a fearsome waterway. In 1910, it overflowed its banks during a hundreds year flood, reaching a elevation of 26 feet. If you walk by the Pont de l’Alma, remember that the level that the river has actually reached as far as the statue that Zouave.

We stroll on the banks the the Seine to cheap hunt for publications in the 245 publication stalls. Since 2002, in summer, one have the right to bask in the sun during Operation Paris Plages (Operation Paris Beaches). There are additionally cruises on offer on the Seine, wherein you deserve to admire the beautiful web page of Paris or share a romantic moment for two. Paris Seine, with 4 watercraft restaurants, welcomes 100,000 passengers per year.

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The City of Paris sits astride the two banks of the Seine and also the flow flows gently with it. The figures speak volumes: v 37 bridges in the capital, 12 subway lines, with three elevated stations, the is simple to acquire to one of the two banks, the Île de la Cité, or the Île Saint-Louis.